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Sleep problems

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Trazemy85 Thu 09-May-13 10:51:23

My 15month old was a brilliant sleeper! Wouk go down in his cot for a nap with no fuss at all and at night time with no fuss and would sleep for 12hours solid! He had sickness and diarrhoea about 5weeks ago and now will not nap in his cot and keeps waking in the night! Then a week and a half ago he's starting kicking off at bedtime! He used to suck his thumb and I've noticed he's stopped that, so maybe he's not self soothing! He has 7 teeth at the moment and no signs of anymore! Crying it out doesn't work! I've tried giving him a snack before bed but nothing it working! He won't even sit in his cot whilst I run his bath, which has never been a problem before! Is it worth a try in a toddler bed now? Please help!

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