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Live webchat with Mimi Spencer, author of bestselling The Fast Diet Recipe Book, Thursday 2 May 9-10pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 30-Apr-13 17:39:44

Mimi Spencer is joining us on Thursday at 9pm to chat about her latest book The Fast Diet Recipe book. The book, which has shot straight to number one on Amazon, has 150 calorie controlled meals for all 5:2ers to enjoy on their fasting days.

Mimi has been writing about food and diet for over 20 years as a columnist for Observer Food Monthly and on Waitrose Food Illustrated. She co-wrote The Fast Diet with Michael Mosley who joined us in Jan for a webchat. Whilst Michael explains the science behind the diet, Mimi explains the practicalities of how to go about it. As she says: 'I am a mother and a wife and a cook like you, wheeling my trolley around the supermarket, desperate for inspiration about what to cook tonight. This book's as much a function of personal experience as professional know-how'.

Join Mimi on Thursday at 9pm. If you can't make the live chat, post a question to Mimi in advance here.

Short Books have offered mumsnetters the chance to buy The Fast Diet Recipe book for just £10 incl P&P: Call 01206 255777, and quote the code: FASTMAY13. This will be available to the end of May.

MimiSpencer Thu 02-May-13 21:54:29


I love the Fast Diet. It really works. Does it work for dogs? I have two and one of them has become rather large. Would it be ok to put her on a Fast Diet - say once a week?

I have a gorgeous dog - half spaniel, half labrador (Diggory) and he has a HUGE appetite. But that's fine - dogs will be dogs! Make sure he gets lots of walks - glad you love the diet, but your dog won't thank you for skipping his meals!

akarucker Thu 02-May-13 21:56:37

Mimi, I hear people talk about head hunger vs real hunger. I have to say, although I stick with them, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling 'real' hunger during a fast! Are they talking about the non fast days perhaps? How do you really understand if you're hungry?

MimiSpencer Thu 02-May-13 21:57:13


I did 5:2 religiously for months last year and it came fairly easily to me. Since then due to lots of domestic upheaval, I've fallen spectacularly off the wagon and find myself regularly tucking into crisps, choc etc when a few months ago i wasn't even wanting bread!

How do i overcome these carb-cravings and get back on the 5:2 in a sustainable way? Going cold turkey? My dh is rather partial to all things sweet so often mousse/cake etc in fridge, doesn't help either. Any advice, please? Thanks!

You can have it tomorrow. Mañana mañana my friend! I would clear out the carb treats for a fortnight - I think that's long enough to 'retrain' your palette so that you'll start to enjoy other things; replace carbs with fruit n veg - in a while you'll start to want them instead of mousse and cakes

MimiSpencer Thu 02-May-13 22:00:17


Just another quick question, I have found real problems with sleeping when following a low carb diet, have you found insomnia to be a problem when doing the fast days? and if so, how do you overcome it? thanks!

Some people on our website have mentioned problems with sleeping. I don't have a study to back this up, but I wonder whether it's about metabolic changes that come up as a result of short-term fasting. MM suggests a banana before bedtime, in case it is hunger that's keeping you awake (though it shouldn't be if you have a had a decent supper).
Anyone knows who's won Masterchef??

MimiSpencer Thu 02-May-13 22:04:56


*Mimi*, I hear people talk about head hunger vs real hunger. I have to say, although I stick with them, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling 'real' hunger during a fast! Are they talking about the non fast days perhaps? How do you really understand if you're hungry?

That's such a great question. Hunger is fascinating. There's a huge psychological component of hunger - we're all so afraid of feeling hungry at all, and most of us aren't used to the feeling and are really worried by it. I have come to quite like the feeling - it passes, it's short-lived, I know I won't keel over. I think we do suffer from 'head hunger' brought about by simple things like the clock ('oh, 1pm, must be lunch time) and habit (home from work? I'll have a biscuit). It's really worth nailing these signs of habit hunger, and know that you can overcome them.

MimiSpencer Thu 02-May-13 22:07:03

I've loved this - thanks for your questions everybody (especially the woman with the hungry dog). I'll definitely be back to pick up the thread of our conversations. Good luck to everyone embarking on the Fast Diet. Now I'm off to eat butterscotch cake...

BigEmma Thu 02-May-13 22:07:08

Thanks so much for a fab chat Mimi and for a great book. Natalie won Masterchef!

BsshBossh Thu 02-May-13 22:14:44

Thanks for coming on Mimi. Enjoy your cake! I'm fasting today but have a nice slab of cake planned for tomorrow :-)

TiredFeet Sun 05-May-13 19:13:17

hmmm mimi rather missed the point of my question. its obviously not advised for anorexics, but I do think its a risk for anyone to try fasting like this if they are feeling at all vulnerable.

MelanieCheeks Sun 05-May-13 19:49:22

Can you rephrase your question, tiredfeet, I'm not sure i understood it fully myself?

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