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'True colours' single release can Mumsnetters get it to No.1 this Christmas?

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AngeloftheWest Thu 13-Dec-12 14:28:36

Hello Mumsnetters! This is my first time ever on mumsnet - I'm quite nervous. Anyway I'm appealing for help. I have a daughter with cerebral palsy and she sang on this amazing recording of True Colours with the Kaos choir for deaf and hearing children, the British paraorchestra (made up of musicians with disability) and some of the paralympic teamGB. Its really beautiful and so captures the revolution of the summer of 2012. This single will get to number one if there's a groundswell of support and people go and buy it in 100,000's. It has no celebrity or financial backing, its been made entirely out of goodwill. It desperately needs all the support it can get to be seen above the celebrity and tabloid backed christmas singles that are coming out. As you can tell I'm a bit of social media virgin, so I'm asking mumsnetters can you help get True Colours to No.1 this Christmas? please find links below and THANK-YOU for your support.

feetheart Thu 13-Dec-12 14:36:43

Heard this last week - lovely song, lovely sentiment and great memories.
Try and get Chris Evans on to it, he did a LOT for the Military Wives song last year.

Fingers-crossed for a No1

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