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The Hairy Bikers - Live webchat, TODAY, Monday 17 September, 1-2pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 13-Sep-12 16:01:23

Si and Dave are joining us for a lunchtime webchat on Monday 17 September at 1pm.

A bit of background info: The Hairy Bikers met on the set of a Catherine Cookson drama shock. Si was Assistant Director and Dave a makeup artist, specialising in prosthetics shock shock. On discovering their mutual love of motorbikes and food, The Hairy Bikers were born. Since then food has been their mission, producing several TV series and six books.

In August they embarked on a mission to change their lifestyle and lose two-and-a-half stone, while staying true to their love of great food. The Hairy Dieters gave themselves just three months to complete the mission and simultaneously produce a book, The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight which, they say is 'real food for real people, not skinny minnies'.

Kicking off at the end of September 2012, The Hairy Bikers are embarking on a whirlwind tour of the UK. If you send in a question to The Hairy Bikers or join in the webchat, you will be entered into a draw to win a pair of tickets to not only see the Hairy Bikers live at the nearest venue to you, but to join them on stage and be cooked for by them. For more details and tickets, please go to

Chat with the Hairy Bikers at 1pm on Monday, or post a question in advance.

Poledra Thu 13-Sep-12 16:05:06

Oohhh, I love the Hairy Bikers but can't come to the webchat as I will be working angry

Need a question now - hmmm.

SuperB0F Thu 13-Sep-12 16:10:16

Mesdames, wiz zees web chats you are really spoiling us!

<unsure whether channelling the Ambassador or Yoda>

LaVitaBellissima Thu 13-Sep-12 17:46:16

Did you both just give up drinking? I find that's the only way I lose weight smile

CMOTDibbler Thu 13-Sep-12 18:19:56


LadySybildeChocolate Thu 13-Sep-12 18:25:40

We think you're great! smile What are your favourite foods? Given the increasing levels of childhood obesity in the UK, do you have a good way to encourage children to eat healthily?

deemented Thu 13-Sep-12 18:44:04

Ohhh fabulous! I love the Hairy Bikers! I love them even more because they are what prompted Manshape into wanting to lose weight - he reckons if they can do it so can he grin

I'll be back with a question later!

LemarchandsBox Thu 13-Sep-12 18:55:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

liveinazoo Thu 13-Sep-12 18:59:37

no questions just wanted to say myself and dd2<age 8> are massive fans

Kveta Thu 13-Sep-12 19:54:53

oh yay!

we LOVED your bakation, which country did you enjoy visiting most? And (sorry, second question) what did you think of the slovak food? My DH is from the neighbouring country, and although I do love some of the cuisine, that's only after years of sampling it grin (deep fried edam with tatarska sauce is AMAZING but one step away from a heart attack).

Loved the hairy dieters too, the book is coming my way for christmas as I could do with losing a stone or three

storminabuttercup Thu 13-Sep-12 20:07:16

A few years ago we came to see the theatre tour in wakefield, it was brilliant. I also have loads of your books, I've never had a failure with any recipes. <sucking up>

But my question is, what would you recommend for a three course meal that's good hearty British grub. I'm planning a dinner party and would love to say 'oh si and dave' suggested this menu blush

UnlikelyAmazonian Thu 13-Sep-12 20:42:25

What are the three kitchen utensils or implements each of you cannot be without? (eg I have a sort of bowl scraper thing I use every time I make a cake).

Secondly, I am desperate to build a wood-fired pizza oven in my garden as they look wonderful. Have yuou ever used one and is it a good idea? I love cooking and making home-made pizza especially - and I think i could cook other things in it too??

Many thanks and I love your television shows. UA

ExasperatedSigh Thu 13-Sep-12 20:59:50

On the flipside to UA's question, what utensil or kitchen gadget have you found totally overrated/unnecessary? Will be interested in your answer to this as one of the reasons I love your shows is that they really demystify the cooking process. You look like normal people making everyday food but doing it really well, which is the ultimate in aspirational telly for me grin

Big fan here, keep up the good work guys smile

OhNoMyFoot Thu 13-Sep-12 21:13:31

So sorry to miss this, lovin your work boys!

My question, what is your favourite meal?

gallicgirl Thu 13-Sep-12 21:13:41

I can't be here either so if I post my question now is there a chance it will be answered?

That's not my question by the way!

"If you were to open your own restaurant, what sort of food would you serve and what would your signature dish be?"

Taffeta Thu 13-Sep-12 21:39:06

You took the fear out of pastry for me. Seeing you guys make it in a food processor = pastry epiphany. I will love you forever for this. grin I have booked front row tickets with my mates to see you next year [not a stalker, promise]

Q: What countries/regions would you like to do a series in and why?

dottyaboutstripes Thu 13-Sep-12 21:50:47

I laughed so much when I came to see your tour that I had bellyache for hours grin
I absolutely loved your meals on wheels initiative, it was so heartwarming to watch - so I wanted to ask how all of that is going. Will there be a follow-up at any point?

NinthWave Thu 13-Sep-12 21:53:25

Ah bugger, I'm going to miss this! Here's my question: Of all the food/farmer's markets you've visited in the UK, which were your favourites?

MrsKwazii Thu 13-Sep-12 22:07:51

Ooh, hello. What do you think of Vic and Bob's impressions of you?

JaquelineHyde Thu 13-Sep-12 22:23:02

DH is a massive foodie and watches loads of cookery programmes however, if he could only pick one to watch it would be yours. You are his man crush and I don't even think he is embarressed to admit it! grin

My question quite simply is are you going to be releasing and new books or gift sets or anything in time for Christmas?

Keep up the good work because you are bloody good at it and a breath of fresh air compaired to all the rest.

TheCunningStunt Fri 14-Sep-12 07:23:22

Hello!!! Love you guys.

Right so, you can only eat one foodstuff/meal for the rest of your life or your final meal....what would it be??

ForFoxsGlacierMints Fri 14-Sep-12 08:49:44

Saw you on tour in Glasgow the last time and loved it.

My question is what are you going to do with the Spandex Catsuit from the finale because it'll be way too big now not that I want it, oh no?

chimchar Fri 14-Sep-12 09:16:47

hello! Another fan of ALL of your shows here...and my kids (2 boys and a girl) love to watch you too. You make them want to cook because your food or techniques are not "fancy" or chefy.

If you were to teach a child to cook (age 11ish) what would be your first lesson or super tip?

(if i can sneak a second question in...Where is your favourite place that you have visited?)

Thanks guys!

ShiirleyKnott Fri 14-Sep-12 09:39:40

Oh the webchats are just BRILLIANT at the moment. <glee>

Let me just get all the gushing out of the way - I love watching you so much, not just for the recipes but also because of the way you are with people you meet. I must confess to having cried numerous times while watching you meet up with your families or old friends hmm. I also make your potato bread on a regular basis and the fact that my son, who is 15 and unbearably grumpy in the morning, eats a couple of slices before school is nothing short of miraculous.

Erm, OK a question - Now that you've started eating in a more healthy way, is it going to be difficult to continue making brilliant shows like Bakaction and Best of British?

<vows NOT to miss this webchat>

TunipTheVegemal Fri 14-Sep-12 09:49:25

Welcome to Mumsnet.
I don't have a question, I just want to say I really love your programme. I love the way you really seem to enjoy the food and I hope you have as much fun losing the weight as you did putting it on smile

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