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Live chat with David Cameron

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tech (MNHQ) Mon 27-Feb-06 14:03:50

Hi everyone,

We've taken the moderation control off this thread now so you may comment as you wish......


sparklymieow Mon 27-Feb-06 14:05:02

put my message up tech, he might come and read them later

spursmum Mon 27-Feb-06 14:06:01

I got my question answered!!!
Not brilliantly of course but still.

meowmix Mon 27-Feb-06 14:07:37

is there a reason he was so slow to respond? Mumsnet would grind to a halt if we were all that slow to repy. I do feel a bit cheated by that, makes me wonder what the point was.

Caligula Mon 27-Feb-06 14:08:23

I got a politician's answer to my question.

Which is not what normal people understand by the word answer.

But tbh I didn't really expect him to answer any questions that his party don't have a specific policy on. They never do unless they're mavericks.

sobernow Mon 27-Feb-06 14:09:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meysey Mon 27-Feb-06 14:10:31


Well done Mumsnet for organising this. More politicians please!



RachR Mon 27-Feb-06 14:10:54

If you do return the Conservative party to power, are you going to do anything to help women to give up their jobs so that they can do a more valuable job -- namely stay at home teaching their children how to be decent future adults? There are lots of us around, and we are much maligned and neglected by the current government!! Good luck with your quest ...

sobernow Mon 27-Feb-06 14:12:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Mon 27-Feb-06 14:13:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 27-Feb-06 14:13:48

I have emailed him directly with my question..... will let you all know if he bothers to reply!

crunchie Mon 27-Feb-06 14:14:23

Thanks MN really interesting. Won't change my vote, but he is doing a good job of coming across as a reasonable man. Just as TB did BEFORE he got into power

zippitippitoes Mon 27-Feb-06 14:15:11

Thank you for organising it mumsnet

It was too slow though, a pity he didn't have some of the big list of questions answered and posted by mumsnet before he went live and then it would have given us more replies from him and seemed less slow...

MissChief Mon 27-Feb-06 14:15:56

yeah, thanks too. There's another thread there, the corrupting effect of power on an otherwise decent man!

Caligula Mon 27-Feb-06 14:16:06

Are you implying that deep down, David Cameron is mad, Crunchie?

Caligula Mon 27-Feb-06 14:16:53

Or just that he will go mad if he gets into power

Caligula Mon 27-Feb-06 14:19:38

Ooh yes thanks for it mumsnet and can we have someone more interesting next time who might get into a slanging match with cod like George Galloway or some other maverick who will answer questions like Ann widdecombe.

(WHat has happened to her? Is she a frontbencher or back now?)

quanglewangle Mon 27-Feb-06 14:39:08

Well, I enjoyed that though I don't think the full spectrum of parenthood was covered. No questions about the issues around teenagers. There was at least one question - mine!!
It's not fair !! <goes off to sulk and spitefully torment the cat>

quanglewangle Mon 27-Feb-06 15:06:43

Don't reckon much to the cross section of questions - teenagers totally ignored, and there was at least one question - mine!
Just wait until his kids are "young people", it might be more important to him then.

quanglewangle Mon 27-Feb-06 15:07:25

Drat, wrong thread - was aiming for the parallel thread. Try again...

drosophila Mon 27-Feb-06 15:08:55

Do you think he did his own typing?

Flossam Mon 27-Feb-06 15:10:35


I planned my whole day around this. I dashed around the shops in super quick time.

Ran some of the way home.

Stuggled up around 54 steps carrying shopping and DS at the same time. Plonked DS down, made a sandwich for him in 30 seconds flat.

And yet still I was ignored. I don't go to this much effort for DP. Is it me with the issues or was he rude to ignore me?

And will DS suffer psychological damage after this?

ruthydd Mon 27-Feb-06 16:02:02

Can't believe he didn't tell us whether Samantha gets her boobies out in public

Augusta Mon 27-Feb-06 16:29:56

I missed the debate but would like to have told him that I am pleased that at last a politician seems to be willing to vote for what is right (the school reforms bill coming up) and not just opposing it for the sake of it.

prettybird Mon 27-Feb-06 17:32:08

I actually thought he responded quite quckly! We're all used to typing quickly and posting without reviewing - typos and all. And even then I often take ages to make a considered response. And he'll have been making doubly sure there no typos.

I thought he came over as quite human.

God - that's the second time I've defended him - and I have never and will nver vote Tory in my life. I'm a died in the wool trnedy Grauniad reader - who very probablly would still vote Labour if John Smith were still leader, but that Labour party no longer exists, so I have a choice of Lib Dem or SNP.

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