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Live webchat with David Lammy MP on UK riots, Tuesday 24th, 1pm- 2pm

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KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Jan-12 11:49:36

We're delighted to welcome David Lammy MP and author of 'Out of the Ashes, Britain after the riots' for a live webchat tomorrow at 1pm. As well as MP for Tottenham, David is chair of the all party group on fatherhood and was a minister in the previous government (including in health and education), serving under both Blair and Brown.

He's very keen to hear your views and answer any of your questions on how Britain can respond to the riots. He's also written a guest blog for the Mumsnet Bloggers Network in advance of the webchat.

And of course if you can't join us live, please do post a question in advance.


FannyFifer Tue 24-Jan-12 13:54:00

No comment on why you think it is ok to use the term British and UK riots when it affected only England? Can you not see how false and misleading never mind offensive that is to the other countries in the UK?

DavidLammyMP Tue 24-Jan-12 13:54:48


I know we're not supposed to post 'what about me' posts but there's only 10 mins left and it's hardly busy in here ... I posted this back on page 1 and was wondering whether you had any comment:

I'd like to know why Woolwich was systematically ignored by the media during, and in the immediate aftermath of the riots even though we were really quite badly hit (we've lost buildings). I understand that there is a danger of exacerbating situations with too much media attention but it would have been good to have a little bit more than Twitter to inform us that our town centre was in flames.

It wasn't until a good couple of weeks after the riots that Woolwich incidents began to be added to the maps and lists of incidents in the media.

I'm not the best person to explain why the media throw a spotlight on some places and some issues and ignore others. It perplexes me as well.

DavidLammyMP Tue 24-Jan-12 13:56:30


No comment on why you think it is ok to use the term British and UK riots when it affected only England? Can you not see how false and misleading never mind offensive that is to the other countries in the UK?

Point taken, but the issues I explore in my book i.e. hyper individualised culture, workless poor are most definitely not just unique to riot hit areas.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 24-Jan-12 13:56:57

fair enough, thanks for responding.

DavidLammyMP Tue 24-Jan-12 13:59:24


There's a lot of concern on the talkboards this week with regards to the 26k benefits cap. How do you think this will affect families in Tottenham and other similar constituents? Do you think this could lead to further distrust of the current government and even more danger of disturbances in the future?

The cap will affect families in Tottenham mainly because it will drive overcrowding as families flee inner London in their thousands arriving in cheaper neighbourhoods like Tottenham. I predict serious social upheaval in the years ahead as a consequence.

DavidLammyMP Tue 24-Jan-12 14:03:27


Oh (sorry, cheeky) can you explain why you aren't satisfied that the Pupil Premium will ensure fair access to free schools?

Because its the tip of the iceberg when the average pupil in the London borough of Haringey continues to be funded £1500 per pupil less than neighbouring Islington, Hackney and Camden with more acute deprivation. These are inner London schools with inner London problems getting outer London funding.

DavidLammyMP Tue 24-Jan-12 14:04:49

Thank you very much for engaging in the issues and for a range of robust but genuinely concerned questions.

KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jan-12 14:05:21

Thanks David - and thanks to everyone who asked a question.

KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jan-12 18:36:40

Hi there

David's just asked that we can let you know that all the proceeds from his book are going to charity.

Also, thought you might like to see the BBC news coverage

nongenderbias9 Thu 26-Jan-12 23:21:10


Apparently 1 in 3 children live without their Father. Why do we treat our Farther's with such disrespect? I know so many Father's who are tossed aside by society. They can be such good role models for our children, but instead they are emotionally broken beings cast out by the Family Courts into the "every other weekend contact parent" role, feeding on scraps of a relationship with their children, often strained by the negative demonisations of an angry controlling X

SirBoobAlot Sun 29-Jan-12 09:49:08

Know this has finished but raising a single finger to a child is excessive force. Its okay as long as its not classified as abuse? What bullshit.

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