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Nigella Lawson - live webchat - Tuesday 13th December 1 - 2pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Dec-11 15:09:12

It's time for our final Christmas cookery webchat, and you won't be disappointed.... We're thrilled that the domestic goddess herself, Nigella Lawson is joining us at MNHQ for a live webchat on Tuesday 13th december at 1pm.

Just as Cranberry-Queen-Delia caused a shortage of fresh cranberries, 1996 saw the sales of goose fat rocket after it was championed by Nigella as the essential Christmas cooking ingredient. So if you want to know how to make the perfect roast potato or discover the secret to a succulent turkey, join us next Tuesday or send a question in advance to this thread.

Ahead of the webchat, we've been given permission to share Nigella's recipes for cranberry sauce and chestnut stuffing, both from her book Nigella Christmas which is now out in e-book format.

housemum Fri 16-Dec-11 17:13:32

I agree she didn't come across as over-warm, but then that's very like her TV programmes, there is a slight awkwardness there of someone who is not a natural playing up to the camera. Occasionally reminds me of the stilted conversations I have on the rare occasion that someone other than me has got hold of the videocamera at Christmas, when I really hate it being pointed at me.

Bucharest Fri 16-Dec-11 07:56:16

I almost seemed as though Delia and Nigella had been swapped over as some kind of kind of imagine Delia to be schoolmarmy (but she was't) and you expect Nigella to sit there dribbling sauce over herself and waxing lyrical-but she didn't.

(I am, as we speak, photocopying recipes from bth Christmas books to take home to my Mum so still lurve 'em both really)

My friend sat near Nigella on a plane once and she was apparently lovely.

nursenic Fri 16-Dec-11 04:39:42

i didn't mean to imply that she wasn't. Only that I'm sure the MN experience may not be one which brings out the best in her. I would be guarded too.

cherrysodalover Fri 16-Dec-11 04:04:36

I once stopped her on oxford street-i was working and she was lovely.Her husband gave me a big smile at his gallery too.She is a good person.

nursenic Thu 15-Dec-11 21:36:16

Thanks for replying Barrystar - I was a bit worried that you'd think my comment to you came from a negative place when in fact I was interested in your 'take' on her.

I agree with you and your perception certainly chimes with what my friend has said. NL is apparently quite shy and 'bookish' and her humour wouldn't particularly emerge on a forum like this. I'd imagine NL had some reservations about how a MN chat would go after the Gordon Brown unpleasantness.

BarryStar Thu 15-Dec-11 21:07:58

That's really interesting nursenic. After I posted, I was wondering if anyone would ask me what I meant by "how she came across", and the word which sprung to mind was "humourless". So what you've said explains a great deal.

She seemed nice enough, but I just felt there was something a bit lacking compared to, say, India Knight.

ShirleyKnot Thu 15-Dec-11 19:47:22

She answered my question (WHICH WAS BRILLIANT AN FUNNY BTW) with good humour so y'know...

yah boo sucks to you AAALLLL!


MistressofPemberley Thu 15-Dec-11 19:45:29

Well, I'm happy. She responded to my chirruping.
Thanks NL!
grin and blush

nursenic Thu 15-Dec-11 19:23:51

Barrystar- What impression ion did she make on you?

NL is actually quite a 'bluestocking'. A friend of mine knows her and says she is what the French would call 'une serieuse'. The media image and the reality are yards apart-remember how 'stiff' she was in her short lived interview series?

I wonder if it was frustrating for her to be asked for advice regarding how to cook certain meals/foods when her recipes are already so easily accessible?

I don't see the problem with it but maybe she was thinking 'google it or read my books-the books you say you all have?'......(that's not my own thought BTW, before I get flamed (smile)).

Maybe she was expecting less of the 'how do I cook/what could I cook'?

IMHO I think NL is less confident in the 'advisory' capacity and does not like the interview process. I get the impression she is quite didactic; she prefers to instruct folks in what she feels confident about instructing and ad lib advice is less natural for her.

SantaffetaClaus Thu 15-Dec-11 18:18:04

Not unfair IMO Barry. I think she had a lot to live up to, given the recent excellent webchats with Delia and Dan, though.

not at all pissed off she didn't answer my bloody excellent question

BarryStar Thu 15-Dec-11 18:16:25

Anybody else a teeny bit disappointed? Nothing to do with the fact she didn't answer my question (ahem), just something about the way she came across, or am I being very unfair?

scottishmummy Thu 15-Dec-11 13:39:49

nl usp and brand heavily emphasise her looks an appearance,imo it's
relevant to comment/ask about the marketing of her image.of course she is under no compulsion to answer any question.

nursenic Wed 14-Dec-11 21:35:43

Hope NL does read and enjoy my book suggestions. Knowing the type of kitsch books in her collection (i share her addiction) such as Liberace Cooks, they sound appropriate! She'll love those if she has time to read them.

nursenic Wed 14-Dec-11 21:33:26


LSA do Champagne coupes. I have some original 1920's ones passed down to me. We are too scared to use them and merely worship them from time to time.

LSA are for everyday.

drinkystinkyyuletidegubbins Wed 14-Dec-11 15:02:45

Thank you so much for answering my question Nigella - I'll be putting your advice and lovely stuffing recipe to good use!

worldgonecrazy Wed 14-Dec-11 13:59:12

aftereight thanks for that. Unfortunately everytime I am in London I am working so don't have much time for shopping. I will have to tell my boss I have an important errand one lunchtime and may be some time . . . .

IReallyHateMyCat Wed 14-Dec-11 13:46:42

^she sidestepped the why do the why does branding dwell upon looks and physique as commodity
suppose she had too many sycophants to answer all chirruping how much they love her^

scottishmummy it was a webchat for food in the xmas season.. why should the questions dwell on her looks?... she doesn't owe answers to personal and impertinent questions.

aftereight Wed 14-Dec-11 13:22:05

worldgonecrazy I am with you on the champagne coupe.
Have you visited the shop in Camden Passage which sells vintage glassware? They have some fantastic champagne porn stuff.
I am now the proud owner of a set of vintage etched coupe(s?) and this Christmas my house will be a flute free zone grin

storminabuttercup Wed 14-Dec-11 10:09:20

Omg!!!! Nigella replied to me! Only just had time to read the thread!

I asked about breakfast and she said to make the muffins!

Did hope for something more original like!

My mum does really look like Delia. Can't cook like her, though! grin

Bucharest Wed 14-Dec-11 08:17:07

<sour-ish grapes here too> (maybe cranberries? grin)
Delia came over better (and not just because she answered more questions, including mine) but because she actually answered them rather than saying "look at my website, look at page 14 of my book" Even the daft personal questions like me asking her if she really made workmen piddle in the garden.
I still love Nigella's books, and her writing,and her recipes but I think I want Delia to be my Mum.

Still being a miserable old sow then, SM?

Meh I never get answered on these things. It's the name innit?

housemum Tue 13-Dec-11 23:53:31

The revival of a coupe would also bring back the Saturday-night-variety-show trick of a tower of champagne glasses being filled by pouring into the top one and cascading down

Can we categorically decide on coupe or flute, I am coveting some flutes in the Emma Bridgewater catalogue so if we decide coupes that saves a fortune...

I missed her too, Solo - I had to take ds2 to the orthodontist, dammit.

She may have decided not to answer the question about the branding dwelling on looks etc, scottishmummy, but saying it was because there were 'too many sycophants' looks like sour grapes on your part.

scottishmummy Tue 13-Dec-11 22:29:50

she sidestepped the why do the why does branding dwell upon looks and physique as commodity
suppose she had too many sycophants to answer all chirruping how much they love her

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