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Live webchat with Ed Miliband, Labour leader and Leader of the Opposition, Thursday 1st Dec at 1.45pm

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KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 30-Nov-11 13:49:33

We're very pleased to announce that Labour leader, Ed Miliband will be joining us for a webchat this Thursday between 1.45pm and 2.45pm.

Ed is MP for Doncaster, former Minister for Energy and Climate change and won the Labour leadership in the autumn of 2010. He's keen to hear your views and answer any of your questions.

Do join us for the webchat. As ever, if you can't make it, please post up your advance questions here.



BIWI Wed 30-Nov-11 16:52:51

Not entirely Swedes. I, for one, as a Labour party member, voted for Ed.

And the trade union votes were from individual trade union members, not from the union as a collective.

KateMiddIeton Wed 30-Nov-11 17:03:13

Voted for or not, the Labour party is heavily subsidised and supported by the TUs and yet does not seem to be in support of their key aims.

You don't have to get into bed with Bob Crow and his ilk Mr M (goodness knows I wouldn't wish that on anybody) but can you not see there is a lot of support for the sentiment behind the strikes?

At the moment you don't seem to have a purpose. Could you find one and then I might decide to vote for you? At the moment you're just so meh.

<I appreciate that's not a question, just a rant>

KalSkirata Wed 30-Nov-11 17:39:30

Dear Ed, despite being carried into your hustings (no wheelchair access) and asking your aides about continence products for disabled children plus numerous emails to your office, you still havent explained Labour's policy on this. Given the Labour Govt ignored NHS Guideslines stating there should be no cap and allowed PCT's to impose the 4 a day rule, now that you are in opposition will you support the Mumsnet.EDCM campaign to change this so that disabled people who suffer double incontinence can have the products as needed?

CardyMow Wed 30-Nov-11 17:44:32

What is Labour doing to oppose the Coalition with regards to leaving people with disabilities with no income. By leaving them with no income, I mean people being refused ESA as they are not 'disabled enough', but also being refused JSA as they are not fit for FT work. While they are appealing the ESA refusal, they may have 6 months plus with no income. Do you have any plans to try to get the Coalition to close this loophole?

HuntyCat, #frothers.

northernmonkey Wed 30-Nov-11 17:52:53

When will we see some decent changes to this country?
Now we don't want politician's answers we are a nest of vipers after all grin

But seriously we want real answers, What will you do to make changes for the better.
This condem gov has sent his country to ruins, Us #frothers want change!

Firefly2 Wed 30-Nov-11 17:58:32

I would like to see something passed in Parliament which results in the ability of deducting CSA payments in the same manor as my student loan is deducted from my salary. When I start a new job, I do not inform anyone and I automatically get deductions from my salary for my student loan (and rightly so). When I attempt to claim CSA however, it can take months (up to eight now and still waiting...) to recieve a payment, or in my case, to discover he has now left that employment so the chase starts again. Do you think this system is in need of a shake up and what are your thoughts on trying to match the CSA service to that of the student loans? This really needs someone to take us out of the dark ages...absent parents should be made to pay.

JaxV Wed 30-Nov-11 18:01:53

Do you think it's time we ended our unhealthy love affair with the US?

LittleDonkeyhadaMadHairDay Wed 30-Nov-11 18:07:09

Do you have any plans to look into the fact that the rate of failure of ATOS assessments at appeal is in such stark opposition to the amount of money spent on using this private sector company to assess disabled and chronically sick people? And the fact that ATOS judges people in a half hour slot with lists to tick and agendas to fill - ie getting people off benefit, no matter what? Thus judging people as fit for work when no employer would touch them with a barge pole?

<not sure what #frothers is but think I must be one>

Auntiestablishment Wed 30-Nov-11 18:16:20

I turn off the TV and radio whenever politicians come on to talk about party political issues because the "straw-man-followed-by-personal-insult" manner of answering questions is all-pervading. That, and not answering the question but talking about something else entirely.

Why do politicians do this? Is it a habit you get in to?

And what do you think could be done to help politicians talk about party political issues in a way that doesn't turn people off?

KateMiddIeton Wed 30-Nov-11 18:25:06

We are the frothers LittleDonkey and Ed you can join us here

We're not political. We've just had enough.

#frothers is our hashtag. Because we are getting organised...

Swedes2 Wed 30-Nov-11 18:47:50

BIWI, As you surely know, David Miliband polled a higher number of votes in Section 1 (MPs and MEPs) and Section 2 (Labour Party members) in all four rounds. Ed M's victory was therefore entirely down to the anomalous Section 3 affiliated to trade unions vote. Perhaps they were affiliated Tories.

Anyway, the voting is here.

BIWI Wed 30-Nov-11 18:50:00

I do know that Swedes. I also know that the votes from the trade unions were the votes of individual members who have a vote because they belong to a trades union.

blackoutthexmaslights Wed 30-Nov-11 19:22:52

i know this won't get answered but could you please remind everyone in the house to try and act like adults please

watching PMQ is like being in a playground

Swedes2 Wed 30-Nov-11 19:24:10

BIWI I'm genuinely surprised if you believe an affliliated individual's vote is equal to a Labour MP's vote/Labour Party Member's vote? Affiliated voters are not necessarily supportive of the Labour Party and may not therefore be voting for a Leader in its best interests.

In any case, what I said is correct. Ed Miliband's leadership victory is entirely thanks to the affiliated vote. His fellow MPs and paid up members of the Labour party sought to elect his brother.

DamnDeDoubtance Wed 30-Nov-11 19:35:34


I voted Lib Dem for the past two elections. For reasons many and varied I cannot vote for them again. I desperately want to be able to vote for a viable opposition, but you gotta convince me what I would be voting for.

I am sitting on the fence over who to vote for in the next election. You appear to be sitting on the fence over a whole bunch of issues. I will come off my fence if you will come off yours.

reelingintheyears Wed 30-Nov-11 19:38:46

Why would you not support today's strike action but supported a day off for everyone for the so called 'royal wedding'?

Did that day off for everyone except, of course the self empolyed, not affect the 'economy'?

fothergill Wed 30-Nov-11 19:47:49

Should you get into power, do you intend to uphold the implementation of the white paper on higher education?
International applications are being sought out and sent by my design lecturer husband AND his colleagues as I type. Four of our talented peers have just gone to America and one other is applying.
The arts represent 25% of GPD per capita. I don't think the government understand the potentially devastating consequences of a brain drain that IS happening already.
Its not so much the appalling pay/recognition/prospects of lecturers, it's that coupled with the fact that fees about to be imposed will cripple the day to day running/objectives of his institution ie financial rather than meritocratic incentives = shit students = hard work with no tangible returns.
Last one out turn off the lights?

fothergill Wed 30-Nov-11 19:48:23

sigh... GDP

reelingintheyears Wed 30-Nov-11 19:53:04

My 86 year old Mother was refused admission to hospital after a bad fall recently.
She was sent home at 9pm and told to get a taxi the 14 miles home in the dark and with no one at home to look after her.

She had stitches over her nose and looked as if she'd been beaten up.

She didn't feel safe going home that night and asked to stay overnight but was told there was no choice.
She slept on the sofa that night and for the following 12 nights after which we had a stair lift installed (privately).
I could not get there till the next night as i live 200 miles away...she had a soft tissue infection in her elbow which the hospital had not even cleaned and a bladder infection..

This only came to light after i called the out of hours service because i saw it was infected,and they still wanted me to take her to a clinic.

It took over half an hour on the phone to convince them that at 86 and having suffered a bad fall and was in shock,that they should come to us.

What can you do/say to convince ME that the NHS is going to look after our elderly people who have worked their entire lives since the age of 14.

BIWI Wed 30-Nov-11 20:02:19

Swedes - you don't have to vote. Therefore, those who chose to vote, presumably had an interest in making their personal choice known. I don't see why that is a problem.

And why shouldn't an individual affiliated member's vote be equal to that of mine? I really don't get why it shouldn't be.

But all of this is redundant and probably on the wrong thread. The fact is that, whether you like it or not, Ed was voted as party leader.

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 30-Nov-11 20:18:07

The last public sector strikes you said, 'these strikes are wrong...'

Do you feel the strikes on Wednesday were wrong?

IsSamNormansDad Wed 30-Nov-11 20:33:15

hi Mr Miliband
Against MN rules, I would like to ask more than one question (but dont expect an answer tbh)
1. What would a Labour governmant do to reduce the deficit, while maintaining public services at the current (if not better) level?
2. Why on earth should we trust MPs, MEPs & MSPs to run our country, when many (or at least the loudest) dont really seem to have a clue what 'normal' people are up against?
3. Last one, I live in Aberdeenshire and petrol/diesel prices are ridiculous! Is there any way that fuel can be fairly priced (or at least have the same price) across the country?
Thank you

chosenone Wed 30-Nov-11 20:36:12

Dear Ed

We need to see what Labour can offer as an alternative to all the cuts that are hitting the poor, the needy and the low income working families. Can you introduce the Robin Hood/Tobin tax ? Can money be found amongst the 'haves' and the 'have nots' we need some clear policies and no slagging off please.

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 30-Nov-11 20:56:07

I'd like to ask, how long do you think it will take for the Labour party to regain leadership of the county and get back into power?

MmeLindor. Wed 30-Nov-11 21:11:43

Hello Ed,

good on you for entering the lions den coming on MN the day after these strikes.

I would like to know why Labour are letting the Tories win the media war.

You are in opposition to a seriously unpopular coalition government, and yet you are not out there shouting about the injustices that are being served to the country.

Do you read the blogs and fora where British people are expressing their opinion? Don't you see that they are leaderless?

Isn't there a danger that when you leave a vacuum that someone will fill it? And that someone may be from a extremist political party.

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