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Mince pies bake day webchat with Dan Lepard, 29 November, 1-2pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Nov-11 16:42:55

Continuing our season of Christmas cookery webchats (Delia was first), we're delighted to announce that Dan Lepard will be joining us to chat about Christmas baking on Tues 29 Nov at 1pm.

Dan has kindly allowed us to share with Mumsnetters his mincemeat recipe and to make mince pies, his easy sweet shortcrust pastry and his gluten-free pastry recipes, all from his latest book, Short & Sweet, The Best of Home Baking.

This will be Dan's third visit to Mumsnet and, like we've done previously, we'll do a 'here's one we made earlier' and film Dan making his mince pies and upload the film post-webchat.

Do join him, or post any questions you've got about Christmas baking in advance.

MayaAngelCool Mon 05-Dec-11 22:30:26

I think I am I'm love with Dan Lepard. What a lovely man. And he bakes! Dan, are you married? <<checks own left hand>> Oh, I am! Damn! grin

NormaSparklerFlashBangAhhh Mon 05-Dec-11 22:47:32

What a brilliant, brilliant chat. He came on before and after to answer posts.

Much respect.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Sat 17-Dec-11 23:21:42

Thank you, Dan, Sainsburys Bake is excellent. It doesn't quite have the taste of butter, but makes a lovely-textured pastry. I made a batch with Vitalite as well, which wasn't nearly as nice: tasted very similar to the ' Bake' pastry, but came out with a slightly dry, tough, texture.

Happy Baking!

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