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Live webchat with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Thurs 24 Feb, 1-2pm

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KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-Feb-11 12:40:59

Our live webchat guest this week is Nigel Farage. He is the leader of UKIP and has been a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) since 1999.

Known for his straight-talking, Nigel has made the headlines with forthright speeches, once telling the EU President he had the charisma of a 'damp rag'.

He is a regular on programmes including BBC Question Time.

If you have a question you'd like to put to Nigel, please join the webchat this Thursday lunchtime, 1pm - 2pm. If you won't be around then, please post your question here.

ScramVonChubby Fri 25-Feb-11 16:29:04

No prons, me and sarcasm don;;t always mix (inpine, in RL I am The Queen Of It, somewhat oddly).

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Fri 25-Feb-11 15:34:59

Sorry Scram I know you did. I'm a bit confused. Is it about my comment to Peter about Mumsnetters reading the UKIP policies?

I was being sarcastic about Peter's comment. Given that most of the Mumsnetters (including you, MmeLindt, Madamimadam, CaptainNancy etc) who asked questions came very informed about the policies and the data / facts behind their claims.

I had several a glass of wine when I posted though so excuse the miscommunication. smile

ScramVonChubby Fri 25-Feb-11 11:42:45

''Nigel did as well as could be expected.''

For someone who gets less votes than a ficitonal character.

Yes, I would agree with that.

Than expected for someone who thinks they should be a leading politician?


ScramVonChubby Fri 25-Feb-11 11:40:11

Tondelayo I raised quite a few policy issues: eg the workfare for HB claimants, and the fact that 80% of HB claimants are in fact not unemployed.


MmeLindt Fri 25-Feb-11 08:38:57

I would like to know what women between the age of 15yo and 45yo are supposed to do.

Generally speaking, we could say that this is "of a child-bearing age", could we not?

That is 30 years of a woman's working life - pretty much all of it really.

According to Government statistics here:

The distribution of enterprises by employment size band shows that 88.6 per cent had an employment of less than 10, and 98.0 per cent had less than 50 employment. Large enterprises, those with 250 or greater employment, accounted for only 0.4 per cent.

Now am I reading this data correctly? 98% of businesses in UK have less that 50 employees?

What does UKIP mean by small businesses? Even if we take the lower <10 employees figure, that is 88% of all UK companies that should be encouraged not to employ women of a childbearing age.

Can UK afford to restrict the working woman's life so much, particularly when UKIP propose to limit the amount of lowly pain foreigners living and working in UK?

madamimadam Thu 24-Feb-11 23:24:31

Well, the thing is Peter, he did offer to answer any that were passed on via MN. And somehow I don't think he'd rush to answer me about Godfrey Bloom's Nazi slur if I contact him directly.

I was hoping that you or Gawain would perhaps be able to make some sense of why an MEP would feel drawn to such a phrase?

(And I'm sure quite a few people here are keen to know the answer too... )

PStaveley Thu 24-Feb-11 23:05:09

madamimadam "You and Gawain, it must be said, have been civil and attempted to respond to our arguments and I'm grateful for that as I really would like to know the answers to the questions I posted."

Thank you for that. If you have any detailed questions for Nigel what I suggest is that you contact Nigel direct.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Thu 24-Feb-11 22:56:25

"However, hopefully a few members would become more interested in researching UKIP polices more deeply."

As in read the manifesto and directly quote from it as part of their question, for example?

Yeah hopefully they will.

madamimadam Thu 24-Feb-11 22:53:40

'hopefully a few members would become more interested in researching UKIP polices more deeply.'

Ah, you see, that's the problem, Peter. Quite a few of us have, which is why - certainly in my case - I wouldn't touch UKIP with someone else's bargepole.

You and Gawain, it must be said, have been civil and attempted to respond to our arguments and I'm grateful for that as I really would like to know the answers to the questions I posted.

tabulahrasa Thu 24-Feb-11 22:50:52

"However, hopefully a few members would become more interested in researching UKIP polices more deeply."

hmph, I did, I read them, I asked about them and the nearest I got to an answer was more vagueness hmm

sis Thu 24-Feb-11 22:50:20

By PStaveley:: "I would say that Nigel answered them as frankly and honestly as he could given the short timescale and few words available."

Why were only a few words available? Does he have a particularly limited vocabulary or was he only allowed to give answers made up on those fridge magnet words?

jonicomelately Thu 24-Feb-11 22:38:59

I've just googled Nigel and two things have surprised me.

Firstly, he's only 46 shock What is it about UKIP that ages their members?

Secondly, he's married to a German woman.

madamimadam Thu 24-Feb-11 22:36:34

But - most of all - Peters and Gawain, could you get Nigel to answer the following question. We tried and tried and tried but Nigel just didn't seem to notice it:

Was it acceptable for Godfrey Bloom to interrupt Schulz and said "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer"?

That's what we really want to know.

Sod the biscuits.

HerBeX Thu 24-Feb-11 22:33:26

Oh bother... bad track record on that Lenin... grin

madamimadam Thu 24-Feb-11 22:33:13

Oh, and while you're browsing that, could you fill us in on the following, please (as some of your UKIP members can't seem to get an answer to these questions either and it's be nice to do them a favour as they've taken such trouble to join us):

Where is the audit for the 4000 Account?

Why has Nigel repeatedly declined to publish a full audit of the £2 million he claimed in expenses?

What about the 'infamous' Isle of Man account? Why does Farage refuse to 'come clean about how that is funded'?

What happened to to over 85% of the income of the Ashford Call Centre, which Nige claimed was THE MOST profitable thing Ukip have ever done.

(Psst. Peter. You must have some accountants on your books. Can they not sort this out for you? hmm )

LeninGrad Thu 24-Feb-11 22:29:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madamimadam Thu 24-Feb-11 22:28:49

Can I ask both Peters, while you're here if you could tell me how many UKIP members are currently being investigated for fraud please?

Five minutes Googling has turned up the following UKIPers as under/having had OLAF investigation: Derek Clark (UKIP MEP) , Tom Wise, Mike Nattrass, David Bannerman, Graham Booth, Jeffrey Titford and, um, Nigel Farage? (It seems that Nigel appointed a lawyer to represent him in his dealings with OLAF?...)

And OLAF did find against Marta Andreasen, didn't they?

And as of 19 Feb this year only Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass have published full and transparent MEP accounts.

Any thoughts on this, the Two Peters? Gawain?

HerBeX Thu 24-Feb-11 22:25:47

Yes he was very frank and honest about sympathising with small businesses not employing women of childbearing age.

If women of childbearing age are nto to have the right to earn their living, is he proposing to introduce an allowance for us?

PStaveley Thu 24-Feb-11 22:16:16

It was always going to be a difficult webchat, but Nigel knew that. Mumnet members, quite rightly, had/have strong views. Therefore, you asked difficult questions. I would say that Nigel answered them as frankly and honestly as he could given the short timescale and few words available.

Obviously many Mumnet members were even more put off of UKIP by Nigel's answers. However, hopefully a few members would become more interested in researching UKIP polices more deeply.

On the point about lack of women in UKIP. I would say that is not true. In my branch both the Chair and the Secretary (i.e. 2 out of the 3 top positions) are women. That ratio applies to many of the other branches I have had contact with. There are quite a few women on the National Executive Committee.

The main thing to remember is that EU law is created by unelected Commissioners and the MEPs have very little power to change that legislation, they have less power than those in the House of Lords. The lack of democracy in the EU is the key.

jonicomelately Thu 24-Feb-11 22:01:19

OK. Lurk away smile

I'll shall ask a rhetorical question then.

'Nigel did as well as could be expected.'

Is that a comment on us being unreasonble or are you damning NF with faint praise?

PStaveley Thu 24-Feb-11 21:56:30

jonicomelately I do not really wish to add to the debate. However, you asked me a question so I presume that you are happy for me to post here.

Nigel did as well as could be expected.

If you do not mind I would rather just continue to lurk rather than take part in this discussion.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Thu 24-Feb-11 21:53:50

I wish people wouldn't call him NF. Causes me a great deal of confusion about which party is under discussion. smile

HerBeX Thu 24-Feb-11 21:53:16

Barbara perhaps it was the Germans, executing a fiendishly clever plot to discredit poor Nigel?

jonicomelately Thu 24-Feb-11 21:50:12

Ok PeterStaveley smile

How do you think NF did?

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Thu 24-Feb-11 21:49:26

PMSL. It might be the wine.

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