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Live Webchat with Jamie Oliver this Friday 15th October between 9 and 10 am.

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 14:42:21

We're delighted to announce that Jamie Oliver will be joining us on Mumsnet on Friday 15th October for an early brunch between 9 and 10 am. Jamie's groundbreaking new book Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is now on sale and his TV series of the same name begins tonight on Channel 4 at 5.30pm and runs daily on week days for four weeks. Jamie needs no further introduction to Mumsnetters; you've discussed everything from his School Meals Campaign to his baby name choices. Now's your chance to put your questions to the man himself. If you can't join us next Friday, post your questions to Jamie in advance on this thread.

RarrHumbug Sun 17-Oct-10 23:05:12

<pushes Naked Chef aside>

Hey there VVVQV! long time no see!

IrmaGhostSlayer Sat 16-Oct-10 19:29:59

I was very pleased he answered my question I left in my other persona (ie non halloween brookeslay ). Ohh @ all the girlies at HQ having a crush on him I don`t blame them !

MmeBodyInTheBasement Sat 16-Oct-10 17:18:29

There were both versions used, but he was not typing himself so that will be why.

TheBrideOfBlatherstein Sat 16-Oct-10 11:26:06

He didn't have any comment on what I should buy at my forthcoming Jamie at Home party either sad

It won't be another poxy flavour shaker that's for sure!!

nottirednow Sat 16-Oct-10 09:18:30

Message withdrawn

TanteRoseFromTheDead Sat 16-Oct-10 05:08:35

MmeBITB Jamie used "Jools" in one of his answers so that must be the official version.

Great webchat - I am currently watching J's American Revolution on youtube...

ZacharyQuack Sat 16-Oct-10 01:12:02

Blast! I missed this.

This has got to be one of the best webchats MN has ever has. Thanks Jamie, for taking this seriously and answering so many questions.

Your new book has just been released here in NZ this week and your new TV show is about to start screening here, so I'm looking forward to a few months of inspiration!

Awitch Sat 16-Oct-10 00:54:28

<coughs> apart from his abiding love of fellow hotel and catering graduate Gina F...

SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Sat 16-Oct-10 00:23:09

Gosh! he's fab!

Awitch Fri 15-Oct-10 23:42:09


oops. blush

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 15-Oct-10 23:36:07

be careful....i'm vewy fwagile....[bambi eyes]

Awitch Fri 15-Oct-10 23:03:18

you poor thing. although it does give me quite the physical advantage... <wrestles>

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 15-Oct-10 23:02:05

not too hard lady - the right one is still sore from my accident grin <mwah>

Awitch Fri 15-Oct-10 22:58:18

<holds onto vvv's ankles and doesn't let go>

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 15-Oct-10 22:54:28

I am a BIG Jamie fan, so I've enjoyed reading this.

Great webchat. smile

ledodgy Fri 15-Oct-10 22:00:51

Wow he came back! How fab. He still hasn't answered my question yet but how wonderful he came back. :smile:

Awitch Fri 15-Oct-10 21:35:46

oh he is ADORABLE.

and yes, Jamie, if you're reading, there is a 'drive', where we are living, towards encouraging parents to put low-fat stuff in their kids' lunchboxes. we are a bit <ggggrrrr> about it.

Wigeon Fri 15-Oct-10 21:29:30

Poncey? St Albans? grin

MmeBodyInTheBasement Fri 15-Oct-10 18:59:27

I want to know if it is Jules or Jools.

Both have been used on this thread. Not that it is important, just being nosy.

southeastastralbeing Fri 15-Oct-10 18:21:00

yet another poncey restaurant for st albans wink like it needs one more

Pochard Fri 15-Oct-10 18:19:59

Thanks very much for answering my question after the official webchat. smile

I will definitely definitely be going to the new restaurant in St Albans next summer - how exciting!

southeastastralbeing Fri 15-Oct-10 18:19:14

was going to say, shouldn't he be taking over bedtime duties now, jules must be knackered and it is friday grin

midnightexpress Fri 15-Oct-10 18:17:26

Answer mine answer mine answer mine.


sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Fri 15-Oct-10 17:49:34

MNHQ, I don't know if this has been said, but if not, please convey to Jamie that if he ever needs MNers to help out with anything (eg testing recipes, spreading the word about campaigns) we would be happy to help.
I think a lot of us feel we owe him one after so many great meals and anyway we are right behind him on most of these campaigns smile

strandedatsea Fri 15-Oct-10 17:40:56

Hey he came back to answer my question, what a decent bloke.

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