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Live webchat with Gok Wan, Mon 19 July, 7.30- 8.30pm

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Jul-10 22:45:07

Oh yes, it's true.
We're delighted that Gok has found some time in his very busy schedule of getting people naked to join us at Mumsnet Towers next Monday.

Fresh from his new series where he styled his first man on this evening's show, he'll be answering Mumsnetter's

If you can't make it (and we realise there may be a little bit of a bedtime clash) then post your question for Gok in advance here. (no nudity necessary!)

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 15-Jul-10 15:32:10

I love the idea of a 24 piece wardrobe but not sure I could wash and get it back in my wardrobe that quickly...

And what about sports gear (proper sports gear for actually doing sport in rather than strutting about). Can that be excluded from said 24 piece capsule wardrobe?

And I would truly truly love you to Gok me. I'm 5 11, size 16-18 and (according to your website) I'm a pear. 36DD with a big bum and legs but a reasonable waist. And mahoosive feet (size 9).

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 15-Jul-10 15:35:59

Gigantaur I've just checked out your pics and you're gorgeous!! Amazing boobs too (said in a MN mate kind of way and not meaning anything untoward).

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:45:03

She is, she really looks like that in rl!
(I'm the one flame told you to say hi too!)

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:45:18

to blush

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:49:04

Oh and gigantaur, I do apologise if you have a sore throat; after I was whinging to you, I just about made it to the tube before going all shivery... severe tonsilitis. So I havent eaten anything since that biscuit we had! You think I infected everyone? (claim to fame, infecting Marco?)

MayorNaze Thu 15-Jul-10 15:54:54

OMG <<faints>>

oh gok. i heart you so much!

i first watched HTLGN while on holiday in may 2007. i was by myself with 3 kids. it was pissing it down outside (it was england, of course it was!). i was wearing nursing bras 2 sizes too big even though my youngest dc was well past being breast fed fulltime. my knickers were older than my oldest child (7 year gap between oldest and youngest, you do the math).

dh and i had not had grown up fun for a long time blushblushblush

i can honestly say that watching your programme for the first time that night gave me the positive kick up the arse reality check i needed. first thing i did when i arrived home was buy new pants. and bras that fitted. never under estimate how wearing nice undies will make you feel

it really was the first day of the rest of my life (and of dh's wink)and HTLGN is the highlight of my week when it is on.

i will now have to namechange after pouring out my heart but it is all true. thank you

shit that wasn't a question was it blush

bundle Thu 15-Jul-10 15:55:07

all of the makeover shows seem to end up making women look like they're going to work/cocktail parties - with lots of reliance on tailoring and structure

if, like me, you really don't suit or feel comfortable in such clothes, is there an alternative look?

i don't really like jeans but feel very happy in leggings/tunic/sandals all summer.

what's a pear to wear?

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 15:56:34

Lol Mayornaze, my knickers are much older than my firstborn, I wore them all thru both pregnancies, and they're g strings shock

Gigantaur Thu 15-Jul-10 16:04:13

Ahh now i know. you looked great, i loved your skirt. and your tat is beautifull.

i am cooking marco's meatballs tonight wink

mustrunmore Thu 15-Jul-10 16:11:15

My bil is here, and he offered to do turkey stir fry. Cos I was ill, I didnt come downstairs. Apparently it was great but he used the mince not the chunks, so that scuppered my meatballs plan tonihgt!!

SqueezyB Thu 15-Jul-10 16:17:39

please please please advice on how to hide the post-baby belly without looking still pregnant or wearing a sack! My second is 4 weeks old and I am struggling with an extra stone in weight, pretty much all on my belly. I'm 5'6, size 12-ish and a classic english pear shape. Oh, and to make matters worse tops need to be breastfeeding-friendly. Thanks!

Lizzzombie Thu 15-Jul-10 16:29:46

Dear Gok,
You are truly fabulous.
My boyfriend & I watch your programmes together & he always cries at the end of the make over bit. (I am a hard nosed bint so I don't) wink
He would dearly love to be made over himself - he won't take style tips from me.
Do you have any plans to do a man-make-over series which I can nominate him for?

Sometimes I think its harder for men as there is not so much to choose from and they end up wearing the same things they did 10 or 20 years ago.

What do you think?


SirBoobAlot Thu 15-Jul-10 16:41:02

Gok I love you blush grin

Firstly - thank you so much for "With A Difference" specials. I have to use a stick at all times, and a wheelchair on bad days, and I really enjoyed them. Though maybe you could do a special on accessorising medical equipment?

Question - have you got some advice as to how to look good whilst wearing a nursing bra? My norks appear to have sunk to my knees

Also could you lower the age limit, please, as I'm a young Mum, but really need to be Gok'd grin

MadreInglese Thu 15-Jul-10 16:42:27


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo

I love you!


TheFoosa Thu 15-Jul-10 16:50:08

I saw Gok Wan last week in Ashby Easy Stores, Kingsbridge last week

the very last place I would have expected to see him

I didn't say hello though

<hello Gok>

MadreInglese Thu 15-Jul-10 16:54:32

<composes self>

sorry that wasn't a question, was it?

Gok, please can you sort my bloody mother out other than getting someone on your show, how can you drag them kicking and screaming out of the permanent jeans-and-tshirt combo, even if they desperately want to but lack the confidence for change?

And how do you feel about becoming a verb?

CaveMum Thu 15-Jul-10 16:56:46

Fairy Gok Mother I hope you can help.

I'm 29 and a manager in my office, I like to look professional at work (lots of tailoring, etc) but I seem to be falling through a great big hole in the fahsion-market.

Shops with clothes aimed at women in their 20s tend to be too casual/revealing for my job but most of the smart "work" clothes I see seem to be aimed at the 40+ market!

Where can I find good quailty tailoring, at not too expensive a price, that will suit me AND my job? I adore the 40s/50s look and would love to find somewhere (shop/internet/whatever!) that stocks something along these lines.

BTW I'm 5ft6, 34-29-38 - what the heck shape does that make me?! Everytime I take one of these online quizes to figure out my shape I get a different answer!

Thank yooouuuu!

BonzoDoodah Thu 15-Jul-10 16:58:24

OOooo Gok-tastic! Welcome oh wonderous Fashion Sage.

I have a question for you:

What was your epiphany that made you realise you had to lose weight and change your image? How did you stick to it? And is that where you get all your confidence from - the new you being so fantastic?

And (this one's a general Mum's like me need advice) ---- With post baby odd shaped bodies - we really need help:
Breastfeeding large chested (think 38F/G), Post-C-Section overhang fat belly and no bum .... fits nothing in the shop without looking like a tent. Where should we start??

Many many thanks [grovel]

CuppaTeaJanice Thu 15-Jul-10 17:37:39

Hi Gok!

I've noticed that like a lot of young men these days, you wear your trousers very low - kind of the opposite of Simon Cowell!!

Do you have the waistband so low to show off a particularly snazzy pair of pants? Or does it make a man's body look better proportionally with a shorter leg section? And is it a look that should only be sported by a man with snake hips and a fabulous arse, or should I be persuading my boyfriend and dad to adopt the style?


TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 15-Jul-10 17:50:00

Oh Gok i want you to be my best friend! I want to shop with the greatest.... grin

Canr wait for this one smile

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 15-Jul-10 17:54:54

Welcome Gok!

I too struggle with what to wear (and would love to be Gok'd). I am a SAHM so I need to be comfortable/ don't need to be too dressy. I am 5"6, size 18 with short legs/ long trunk/ sway back, average norks, HUGE tummy(s), wide feet, short/ wide neck. What should I be wearing please?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Thu 15-Jul-10 18:08:09

Gok, you are God!

Your work on improving the self esteem of women is truly legendary, I bow down and worship you because you do such a fantastic thing.

I think low self esteem comes from mothers who criticise their daughters (and quite often their son's) and call them fat/ugly/porky, once a child reaches their teenage years their looks become really important to them but if they already suffer from low self esteem then it's a downward cycle. Once this damage has been done, how can it be repaired? I think there needs to be alot more work with teenagers in schools to emphasise the fact that they are all beautiful, is this a direction where you could go?

If you are ever in Derby I'll be more then happy to take you for a coffee and a slice of cake. smile

herbietea Thu 15-Jul-10 19:03:38

Message withdrawn

SirBoobAlot Thu 15-Jul-10 19:16:08

Question from my (unable to use a PC) mother -

I love watching your shows, and one of my friends Tracy from Seaford was lucky enough to go through a transformation by you. But could you please do some make overs with things that those of use on smaller budgets can afford to do, please? With shops like Primark / New look / H&M / charity shops?! grin


Shallishanti Thu 15-Jul-10 19:27:45


am sitting here with DD2, we love your show and always count how many pairs of glasses you wear!

My question is-
I am (erhm) 50. Currently my hair is in a rather outgrown short bob and dyed to retain my original colour, medium brown. But I reckon by now I am more or less grey all over. How do I get from here to a funky grey look? I really don't want to be mousey salt and pepper, which is why I have been dyeing it, but I don't want to look as if I'm trying to appear 20 yrs younger than I am (although, I am always telling the dcs that 50 is the new 30!)
Am about to undergo a major career change too, so now is a good moment for change!
Gok my hair! smile

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