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Live webchat with Gok Wan, Mon 19 July, 7.30- 8.30pm

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Jul-10 22:45:07

Oh yes, it's true.
We're delighted that Gok has found some time in his very busy schedule of getting people naked to join us at Mumsnet Towers next Monday.

Fresh from his new series where he styled his first man on this evening's show, he'll be answering Mumsnetter's

If you can't make it (and we realise there may be a little bit of a bedtime clash) then post your question for Gok in advance here. (no nudity necessary!)

loopylou0158 Mon 19-Jul-10 21:17:27

HELP GOK PLEASE im 40 in 3 weeks and im holiding a 70s night what do i wear ?????????????????im 5ft 3 38e size 16 basicly short fat and hairy and 2 top it off a red head please help meeeeeeeee

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-10 22:22:57

We're afraid Gok Wan has now left the building!sadgrin
Huge thanks to him for his webchat, and to all those who asked questions and apologies if your question wasn't answered.
MN Towers

GreenMonkies Mon 19-Jul-10 22:23:31

Flamesparrow get thee to La Senza, they quite a few nice bras in a 32F/FF, I have half a dozen or so now, I go for the coordinating bra strap look in vests etc now, making my pretty coloured bra a part of the outfit. There's a La Senza outlet store near me (Cheshire Oaks) and they are selling pretty much every bra for a fiver, it's great!!

MadwoMen Tue 20-Jul-10 01:41:39

Thanks for answering my question Gok!! Byeee
LOL at alaska answering questions and giving advice alongside grin

slug Tue 20-Jul-10 09:53:27

Well... that was a load of one line, trite answers wasn't it?

Am very very disappointed he didn't answer my question about his show encouraging women to feel happy about being leered at and sexually harassed in the street. <<cat's bum face>>

Redazzy Tue 20-Jul-10 10:06:00

I am a huge fan of Gok but have had a serious giggle reading this webchat this morning.

If Gok came on MN incognito, he would be bombarded with hmm emoticons and orders to get himself off to Netmums! At least he didn't call anyone hun!

NomDePlume Tue 20-Jul-10 21:31:09

Bloody rubbish.

He didn't answer me and his typing was atrocious and for the shameless book plug.


Last time I enter into a webchat with so called sleb.

NomDePlume Tue 20-Jul-10 21:34:04

BTW - Re LaSenza - I find them mega uncomfortable (padding agogo, I can wear my 32F/FF's as earrings in their bras) but I find that if I've ever tried their stuff on I've needed to size up at least 1 cup size. I think they go up to a G in some styles now.

GreenMonkies Tue 20-Jul-10 22:49:03

NomDePlume I find some La Senza stuff is small fitting, in some of their stuff I'm a 32F, in others a 32FF, and I hate the "hidden" padding shelf that is in some of their bras. As if someone with F/FF's needs f*cking padding?? But if you are selective, and try them on, you can find some nice ones, I love the Lullaby Lace collection (need a FF in them) and I have a gorgeous cream & red check/tartan one I got a few weeks ago too (only an F in that!) and the selection of colours they have is fab.

corblimeymadam Wed 21-Jul-10 20:47:17

Message withdrawn

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