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Ode To Bradley Wiggins

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 09:05:35


Oh Wiggins, oh Bradley
I love you quite madley
You look tres sexee
In the yellow jersey
Vous etes tres bon
Avant le peloton
With your mates Cav and Froome
To Paris you'll zoom
Do your side burns help you steer?
When you win I will shed a tear.

kaytola Sat 21-Jul-12 09:08:50

Love it!

gregssausageroll Sat 21-Jul-12 09:12:16

Yay. Good luck today Bradley.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 09:14:29

Ta. Please feel free to add your own ditties!

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 09:14:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gregssausageroll Sat 21-Jul-12 09:22:45

It drives me nuts ruby. This country is so football this that and the other it is boring. We have all these amazing sports stars yet you hear little of them. I am excited for Bradley today. He is an amazing sportsman.

It is why I like the Olympics. There will be some unknown sports person representing the uk. It will be a sport like synchronised swimming or shooting or archery and they will come away with a gold medal. The country will be behind them but in 6 weeks time when it is chamois league this that and the other they will be forgotten.

camdancer Sat 21-Jul-12 09:25:14

I think your ditty just about covers it. I just want to grab his sideburns and give him a big kiss!

Who do you think will win today? I think Froome is going to go all out, but I think Bradley will just pip him and show what a consumate champion he is. GO TEAM SKY!!!

GretaGarbage Sat 21-Jul-12 09:28:16

Who needs footie?
Cycling is the beauty
And if you like sideburns,
It can be a bit of a booty.

Poetry is not my main strength.

TalcAndTurnips Sat 21-Jul-12 09:35:14

Great ode, HalfMum! grin

ruby - great excitement here chez Turnip - compounded by the Test Match against South Africa at the Oval. A great deal of flicking back and forth between the channels. I think the time may have come to install two screens next to each other - plus the employment of someone to take care of the refreshments.

(greggs - I can categorically state that GB will not be winning a surprise gold in the Synchro - not unless the entire Russian, Chinese and Spanish squads are nobbled in some way. They are aiming for top six or so - but any higher than that is nigh on impossible due to the depth of talent and experience from elsewhere. Thread Derail over grin)

Hassled Sat 21-Jul-12 09:38:51

Oh Bradley - your thighs
Cause fluttering and sighs.
My eyes are like saucers
You've turned me into Chaucer.

TalcAndTurnips Sat 21-Jul-12 10:00:52

Wiggo Haiku:

Quadriceps of steel

Handlebars on the bike but

Not on his face. Why?

|.= \
@ . @ ( ( ( ( ( `',.`.' `.`', ' . ` ' .

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 11:17:20

Loving your work Talc, hassled and Greta.

Is it wrong to shout "come on Wiggo " passing cyclists? <overexcited>

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 11:18:33

When passing cyclists.

DuchessOfAvon Sat 21-Jul-12 11:32:10

I have almost given myself an ulcer with the cumulative stress of the the last three weeks. I think that if you aren't a Wiggo fan, then its probably been quite a boring Tour. BUT, if one is a fan of british cycling and especially Wiggo, then its been ACE.

I shall weep if he gets the top step of the podium (I can't bring myself to say WHEN....)

Talc - your work is fine.

DuchessOfAvon Sat 21-Jul-12 11:38:15

Bradley, bradley
Win us a jersey, do.
I am half crazy
All from supporting you
Now is the Time Trial racing
Froome won’t do no pacing
But you’ll be fleet
Upon the seat
Of your Pinarello
Dogma 2.

DuchessOfAvon Sat 21-Jul-12 11:41:09

Actually that would have been better thus:

Bradley, bradley
Win us a jersey, do.
I am half crazy
All from supporting you
Now is the Time Trial racing
Froome can’t do the pacing
But you’ll be fleet
Upon the seat
Of your Pinarello
Dogma 2.

Just before Michelle Cound gets cross with me.

albertswearengen Sat 21-Jul-12 11:50:43

There once was a cyclist called Wiggins
Who could ride up the mountains- some bigguns
A tall rangy fellow
He rode all in yellow
And my son calls him Barnaby Wiggums

Ds is only 3 and has taken to shouting 'come on Barnaby Wiggums' at any cyclist on the Tv.
I am so excited. I started watching cycling in 1987 when Stephen Roche won the Tour.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 13:08:57

Great stuff.
Surprised no one has mentioned helmets, padded shorts, shaving etc.
And DH suggests pumps.

Anyone know where we can watch the tour in Ludlow?

When is he on?

TalcAndTurnips Sat 21-Jul-12 14:07:01

Wiggo, and Wiggo, and Wiggo,
Cycles at his pretty pace from day to day,
To the last millisecond of recorded time;
And all his yesterdays have overtaken fools
The way to dusty finish line. Out, out, brief Time Trial!
Life's but a pedalling shadow, a huge-thighed player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by a Eurosport commentator, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

MacWiggins Act 5, Scene 5, 19-28

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 14:36:26

Deep Talc.

Oh wiggo wiggo

Where fore art a pub that is showing the tour de France tomorrow.
Thou art spoiling our anniversary weekend with your non mainstream sport.

TalcAndTurnips Sat 21-Jul-12 14:44:45

The Compasses Inn at 1, Corve Street has a big screen + terrestrial and satellite, according to tinterweb.

Maybe you could persuade them to screen Le Tour - seeing as there is no ghastly footie at present?

Hassled Sat 21-Jul-12 15:02:17

Stands up and wildly applauds Talc grin

mayaswell Sat 21-Jul-12 15:03:11

Mad for Brad, but my heart is with Cav, those eyes are so sparkly!

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 15:40:31

Thanks Talc.

Wiggo on now. Go Wiggo Go!

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 21-Jul-12 16:14:37

Oh Brad you are so fast
There is no way you will be last
The Lycra you are clad in
I am sure it's not just padding. . .

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