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The Mumsnet Degree

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A dead cert would be; The Life and Works of Jilly Cooper.

So if there was a degree in Mumsnet what would you put on the syllabus?

honeydragon Sun 27-Jun-10 07:32:47

Yes, but you lose out in a first as you are giving children under 22 years old chocolate, that is too early grin

am now very hungry envy

FellatioNelson Fri 25-Jun-10 21:59:22


Guests for dinner tomorrow. Today I have made (from scratch) ahem, (drum roll) are you ready?

Lemon Mascarpone ice cream
Little meringue nests
Lemon and orange syllabub
Lasagne (for the kids)
Little potato and cabbage rostis
Slow-braised belly of pork (to roast fast tomorrow for the best crackling)
A spicy chilli and ginger marinade to go on an Asian Duck salad

Tomorrow I shall be dipping strawberries in melted organic dark chocolate, to garnish my meringue/syllabub thingy, and cutting lettuce, coriander, mint, baby radishes and spring onions from my own veg patch to go with the duck thingy.

Not only is my meal home made, it's largely home grown. (didn't kill my own pig or duck though.)

Can I have my first degree hours in MN domestic no-additives smuggery please?

Jaquelinehyde Thu 24-Jun-10 20:54:55

Breast feeding and Parent & Baby spaces: When is the appropriate time to don ones hard hat?

MayorNaze Thu 24-Jun-10 20:40:03

Boden v Primark: discuss...

honeydragon Thu 24-Jun-10 20:38:53

next: post
aibu to use shop bought organic wholemeal flour rather then growing and grinding it myself in a windmill built with fair trade woven lentils??

remeber, the outcome of the post is not the inportant part of the process, they taste so much better when you can tout culinary superiority on the web.

MayorNaze Thu 24-Jun-10 20:10:07

How To Make Chicken Nuggets From Scratch:

first, slay your homegrown, freerange, organic chicken...

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 24-Jun-10 20:06:43

the importance of EWCM at 13dpo to avoid AF while TTC.

followed up by a PHD in: FTC - TCOYF and beyond!

IMoveTheStars Thu 24-Jun-10 18:23:45

huzzah, it's in classics grin

EccentricaGallumbits Thu 24-Jun-10 17:28:10

If I sign up for another degree I will go insane and DH will leave me.

nymphadora Thu 24-Jun-10 17:24:37

After being here for 5 years I needed training for the TTC threads. Totally different language over there. Compulsory course for those beginning parenthood.

nymphadora Thu 24-Jun-10 17:23:34

Posting from an iPhone as an optional one?

FellatioNelson Thu 24-Jun-10 10:27:59

Peanut/lactose/wheat/egg allergies, and where to buy them from, if your child is feeling left out.

honeydragon Thu 24-Jun-10 10:19:49

back to basics: how to spell apologise correctly blush

honeydragon Thu 24-Jun-10 10:18:17

How to apolgigise for erroneous troll accusations without actually meaning it.

Post Graduate: How to get away with troll accusation when the troll accusee has been a member of mumsnet longer then the troll accuser and everyone else knows that.

Guest lecturers - erm just about everyone since all the political nonsense smile

tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 24-Jun-10 07:46:32

I think Xenia should really present An Introduction to FlyLady

I have Dittany marked down for The Life and Works of Jilly Cooper wink

IMoveTheStars Thu 24-Jun-10 00:04:42

A serious course on therapy/repositioning on discovery of torticollis/plagiocephaly

piprabbit Wed 23-Jun-10 23:50:20

We could have guest lecturers...
Bonsoir could run a workshop on 'Why the French way is best'.

Dittany could run one on 'Men and their failings'.

itsonlyajob Wed 23-Jun-10 23:48:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FellatioNelson Wed 23-Jun-10 23:47:43

Yes, but it's far too academic for me. I'm only grade 4 CSE in Conflict. I'm PHD level in conflict resolution though.

piprabbit Wed 23-Jun-10 23:45:48

Hairdressing for the skint and desperate.

itsonlyajob Wed 23-Jun-10 23:43:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weegiemum Wed 23-Jun-10 23:42:22

Packed Lunch Making for Beginners (age 6)

Intermediate Packed Lunches (age 8)

The Art of the Advanced Packed Lunch (age 10).

How To Badger Your Maternal Parent For Dinner Money (all ages)

IMoveTheStars Wed 23-Jun-10 23:40:08

LeQ wink

with a module of 'accepted time to leave your children to play in the henhouse'


luciemule Wed 23-Jun-10 23:36:50

How to train your DH

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