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What shall I do with DDs placenta?

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tiredpooky Wed 16-Jun-10 15:33:51

It has been in the freezer for a year now and I am starting to feel too proud of it to plant it and allow it to rot.
I dont suppose I can make it into something? I guess a necklace/bracelet wouldnt work.
Or maybe she would like it when she is 18?
Will it be alright in the freezer next to food for the next 17y?
I am afraid I am being serious - its such a special thing!

wannaBe Wed 16-Jun-10 15:38:49

omg shock

Sorry but that's just gross, and I'm sure she wouldn't thank you for giving it to her for her eighteenth birthday! hmm shock

HoopsAndBaby Wed 16-Jun-10 15:39:59

fry it up and eat it?? shock

alarkaspree Wed 16-Jun-10 15:43:49

What did you originally think you were going to do with it? Why did you put it in the freezer?

Could you not try to think of it as something that was special and useful but has now served its purpose? And can therefore be allowed to rot?

I really can't think of anything else sensible to do with it. Even if eating it seemed like a good idea to me it wouldn't be after it's been frozen for a year.

Veteran Wed 16-Jun-10 15:45:02

Actually I think a placenta necklace would be fab.

willsurvivethis Wed 16-Jun-10 15:45:59

You are statistically very likely to have a prolonged powercut, unnoticed freezer breakdown or house move in the next 17 years and then you will have to throw it out at the spur of the moment. So if you want to do sonething with it I would do it sooner rather than later.

Don't have any other suggestions, for me the thing had done its job when ds popped out and that was that.

colditz Wed 16-Jun-10 15:46:46

Oh YUK throw it in the bin - in fact, burn it! She has a MUMMY for God's sake, she doesn't need a placenta any more!

Disenchanted3 Wed 16-Jun-10 15:47:20

Yesm, defrost it before her 18th and plop it ontop of her cake hmm

If you are going to do something then bury it under a plant, its the nicest thing to do,anything else ios just creepy.

LittleWhiteWolf Wed 16-Jun-10 15:47:33

I actually like the idea of planting a tree or bush or something for your DD with the placenta as fertiliser as I've heard it works well.

I wouldn't keep it in the freezer for 18, just as I wouldnt keep any animal by product in the freezer for 18 years.

I say plant!

booyhoo Wed 16-Jun-10 15:47:34

do not give your dd a necklace made from her placenta when she turns 18. she will never forgive you. imagine explaining that one to her friends.

Veteran Wed 16-Jun-10 15:49:47

dry it out and make placenta jerky.

KurriKurri Wed 16-Jun-10 16:00:38

Plant it in the garden. It won't keep for 17yrs, she won't want it even if it does. what possible use could you have for it?

Nature's way is that you get rid of afterbirth, (usually by eating) so that other animals won't track you down. It's not supposed to be preserved.

I foresee (mystic Kurri emoticon) a future house full of things you are unable to throw away because they have had some passing contact with your DD. She will not thank you for this.

mazzystartled Wed 16-Jun-10 16:04:43

unless your daughter is an exceptional person I am pretty sure she'd rather not EVER see her placenta, especially not as an 18th birthday gift.

plant an apple tree on top of it. make apple pie for her birthday

cyteen Wed 16-Jun-10 16:05:46

Is anyone else singing this thread title to the tune of 'what shall we do with the drunken sailor?'

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Wed 16-Jun-10 16:09:47

Set it in resin and make a handy doorstop so when you are having a poo you can leave the doorstop open so she can hear you wink

Magalyxyz Wed 16-Jun-10 16:12:15

oh gross! are you Victoria Wood?!

She sauteed hers with some green peppers, garlic and onion.

thisisyesterday Wed 16-Jun-10 16:19:59

what did you thijnk you'd do with it initially?

I am feally sorry but I honestly do not think your DD will be especialy pleased to be presented with a frozen placenta on her 18th!

plant it... it will fertilise and give life to a new tree... that's quite symbolic isn't it?

LionsAreScary Wed 16-Jun-10 16:20:20

I sagree with the apple tree idea! Bury deep if you have foxes in your garden though.

I will be getting the midwives to take mine in a yellow incinerator sack. Seems kind of wasteful but I have other (easier to store) things to be sentimental about.

Some friends of ours blended their's with fruit and drank as a smoothie. Apparently the midwife joined them with a glass. Or they were just pulling our leg?!

ShadeofViolet Wed 16-Jun-10 16:21:28

Ke$ha wore a placenta necklace, but she also wears clothes she find on the street.


SoupDragon Wed 16-Jun-10 16:22:47

"Or maybe she would like it when she is 18?"

WTF?? You want to give your daughter an internal organ for her 18th birthday?? Are you mad?

HurleySatOnMe Wed 16-Jun-10 16:27:31

Eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

MrsFC Wed 16-Jun-10 16:27:55

Surely this is a journalist. I mean, honestly.

PuzzleRocks Wed 16-Jun-10 16:28:45

Hurley grin

ShirleyKnot Wed 16-Jun-10 16:33:27

Buy it a little hat and call it Polly.

orienteerer Wed 16-Jun-10 16:34:40


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