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What is the strangest thing that has happened to you?

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dejavuaswell Sat 22-May-10 08:23:31

My best friend at secondary school was abducted and never seen again. She vanished in a spell that cannot have been more than 3 minutes because that it how long it took to walk between our houses. I remember that the parents were (strongly) suspected but nothing was ever proved.

The young couple who purchased the house next door to us had lived there for less than 2 weeks before a removal van arrived to move them out again.

Dave M had worked in the dept for 3+ years but then took a new job in Liverpool. He gave all of us a new but false address and a fictitious phone number.

Flamesparrow Sat 22-May-10 08:25:40

shock @ your friend

GypsyMoth Sat 22-May-10 08:28:16 thinking! those are odd things you described though!

i once stood at a murder scene.....was in police force......then later on saw the murderer in custody suite as he'd been caught instantly i remember saying to my colleague i wanted to see a murdere close up,especially as i had just left the murder scene and seen what he'd done

llareggub Sat 22-May-10 08:38:46

Poor girl. How awful.

I was once harrassed by an man who claimed to be an investigative journalist. He kept calling and calling my landline, wanting me to comment on what he called my fraudulent activity. I never got to the bottom of it, he would never really clarify what the hell he was talking about and in the end I ignored him. When I initially responded to one of hi (many) phone calls, it seemingly went through a switchboard. All very odd.

purepurple Sat 22-May-10 08:46:07

When I visited DH who was working in Saudi Arabia, I bumped into a woman who used to live in my road when I was a child.
On another trip, years later, DD bumped in to a class mate in Dubai airport.

bobbiewickham Sat 22-May-10 08:50:15

The night Princess Diana died, I had a very vivid dream that I was at Prince Charles' funeral. I woke up to the phone ringing and mum telling me the news.

I call it my near miss - am a crap psychic!

dejavuaswell Sat 22-May-10 08:50:31

I sometimes go ages without thinking about the abduction. It was seeing her unusual first name on Yahoo that made me think of her. My Mother and I were the last positive points on the timeline the police created and I suppose we might have been suspects. I imagine forensic science wasn't as good in those days but the police never found evidence of foul play in her house which is why the parents were never charged. But this means that she was snatched by someone and she was fairly streetwise and would not have got into a car of somebody she didn't know.
Her parents stayed in the same house for some years, certainly 5+, which is in itself strange.

zookeeper Sat 22-May-10 08:53:10

what's strange about the parents staying in the same house?

zandy Sat 22-May-10 08:55:17

Why is it strange her parents stayed in the same house for five years or more? If your child disappears I would imagine you'd be afraid to move away in case the child came home and no one was there for her.

MegSophandEmma Sat 22-May-10 08:55:34

Two nights ago I purchased a lampshade from someone on Ebay. The following day I received an email from the seller confirming payment had been received. In the next line it said "I don't usually do this, but I feel I have to, I have a female spirit energy here she keeps giving me the name Harrison." shock

The only woman in my family who has died since I have been alive is my nan who I was very close to. Name is/was E. Harrison. Needless to say it freaked me out. Completely different surname to anyone alive in my family. (of those that I know) I've never mentioned her before online or anything. It was weird!!

dejavuaswell Sat 22-May-10 08:57:20

There was lots of finger pointing and a general belief in the area that "they did it". It would take a very resiliant person to withstand the pressure that must have been put on them.

I really don't know what to think. Both options seem very unlikely but she was certainly never seen again. If really pushed I would go for abduction. I had a near escape!

TrinityMeemaRhino Sat 22-May-10 09:02:41

standing in my happy life and being told neil was dead

I just kept saying'what about my babies?' 'what am I gonna tell my babies?'

sitting at the front of the church looking at neils coffin unable to stand when they were singing hymns

staggering out of the church clinging to craig oblivious to who was at the funeral

clinging onto my 4 year old daughters coat as she stood at the graveside and threw in a telescope she had made so that 'daddy could see her from the stars'

zookeeper Sat 22-May-10 09:11:04

Trinity life must be so new and strange for you x

TrinityMeemaRhino Sat 22-May-10 09:14:22

I feel bad for posting that

TrinityMeemaRhino Sat 22-May-10 09:32:40

sorry dejavuaswell, I've killed your thread sad

differentID Sat 22-May-10 09:36:53

Trinity- no need to apologise.

For me, it is the day I found out age 11 that my best friend had died the night before and realising that no bloody adult had had the decency to tell me. It was another child who told me in school, because they had been at the event she died at. We were rehearsing for the school Christmas concert and the orchestra were playing A whiter Shade of Pale the best they had ever played it. I still can't listen to it now.

zookeeper Sat 22-May-10 09:37:17

no you haven't - strangest thing that happened to me was years ago on a beach in Vietnam. A friend and I were walking along a deserted beach and we walked around a little upturned rowing boat on the water's edge. When we looked back seconds later it had gone - we even could see our footprints where we had walked around it .

It gives me chills to this day

TrinityMeemaRhino Sat 22-May-10 09:37:45

oh diff, thats awful

Flamesparrow Sat 22-May-10 09:41:12

Good strange for me - met up with an ex at a hen night a couple of years back after not having really spoken to him in about 8 years. He is now a good friend.

Bad strange - discovering via facebook that a foster brother had died suddenly

devilsadvocaat Sat 22-May-10 09:43:41

trin - the telescope has made me cry. i don't know how you cope x

June2009 Sat 22-May-10 10:01:46

Lots of surreal bumping into friends from my old french boarding school in london restaurants and in various airports around the world.

drloves Sat 22-May-10 10:06:17

thursday -leaving home , with twins to go to nursery ds4 turned to me and said "the ants are crawling all over the legs."
...then getting to nursery only to be told they couldnt let the kids in because it was crawling with ants. ..shock .
before that, dd3 when she was 2 told me about the red haired girl who sat at the bottom of her bed at night , and said her name was Gemma-louise.
Gemma-louise was the name of my sister who died at birth....she had red hair.No one in the family ever spoke about her ,i only found out at 17 from my grandmother when she was ill and thought the end was near...shock
ive got creepy kids.

differentID Sat 22-May-10 10:08:40

I've learned to deal with it now, but my trust in adults was non existant by the end of that school year.

NotGrownUpEnough Sat 22-May-10 10:12:38

wow drloves....thats spooky!!!!

drloves Sat 22-May-10 10:19:08

i know , i got a bit of the heebie-jeebies with them .
DS4 has started saying dd1 is having a boy going out to buy blue babygrows later.
He did the same thing with my best mates daughter , kept saying her baby was a girl before she was born ...never been wrong .
Think i might let him pick the lotory numbers this week ! lol .wink

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