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wedding dance thriller hell.

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shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 20:55:45

that is what i am stuck in.

An update was promised and i wasnt going to update until we had done it.

Tonight was the final practice at the venue. Hideous doesnt cover it. It was made worse by people wondering about the venue checking it out and sound and light men etc.... all standing and watching.

THEN the wedding planner woman just oh so causally asked if it was still ok fdor her to film it, post it on you tube and link it to the website.

MOther had lied and said this wasnt going to happen.

So, not only will we be embarassed in front of the whole wedding party, but also the rest of the world

fucking great mother.....


Bumperliouzzzzzz Thu 06-May-10 23:00:35

ROFL! I'm sorry but I have a crazy mother too, so I do sympathise, but it is v funny!

Could you wear a hat with a little veil to cover your face?


Sorry grin

Pikelit Fri 07-May-10 06:34:25

Drink too much. Throw up on dance floor. Result = nobody prepared to slosh through sick in wedding shoes. Problem solved.

Pikelit Fri 07-May-10 06:34:26

Drink too much. Throw up on dance floor. Result = nobody prepared to slosh through sick in wedding shoes. Problem solved.

LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 07:08:07

Sorry but this is soo funny. Your mum sounds bonkers. Can't offer any advice that you are actually gonna be able to do to get out of it, but maybe you could ahve some fun with your mum? You could tell her that she has made you realise how much you love dancing and it has aways been a passion you haven't shared as you thought you weren't good enough but now, well, se and the chorographer have told you how good you are you will be going on Britains got talent and you expect her to join you

RockSteady Fri 07-May-10 07:18:02

good plan pikelit,not many circumstances would mean that vomiting on the dancefloor was actually a wonderful thing.
so sorry for you shoptilidrop
but grin

sherby Fri 07-May-10 07:33:44

hit the fire alarm just before the dance

get your mum so drunk it ends up being cancelled

steal the music before it starts

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 07:49:09

excellent ideas. i especially love' the unfortunate 6'

i may make us t shirts and banners and we can stage a protest.

am also liking the britians got talent idea. that could work. shes going on honeymoon monday, we could surprise her with out new plan when she comes back.

All the ideas are good, sadly i think i have no choice. noone of us have any choice. the funniest part of last night was when the cherographer said ' try to look as if you are enjoying yourselfs'

ha fucking ha

and the venue was being shown to other couples and they were all watching as well.


should i ever be so silly enough to get married again. i will get mother to do a dance on her own. beacuse its my wedding and i say so.

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-May-10 07:59:39


and because I know you


SecretPollingBooth Fri 07-May-10 08:04:46

what would bond do? there HAS to be a way that you can come through this with your dignity intact yet still keep your mother happy.
Dont suppose anyone would go for the identical-twin-separated-at-birth argument, would they?

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:05:18

yeah - cheers.

its the most hideous hideous embarassment that i have ever had to endure.. and there have been a fair few

MmeLindtChocBrownies Fri 07-May-10 08:09:09


Nothing else to add really.

Except you HAVE to link to it. It is only fair, considering the pisstaking support you have found on MN.

cocolepew Fri 07-May-10 08:09:47

I was wondering about you the other day, good luck grin

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:15:07

lol - what would bond do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i think that maybe bond wouldnt have a demanding bridezilla mother.

i may link. maybe. depends on how it looks.

in any case its out of my hands. The venue is filming it they are posting it we wont even get to see it first.
Have been checking out wedding thriller dances you you tube and am horrified by how many times they have been viewed.

everyone doing the dancing seems well into it.... drunk? thats the route im taking.

LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 08:17:23

Generally speaking the more into it you are the less stupid you look.

ampere Fri 07-May-10 08:21:07

I am not expecting you to link!

I was on your previous thread agreeing entirely with you that your mother is being selfish and rather juvenile- being The Bride does not entitle you to the right to embarrass and humiliate your guests.

In fact, the whole thing could fall flat, just make damn sure that if it does, you and the other 6 make it absolutely clear that you are not shouldering any 'blame' for the fiasco that might just spoil Bridezilla's wedding day. Has she really considered that her other guests overriding memory of her Big Day might be the embarrassing spectacle of you 7 obviously being forced to perform this humiliating spectacle?

Silly woman.

I have no advice, but I genuinely feel for you.

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 08:30:34

no - she says they will be jealous.

i think not

what i dont get is that her husband to be is a window fitter. so construction trade type person. ( huge stereotyping going on here, but just so you get an idea)
and so are all his friends

they are going to take the piss of out him forever and ever.

they will not be jealous.

at all


we ' unfortunate 6' and holding HIM accountable as she should have vetoed the stupid idea at the beginning and not gone along with her ridiclous ideas.

everyone else dropped out and us ' unfortunate 6' only agreed to do it on the agreement that it would not be filmed or go anywhere near the internet. Mother agreeded.
My sister said she had her doubts last week when mum said it would be filmed but just for family and if we didnt agree we would be ruining her special day and special memories and that the cheorgrapher had cost a lot of money and it would be wasted.

we were all a but hmm.

Now this.

Sister had a go at mum last night and so did i for blatantly lying. She just told us she didnt care, it was a bit of fun and stop being silly.

she doesnt go online. noone of her friends go online. i dont get why she wants it on youtube. they are diong this dance bit first. i think she thinks she looks like something on strictly or something. SHE DOES NOT>

and ive had a slight fake tan disaster and have organge legs.. just to make matters worse


LoveBeingAHungParliament Fri 07-May-10 08:40:27

Loving the fact she thinks his friends will be jealous, has she met them ! Can't you get some of the pissed and get them to join in too?

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 08:45:12

PMSL but I'm also feeling the pain and desperation increasing!!!!

I am finding the more mature the bride, the crazier they become. My MIL told her daughter to lose the baby weight quickly as her wedding was a month after she gave birth shock

Surely the only option is to get so drunk that you are almost oblivious to it! And remember, you now ALWAYS have a come back to anything.
Mum: You never call me unless you want something
You: I was Michael Jackson for you
Mum: You forgot my birthday
You: I was Michael Jackson for you
Mum: I need you to help with...

You get the gist.

bran Fri 07-May-10 09:11:02

Do you have sympathetic family at the wedding? Get them to foil the wedding planners attempts at filming. Either directly by approaching her at the start of the dance and insisting that she cannot film, or by accidently getting in front of the camera and jogging her hand so that it's not good enough quality to put onto youtube.

WingedVictory Fri 07-May-10 09:12:37

"in any case its out of my hands. The venue is filming it they are posting it we wont even get to see it first. "

You didn't answer the question. Why are their filming it? And what right have they to post it on YouTube? It is not theirs.

This is the weak link. Sorry, but it seems your participation is already a lost battle*, but there is still a lot of room to fight on the YouTube issue.

* There are some good suggestions here, about how to put pressure on your mother to match the pressure she has put on you. Make sure you do make her understand how it feels to be trapped!

WingedVictory Fri 07-May-10 09:18:12

Sorry, cross-posts, bran! I am appalled at the cheek of the wedding planners, even if they are acting under orders from Bridezilla! Any interference by guests wouldn't be their fault, so they wouldn't be contractually at fault, FFS. They are not working for the best feelings of this wedding.

ActualBum Fri 07-May-10 09:21:17

Thank you so much for this thread.

I am beyong sad this morning and this has actually made me laugh.

(I feel your pain though!)

shoptilidrop Fri 07-May-10 09:50:36

well. glad youall find it amusing.

i have called mum this morning and told her that i have been shot in the night. and stabbed and my leg is missing and that sadly i will not be able to participate in any wedding themes activities.

they are filming it as they want a viral ad. or something. i dont quite get how they can do that without our writted permission actually.

but the come backs im loving. she can never say anything ever. i have the untilmate trump.

' mum. i was michael jackson for you'


am logging off now as wedding meal thing starts this afternoon. will report back tomorrow, drunk.

fearnelinen Fri 07-May-10 09:52:40

Good luck, drink much, hope your boobs stay put wink

<<air of resignation>>

colnelcustard Fri 07-May-10 09:55:56

I have not laughed so much in ages. I could not think of anything worse myself.

My friend told us she wanted each of us to dance up to her at the wedding one by one. We told her to fuck off.

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