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wedding dance thriller hell.

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shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 20:55:45

that is what i am stuck in.

An update was promised and i wasnt going to update until we had done it.

Tonight was the final practice at the venue. Hideous doesnt cover it. It was made worse by people wondering about the venue checking it out and sound and light men etc.... all standing and watching.

THEN the wedding planner woman just oh so causally asked if it was still ok fdor her to film it, post it on you tube and link it to the website.

MOther had lied and said this wasnt going to happen.

So, not only will we be embarassed in front of the whole wedding party, but also the rest of the world

fucking great mother.....


Hulababy Thu 06-May-10 20:58:18

Missed any other threads.

Can you not get out of it at all?

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 20:58:26

Oh noes. Hopefully by the time its the wedding dance the guests will be a little tipsy and wont even notice a mis-step

Hope you have a lovely day

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 20:58:45

i should probably explain for those that havent seen previous posts.

Mother is getting married. she wanted to do a proper dance, then the music scratches and turns to thriller and all the family join them in the thriller dance.

We have no idea why she came up with this, we are not a dancing family. We can only asume this is what happens when you let mothers loose on the internet. ( youtube).

25 people or so were asked. Sensibly most people dropped out. There are now 7 or us. The 7 of us who were bribed with emotional blackmail.

She hired a choreographer. we have been having lessons and everything.

Oh gos - i wish the ground would swallow me up.

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 20:59:51

grin Re. my first post, I think just Oh noes covers it

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:00:35

doesnt matter if they are drunk or not. it will be going on youtube!!!
they will be able to watch it over and over again as many times as they want.

I cant decide if its better for me to be very very drunk so i dont care, but possibly look worse. or to be sober, cringeing.. but look better.

There is no getting out of it, failing a broken leg... which at this point is an option i am considering

BallpointPen Thu 06-May-10 21:00:58

shock and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha grin

MadamDeathstare Thu 06-May-10 21:02:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:02:48

I'm sorry. It's mean. But OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:03:01

yes. but would you be laughing if it was you.


I said this to the over enthuastic wedding planner who was going on about how exciting it was, and how much she was looking forward to it.

Seriously, seriously unfunny.

Its going on youtube.


shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:04:14

a mask might help. but i dont think we will be allowed.

i have to do this shimmy bit. im worried my boobs might fall out of my dress.

What if they do and its caught on you tube.
What if i end up flashing nipple on you tube


MrsFogi Thu 06-May-10 21:04:19

I think the only solution is to go heavily disguised so noone will recognise you on YouTube - you will then be able to throw yourself into the dance with gusto and at the wedding when asked about your make-up/attire claim it is your special wedding outfit.

RandomEuro Thu 06-May-10 21:05:34

Id go for the get drunk option shoptil grin

You never know, other guests might join you on the dance floor and enter into the spirit of things?

ImSoNotTelling Thu 06-May-10 21:05:59

Oh dear god. Now I have heard it all.

Good luck with that.

<sniggers> (sorry)

When's the big day?

BudaisintheZONE Thu 06-May-10 21:06:15

OMG. No. Really. No. The first few weddings who did this got away with it because it was unusual. Now it's just tacky.

I would just refuse. But I am know to be a stubborn cow!

MadamDeathstare Thu 06-May-10 21:07:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paisleyleaf Thu 06-May-10 21:07:30

I remember the other thread
I hope you don't mind me linking - but your bridezilla mum is funny!
I just knew this would end up on you tube grin
Have you got you ears pierced yet?

Bananaketchup Thu 06-May-10 21:07:49

shock holy fucking jesus. Does your mum not like you or something? If it was me I think I'd be eyeing up which flight of stairs looked the least painful to hurl myself down. Or looking into whether I was too old to divorce my mum.

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:09:06

saturday. actually in about 48 hrs time

yes, its tacky. it horrible.

it caused world war 3 as noone wanted to do it.

Noone can join in. its a properly cheorographed dance. with spacing, and lights and timing and everything. it is not just some people standing in a line doing the dance. we are in formation. With moving places and oh my god this just cannot be happening........

QOD Thu 06-May-10 21:10:10

OH please please link us to it when it's on


(oh and re bridezilla and the ear rings - dd is being a bridesmaid "has she got pierced ears?" - no - said I - "can she get them pierced?"

no... said I


brimfull Thu 06-May-10 21:10:29

OMG poor poor you

but I am looking forward to the you tube posting

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:11:04

What happens if someone tries to join in ? confused

Sassybeast Thu 06-May-10 21:12:17

And have you got your ears pierced yet ?

shoptilidrop Thu 06-May-10 21:13:55

no - it is not a gothic wedding or anythng like that. its more posh and becks tbh.

she thinks it will be good and everyone will be jealous.

Will they fucK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bloody knew she was lying when she said she told the woman not to film it.

She claims to love us.... im thinking differently

and no, i did not get my ears peirced and nor did i agree to change my siganture so my usual messy one did not mess up her wedding certificate.

my bridezilla mum is a little bit funny. if she wasnt my mum and it wasnt happening to me it would be very very funny.

sadly it will be me doing the bloody dance on saturday. i also failed to mention that having been declared best dancer. i am centre forward. in the postion of michael jackson.

There is no hiding.


MadamDeathstare Thu 06-May-10 21:14:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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