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Nightmare Incident with Neighbour's Parcel- please sympathise and advise?

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BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:27:32

I am not having any tea now after The Most Recent Incident shockangryenvy<--that one is for sick btw...

Background- dd2 is severely autistic with learning disabilities, and, er, bowel issues. Aged nine.

Was on mumsnet and watching Eggheads (I could take Kevin, if anyone's interested), and could hear dd2 giggling and playing in the hall and landing. Confident that other doors were locked, I left her to it, thinking I'd give her fifteen minutes or so before I bathed her. Eggheads finished, I opened the livingroom door to the most overwhelming stench of SHIT coming from upstairs, and saw dd2 lying at the top of the stairs chewing what looked like a binbag.

I try to pull it out of her mouth, hoping she hasn't swallowed too much, then I look past her and see two enormous (think cowpat) lumps of soft poo on the carpet, a big plastic postal bag which looks like it's been used to wipe the poo up, and a brown leather pouffe I didn't recognise . Which, on closer inspection, is plastered in shit too.

Then I remember that this morning I accepted a large parcel from John Lewis for a neighbour, which I'd left by the front door [heartsink]

I have cleaned it up, but it's probably watermarked or something- I literally had to sluice the stuff off under the shower attachment, and nailbrush faeces out of the tiny grooved swirl pattern embossed into the leather.

Nobody is in next door yet to explain. I have had to throw the packaging out.

On the plus side, dd2 is clearly no longer constipated grin

So, if it is water-marked etc, do I have to pay for it? I didn't sign for it, but parcel man noted where he'd left it, and I don't want to get him in trouble.

tellyaddict Tue 23-Mar-10 20:41:56

Oops, it is rather funny but I do feel for you. I'd tell them what happened and see if they can take it up with JL or as the others say, call them yourself. I think legally you are responsible once you take a parcel into your home (rather than the delivery company) so house insurance would be an option.

On a lighter note, I once took in a large envelope for our, then, new next door neighbours and went out leaving it in my hall. When I got back home there was shredded envelope in the hall, our dog hadn't been locked in the kitchen as she usually is when we go out and I didn't realise that the large envelope contained a chocolate present for our neighbours... I produced what was left of the envelope and the note that was inside to my neighbours and explained what had happened. They thought it was hilarious and I bought them some chocolate to make up for it.

If your neighbours are nice, they'll see the funny side of it although there is obviously much more cost involved in your case.

Hassled Tue 23-Mar-10 20:42:18

mrobama's plan is a good one. No, you really can't use the wry grin approach. It will haunt you forever and it's just WRONG. You'll never be able to look them in the eye again.

cyb Tue 23-Mar-10 20:43:37

You could be like Ross in Friends

"I'd like to return this's cut in half"

onepieceoflollipop Tue 23-Mar-10 20:44:39

Whilst I sympathise with the op, if I was the neighbour I wouldn't be impressed with being offered what should be a brand new ite, but was in fact a pre-used but professionally dry cleaned item.

Sorry but I wouldn't.

LOL at the pretend a dog did it.

OrmRenewed Tue 23-Mar-10 20:46:39

OMG! Buy a new one. Sorry.

BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:47:08

Hmm, I'm saying John Lewis, but there's no paperwork. Think dd has eaten the invoice. But I can't see it on their website.

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 20:47:53

there must be a pre-paid postmark which will say the company name

OrmRenewed Tue 23-Mar-10 20:47:58

Eaten the paperwork! Well that will help keep her regular then grin

Brollyflower Tue 23-Mar-10 20:48:13

email John Lewis. It's got to be worth a try. Failing that either insurance claim or just buy them a new one.

BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:48:15

Lolol at Ross from Friends though- I remember that

ilovesprouts Tue 23-Mar-10 20:50:01

oh dear .....

NorbertDentressangle Tue 23-Mar-10 20:51:19

By BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:47:08
Hmm, I'm saying John Lewis, but there's no paperwork. Think dd has eaten the invoice. But I can't see it on their website.

I'd still phone JL -boy, that would be excellent customer service if they replaced pouffe that they didn't even sell in the first place grin wink

BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:51:41

I really can't see where it's from. I will just have to ask my neighbour and offer to replace it then. Will have a bash with the leather-cleaner in the morning.

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 20:53:06

Look for a label on the item

There might be a zip with the label inside

squeaver Tue 23-Mar-10 20:53:24

Oh BoF.

My first thought was to grovel and offer to buy a new one.

But now I must say I'm liking Cyb's dog-did-it strategy.

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 20:53:34

or take a phot and we will find it for you becasue we are all super cool sleuths

thisisyesterday Tue 23-Mar-10 20:53:38

hmm you will have to go round to the neighbours and explain what has happened.

in fact, go now, then come and tell us what they said

BitOfFun Tue 23-Mar-10 20:54:26

Photo is excellent idea- shall organise that now and put it on my profile...

TrowelAndError Tue 23-Mar-10 20:55:07

I feel your pain but there's really no way you can hand over a contaminated pouffe, however much it's been scrubbed. You have to throw yourselves on the mercies of JL or your household insurance.

SoupDragon Tue 23-Mar-10 20:56:23

Seriously, you can't hand over a shat upon pouffe.

You need to explain, apologise and order them a new one. (and if it was JL, explain and try to beg a free one!)

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 21:01:09

dear Lord that is one ugly pouffe

you have done thema favour TBH

yellowcircle Tue 23-Mar-10 21:01:22

JL may sort this out for you, worth a try.

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 21:01:55

Tesco's - it's fauz leather

I reckon

thisisyesterday Tue 23-Mar-10 21:02:46

nah, not quite teh same

morningpaper Tue 23-Mar-10 21:02:49

is it deffo leather? smell it wink

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