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drug dependant baby, advice needed

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EarthMotherImNot Wed 03-Mar-10 15:20:17

I've been asked to foster a baby expected to be suffering drug withdrawal when it is born next week.

It is years since I've cared for one of these and any advice would be most gratefully received.

D0G Thu 18-Mar-10 17:23:05

Message withdrawn

cat64 Thu 18-Mar-10 17:38:34

Message withdrawn

EarthMotherImNot Fri 19-Mar-10 04:50:45

Thank you all smile

Well sussed wannaBewink

cat64 when the man upstairs takes his turn walking up and down or rocking the bouncer I'll be more inclined his waygrin but thank you.

She has been the tiniest bit better tonight/this morning so fingers very tightly crossed.

D0G Fri 19-Mar-10 08:04:00

Message withdrawn

EarthMotherImNot Fri 19-Mar-10 08:10:22

And........ she's had brief interludes of being awake and not crying (blessed relief emoticon)

thehillsarealive Fri 19-Mar-10 08:20:27

ok only read to bottom of page 2 - cant read any more, got tears in my eyes and the school run to do.

EMIN - you are a truly amazing person to do this. I hope the little one settles soon, it sounds like she is getting there.

ilovemydogandmrobama Fri 19-Mar-10 08:45:06

Wow! A friend of mine adopted 2 babies who were drug dependent, but were in hospital for 5 weeks to come down.

You are doing an amazing job smile

EarthMotherImNot Fri 19-Mar-10 09:38:41

Thank you the hills and ilovesmile

I know we are cruelly sleep deprived but Dh and I have just had the following conversation and I'm crying with laughter.

Dh "Emin, do you know we've been storing baby's medicine in the wrong place?"

Me "huh" shakes self awake "why, where should it be stored"

Dh "well it seems ridiculous but the bottle says in the cd cupboard"

Me "that stands for "cool dark" you numpty not cd cupboard grin

D0G Fri 19-Mar-10 10:14:29

Message withdrawn

cat64 Fri 19-Mar-10 14:03:27

Message withdrawn

D0G Sun 21-Mar-10 08:14:37

Message withdrawn

EarthMotherImNot Sun 21-Mar-10 11:44:32

We've had some "issues", her sleep is still in fits and starts and the slightest noise seems to wake her. I'm not sure if she needs her dosage upped a tad but we are struggling to get her to go the 4 hours between doses.

None of this has been helped by our new next door neighbours who decided to throw the mother of all parties last night, complete with banging screaming and running in and out of their front door in various states of undress.

Dh went round to them at 1.30am and thank god they turned the music down. I've tried to have a word this morning but even though I know they're up they are not answering the doorangry

On top of all this the hospital have screwed up the amount of medicine they've given us and it will, in all likelihood run out before their pharmacy opens on Monday.

Phew thank god for a mini rantsad
Bet you're sorry you asked now DOGhmm

D0G Sun 21-Mar-10 15:06:43

Message withdrawn

MrsSantos Sun 21-Mar-10 15:21:33

God - good luck. What an amazing thing to do smile

EarthMotherImNot Sun 21-Mar-10 17:55:14

Health Visitor is calling this week so she'll probably weigh her then.

I think we've been lumbered re the neighbours because the loud music has started again tonight. I'll be ringing the police if it goes on thoughangry

I can't begin to tell you how tired we all are, normally one of us would snatch some sleep then the other but it's impossible with the music and the banging.

They are refusing to come to the door when we've knocked so we're stumped as to what else to try.

D0G Sun 21-Mar-10 20:34:07

Message withdrawn

D0G Tue 23-Mar-10 16:56:07

Message withdrawn

EarthMotherImNot Tue 23-Mar-10 17:51:54

Hi DOG, she is doing quite well, she sleeps a little longer through the night, an hour sometimes twogrin

We've had problems getting her meds sorted, apparently a lot of community type pharmacies don't like issuing the drug as it can become unstable and its quite a trek to the hospital.

A lovely mner sent me some tiny baby clothes today and I'm looking forward to putting her in tights that are not a-la Nora Battygrin

SPBInDisguise Tue 23-Mar-10 17:56:04

you're a star

chegirlWILLbeserene Tue 23-Mar-10 20:39:34

Hello Earth,

How are you getting along with the teeny baby?

My DS was born after exposure to drugs and alchohol but was actively withdrawing (thank God). He came to me at 8 weeks.

He didnt sleep through for a VERY long time (sorry). He wanted to be fed very small amounts 1oz every hour. I am not sure how much of this was the drugs and how much was the insecurity he was feeling.

Have you spoken to the paediatrician responsible for LAC in your LA? Our one is lovely and knows LOADS about drug addicted babies. She is very approachable and has always been willing to get me info when I have needed it.

Hope your little one settles soon. It sounds like you are doing a fab job.

EarthMotherImNot Wed 24-Mar-10 11:16:43

Hi chegirl, she is doing oksmile

She can sleep for about an hour now, before it was 10-15 minutes at the most.

She is feeding well 3-4ozs every 4 hours and taking her meds fine.

The lo's consultant has been lovely, always willing to talk to us and has, in fact given us his personal phone number so we don't have to waste time getting past secretarys.

We have had quite a few babies with drug issues but she is our 1st on meds, I was terrified at first but it's amazing how quickly we've adapted to our 4 hour life.

Can I ask if you found any lasting effects with your DS?

mrsjuan Wed 24-Mar-10 15:22:02

Hello EarthMother
I have left you a little message here

Glad she's doing so well - you must be exhausted

mrsjuan Wed 24-Mar-10 15:23:30

Oh no - that didn't work - it's in chat with your name on.

Basically to say thank you very very much and you shouldn't have smile

EarthMotherImNot Wed 24-Mar-10 15:34:00

You're so very welcome, and yes, I should havewink

Enjoy x

chegirlWILLbeserene Wed 24-Mar-10 19:32:16

Hi Earth,

Glad to hear little miss is doing so well.

Its hard to say with my DS. He has learning difficulties, auditory processing disorder and developmental delay.
How much of that is due to the drugs, the neglect or genetic factors is impossible really.

I know b.mum didnt have a habit. She wasnt a junkie, more of a binge user.

DS doesnt have the adhd sorts of behaviours often associtated with drug exposure. But we are trying to get him out of mainstream schooling because he is struggling so much.

Who knows really?

Hope you are getting some rest smile

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