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Eating in the supermarket

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tallulah Sun 11-May-03 11:48:13

As an aside from my other thread about children misbehaving in shops- the other thing that wound me up yesterday is this trend for letting children eat in the supermarket. The child in the trolley at the next till had a bag of grapes she'd been eating. She must have had 1/2 lb, so that's about 50p? Would her mother have thought it OK to give her, say, a twix, or a Begian Bun without paying for it?

I don't agree with this on 3 counts
1) people shouldn't be eating in any shop & teaching a child that they can is not a good idea
2) this is theft & if everyone did it then the supermarkets losses would be passed on to everyone
3) children also should be taught that you can't have something until it's paid for.

Before you all jump on me and say it's better than having them screaming, I have got 4 myself & I have been through this. Mine quickly learned that no screaming inside meant they could get to eat a treat outside when we'd finished.

FluffyMummy123 Mon 24-Jan-11 18:56:43


DoodleToYou Thu 13-Mar-08 22:50:17

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 13-Mar-08 22:44:37

no doubt a recently digested grape vomited by a mumsnetter's child in the carpark

willow Thu 13-Mar-08 21:36:54

Thank God, a response. Seven years, seven years, I've been on this bloody site and I thought that link was priceless.

princessosyth Thu 13-Mar-08 21:34:48

Oh god, this started before I had ds! I had heard references to it.

willow Thu 13-Mar-08 21:28:37

What, nobody?

willow Thu 13-Mar-08 18:04:40

Oh come on...

willow Wed 12-Mar-08 19:59:44

Now look what you've done...


Tissy Fri 01-Apr-05 09:46:06

StuartC Fri 01-Apr-05 09:42:04


Benjaminsmummy Sat 03-Apr-04 18:49:13

Have now got part way through the thread and only just realised it started when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. DS is now 18 weeks old. Long running thread! BTW, he has so far not eaten any food in a supermarket that hasn't been paid for, but hasn't had any food other than mummy milk yet either. So I suppose I have all this yet to come

Pennypocket Sat 03-Apr-04 16:41:23

JJ - attractive penis??!! You made me giggle with that one! What does an unattractive one look like then?! sorry - don't answer this really - just made me laugh

WideWebWitch Sat 03-Apr-04 15:52:16

Twiglett and others, they were both controversial threads: eating in the supermarket and circumcision. Hmb asked if anyone thought they were 'ard enough to resurrect the circumcision one (this one having been brought back) and I said nooo, not me, I'm not. And then people started mentioning circumcision and er, that's how it happened

lazyeye Sat 03-Apr-04 14:52:19

Yeah bit left at the traffic lights to get from supermarkets to circumcision.

Must admit I let my 2 munch their way round (not usually too interested in the healthy grapes). I pay for whatever they eat so whats the problem?
Gawd knows I give JS Sainsbury enough of my money - I deserve the quietest shopping spree I can get away with with a 3yr and a 1 yr old, so munch away is what I say........

Benjaminsmummy Sat 03-Apr-04 14:40:19

Haven't read this thread yet but also interested in the progression! Will read some time when not about to go out to open bank account for 4 month old DS.

twiglett Thu 01-Apr-04 00:26:42

message withdrawn

JJ Wed 31-Mar-04 23:25:23

I got labelled as a "child abuser" in the last argument.

Can't say it affected me, except to make me a bit more ornery in this talk.

JJ Wed 31-Mar-04 23:24:04

My circumcised husband is for the "more good blow jobs" argument.

Just fyi. Not that he's getting one toinght, all coughy and sore throaty and that. He does have an attractive penis, though. It doesn't seem disabled in any way. We do have two boys and it does seem to be functioning properly.

Crunchie Wed 31-Mar-04 23:15:44

Oh HMB don't start No seriously it will cut it for me, but I was trying to explain to my work collegues 'why' god told us to. I remembered something that was said, I think by Lisa that really struck home to me, so I tried to use it as an example. In the end the row at work was getting far worse than on MN so I dropped it - all we all agreed to disagree Worst thing was there were people in the room that I KNOW would pierce little girls ears... But I won't go there

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 23:08:40

So the 'God told us to' doesn't cut it crunchie??

And this from a lapsed Baptist.....I must say that If I were Jewish (dh is , well sort of) this would probably be enough for me

Crunchie Wed 31-Mar-04 22:38:54

It's funny I reread the circusision thread as I was actually looking for information about WHY jewish people circumsise (bear in mind I am jewish) and I couldn't think of any arguemnet but 'it's tradition'! Anyway I re-read it and in the cold light of day it wasn't that bad at all, people were just NOT reading the threads and getting all het up over nothing. In fact the thread seemed boring and a huge kefuffle over jack

My fave are the 'I'm not middle class but...' type threads Where people are trying to be oh so PC and just coming across more wanky than anything else.

katierocket Wed 31-Mar-04 14:36:17

I'd forgotten about the circumcision thread, I definitely skulked in the background for that one.

Twinkie Wed 31-Mar-04 14:33:20

How did I ever miss this one - I lurve it completely and utterly hilarious!!!

God I deliberately go to the supermarket at meal times - saves having to knock up a sandwich at home - lady on deli knows DD and has her bag of billy bear (unopened so she can munch on the way round) ready and waiting once she sees us - she munches that in time to get the the Baby Bel aisle and then is ready for a chunk of french stick and then finally a fruit shoot at the end!!

Meal and shopping done in one foul swoop!!

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 11:30:14

It was one of the hottest debates I can remember on MN. It was more stongly debated that the war threads. I think the only topic that got people more agitated was GF.

There was also a great thread about 'things you can't say on MN'

WideWebWitch Wed 31-Mar-04 11:25:52

No, am definitely not hard enough to bring back the circumcision discussion. People stormed off and everything didn't they?

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