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Eating in the supermarket

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tallulah Sun 11-May-03 11:48:13

As an aside from my other thread about children misbehaving in shops- the other thing that wound me up yesterday is this trend for letting children eat in the supermarket. The child in the trolley at the next till had a bag of grapes she'd been eating. She must have had 1/2 lb, so that's about 50p? Would her mother have thought it OK to give her, say, a twix, or a Begian Bun without paying for it?

I don't agree with this on 3 counts
1) people shouldn't be eating in any shop & teaching a child that they can is not a good idea
2) this is theft & if everyone did it then the supermarkets losses would be passed on to everyone
3) children also should be taught that you can't have something until it's paid for.

Before you all jump on me and say it's better than having them screaming, I have got 4 myself & I have been through this. Mine quickly learned that no screaming inside meant they could get to eat a treat outside when we'd finished.

Coddy Wed 31-Mar-04 10:53:59

yes hmb a top 10 of longest or most discussed thread s ever!

great idea!

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 10:43:27

Does anyone feel hard enough to bring back the circumcision thread??

Can we ask Tech for a best of Mumsnet Archive for these sorts of memorable posts? Or would that cause friction?

WideWebWitch Wed 31-Mar-04 10:38:35

Marthamoo! Glad to see this subject back too!

Croak Wed 31-Mar-04 02:12:22

My dp dosn't like it when I do it either misdee. I mean give food to ds, obviously I can just about make it to the check out before stuffing my own face. He says it looks common, I say he's up tight.
The thread must be revived coddy, its amazing (and I was too shy to post last time)

misdee Wed 31-Mar-04 01:31:05

i dont like my kids eating things before they have paid for them, but my mum does it. she opened a multipack of buttons the other day to keep dd2 quiet. ah well, some days we do anything for a quiet life.

Paula71 Wed 31-Mar-04 01:15:39

I used to love those salad bars at the supermarket until I saw one grotbag of a woman lick the spoon and put it back in the pasta!

I audibly went "eeeeuuuuuwwww" but she showed no shame. That was about 4 years ago and I haven't touched one since.

Coddy Tue 30-Mar-04 22:02:28

juat cnt believe this is up again

Croak Tue 30-Mar-04 21:16:57

oh dear oh dear oh dear GeorginaA, think I'd better change my ways, or at least change my supermarket to one without toilets

GeorginaA Tue 30-Mar-04 21:14:06

"Northener, for me it's just that i think of people picking their nose and stuff then touching them then dd eating them.........

worst case scenario girl"

That's not worst case scenario considering that most supermarket toilet facilities are at the front of the store.... and most supermarket fruit & veg aisles are at the front of the store....

oxocube Tue 30-Mar-04 21:12:34

Croak Tue 30-Mar-04 21:12:08

Think thats probably something to be proud of Crunchie

katierocket Tue 30-Mar-04 21:05:22

yeah - BRING IT ON.

So pleased that someone has found this. I was searching for this the other day.

Crunchie Tue 30-Mar-04 21:00:01

I remember this thread, it was hilarious. Croak I love the idea of sucking the grapes first - that would never have accurred to me!

Croak Tue 30-Mar-04 20:33:48

Ds goes so mad at the sight of a grape in the supermarket that I do let him 'test' a couple. I do however give them a quick suck 'to get the pesticides off'. Can't believe I'm admitting to something so vile and unhygenic though I'm not sure if I go with the worms thing - I'd surely be thinner if they'd taken up residence

Angeliz Tue 30-Mar-04 20:11:21

Northener, for me it's just that i think of people picking their nose and stuff then touching them then dd eating them.........

worst case scenario girl

Beety Tue 30-Mar-04 20:00:39

Message withdrawn

hercules Tue 30-Mar-04 19:57:46

Sometimes people take a bite out of the stuff in the bakery and then put it back with a mouthful taken out.

hercules Tue 30-Mar-04 19:56:35

Dh is a manger in a large supermarket and when ds was little and we were shopping there he gave him prepriced food to eat before paying and has no problem with this.
Grapes he thought were a nono but ds used to "test" the grapes when we went shopping (shop online now).

Northerner Tue 30-Mar-04 19:56:00

I don't even think about the grapes not being washed. When I were a lass we used to go strawberry picking, I'd pick one then eat one and it never did me any harm!

Angeliz Tue 30-Mar-04 19:53:48

LOL at this thread!

I don't let dd eat grapes before washing them but on anything else she munches away!
I will pay for it - and it keeps her happy - in turn keeping me happy - and a happy shopper is what the stores want isn't it?

There is MUCH more to worry about than this!!!!

Blu Tue 30-Mar-04 19:49:35

Thank you Layla
Marthamoo. ROFL

bossykate Tue 30-Mar-04 19:46:20

marthamoo, that is hilarious!

mieow Tue 30-Mar-04 19:35:12

LOL what a thread!!!!

layla Tue 30-Mar-04 19:16:47

It's on the education thread entitled 'Are all school secretarys jobsworths?'

Blu Tue 30-Mar-04 18:30:23

Where's the tablecloth thread? <<whinges and whines>>

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