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to have set up a false date with this idiot of a man??

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RumourOfAHurricane Wed 08-Apr-09 15:29:04

Message withdrawn

thumbbunny Fri 10-Apr-09 16:37:47

well done Shiney! grin
Are you going to
a) change your number again
b) block his number?

There is a reasonable chance he will be thinking about it for some time to come and will try and catch you out at a later date - are you prepared for him to find out it was you?

kerryy Fri 10-Apr-09 16:29:39

I'm from south australia and my eyes are hanging out of my head waiting for TIGER to report back.

Good on ya SHINY teach the ass a lesson, wish I could see him though lol

lou33 Fri 10-Apr-09 16:26:14

haha @ are you real

juneybean Fri 10-Apr-09 16:26:13 =1239376650479 - the new thread!!!

goingplaces Fri 10-Apr-09 16:25:48

Face it, Shiney, the two of you were just not penguin suit(ed)...

Biscuits4cheese Fri 10-Apr-09 16:25:42

I've had so much fun reading this!! grin
shiny have you heard from tiger? I'm guessing you were in touch in case of any last min changes from chik tik boy?

Nancy66 Fri 10-Apr-09 16:24:52

He'll start sniffing back around you now Shine - because 'jane' rejected him and he'll need an ego boost.

juneybean Fri 10-Apr-09 16:24:03

ROFL Yank I actually googled to see if there was a plan for penguins blush there's a dolphin one though...more water friendly...

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Fri 10-Apr-09 16:23:07

Orange has a Canary plan. . .maybe they have one for penguins?

BottySpottom Fri 10-Apr-09 16:21:56

'Are you a real person ' - f*ck me, he really does think you're a penguin

JeanPoole Fri 10-Apr-09 16:21:54

sings on the wings of love

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 16:21:27

lol at "are you a real person?"
ha ha

screamingabdab Fri 10-Apr-09 16:20:49

I agree. Less is more

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Fri 10-Apr-09 16:20:25

<snort> well of course you're a 'real person'. How would a penguin text? For that matter, how would a penguin pay for a mobile phone?

goingplaces Fri 10-Apr-09 16:20:18

a penguin with sistas, wing to wing...

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 16:19:29

It doesn't matter if he doesn't connect dots. He'll see that he fell into a trap and he'll be burning with embarrassment in front of everyone now. He'll be suspicious of everyone. That's revenge enough. Don't let him know it was you shiney, please.

milkysallgone Fri 10-Apr-09 16:19:02

Flight - you are seriously worrying me!! Do you have a thing for total nobheads??

Calyx Fri 10-Apr-09 16:18:57

I've been lurking since my sister sent me a link to the thread.... way to go shineon and I can't wait for part two with tiger

Shineon - you were karma's weapon for his fibs and it wasn't a lettdown at all!

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 10-Apr-09 16:18:28

Message withdrawn

flightattendant19 Fri 10-Apr-09 16:18:27

Yes I know but OTOH you have to know when to stop, iyswim! It worked a treat, there's no need to do anything else imo smile

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Fri 10-Apr-09 16:18:02

Have you sent the email from 'Jane'?

juneybean Fri 10-Apr-09 16:17:47 =1239376650479 here you go...I stole rially's suggestion

DuffyFluckling Fri 10-Apr-09 16:16:23

Flight - seriously?

This is a guy who wanted 'exclusivity' and then went out of his way to go on a blind date. He's a cheatin' lowlife.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 10-Apr-09 16:15:03

Message withdrawn

screamingabdab Fri 10-Apr-09 16:14:50

Riallytoofattoflounce (and anyone else). Here's the link to my thread on 8 year old's handwriting.

Thanks -old-with

<hijacks again>

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