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Has a random act of kindness stayed in your memory forever?

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CrushWithEyeliner Mon 18-Feb-08 20:09:17

Once when I was 21 I was on the tube going home after work when I suddenly felt really really awful and had to get off the train. I wandered up to the ticket barrier when a guard saw me and asked me if I was OK. I was feeling so faint I couldn't even talk I just said I felt sick. He then took me into the back room where he and his colleagues made me sweet tea, toast and talked to me for ages until I felt better then called me a cab home, they were really concerned.

I know it sounds really silly but I have never forgotten how sweet they were to me and how much better I felt for it and it was so long ago and such a little thing - does anyone have any similar experiences?

imaginethat Mon 02-Jan-12 01:52:13

In LA I stopped to ask a homeless guy for directions and he gave me $5! I was so startled I just said, "thank you".

When I was working in central London and used to leave my newspaper at the coffee shop each day. There would always be a guy sitting there, he looked homeless. Every day I used to think, "One day I'll give him some money/do something for him.". Then he approached me and gave me two quid saying he always read the newspaper I left and it was time he gave me some money.!

At a coffee shop I got to the counter to find I'd left my purse behind and the guy next in line said, "I'll get it for you" - wow, so kind.

When my baby son was well enough to be discharged from hospital, the staff offered to bring him home so I didn't have to drive into the city again as they knew how exhausted I was. Amazing.

Selks Mon 02-Jan-12 02:10:40

Yes, one act of kindness really sticks in my mind.

About fifteen years ago I applied for a job. I had just left a job where I had not got on with the manager (none of the staff did).

I went for the interview for the new job which went very well...afterwards the lady interviewer (my new potential manager) took me to one side and said that she wanted to offer me the job but I would need to get a different reference as my previous manager had not given a good one (barstard). I got the different reference and got the job.

I owe that woman my entire career. She gave me a massive break and I did well in my work, progressing well along the career ladder. She could easily have not offered me the job at all due to the poor reference.

I was sorry to hear a couple of years ago that she had passed away from cancer.

Thank you ** I will always remember the opportunity that you gave me.

lollopybear Mon 02-Jan-12 09:22:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WyrdMother Fri 07-Sep-12 16:34:20

<Injects thread with secret serum and brings back to life>.

Today a young member of a well know supermarket's staff was walking into the store as I was trying to leave and saw that I was completely incapable of carrying all my bags, he walked half of them to the bus stop around the corner despite my protestations and despite the fact that I am neither a hot babe nor obviously old and frail. Frankly I would have been buggered without his help.

I must buy a shopping trolley.

QueenStromba Tue 18-Sep-12 00:05:31

I've had a few. One night when I was about 18 I was going out to a club. After waiting ages for what was probably the last bus I realised that I didn't have any change on me for the fare (this was in Dublin where you can only pay with coins because they go in a coin collector thingy and you get a receipt for any over payment). The bus driver saw that I was upset about not having money for the fare so he let me on for free. I was the only person on the bus so I sat up the front chatting to him. He asked me where I was going and I said I was going to the Temple Theatre. Since I was the only person on the bus he decided to take a detour and drop me off right outside the club. Absolute legend!

Another one was quite recently. I have anxiety issues and for a long time I couldn't even get on the tube. I've been better recently after some CBT but really I need a seat or I start panicking. I got on the tube and there weren't any seats so I decided the best thing to do would be to go to the end of the carriage and sit down against the door between carriages. I did that and immediately a guy got up and gave me his seat even though he wasn't getting off for another few stops. I really wanted to explain to him just how much it meant to me but I was worried it would make him uncomfortable if I talked to him about my mental health issues. If anyone knows the man in vibram five fingers who gave me his seat and got off at Fulham Broadway about two months ago, please do tell him how much I appreciate his kindness.

sleepdodger Tue 18-Sep-12 00:13:28

Dh and I just got first place together (pre marriage) all doe eyed and misty... And forgot we had no furniture hmm
Next door Neighbour appeared with 2 garden chairs for us smile
So kind
Weirdly I then worked with him, and now he's v poorly so hoping the kindness will bring him good get well karma sad

RuckAndRoll Tue 18-Sep-12 13:38:50

A few years back I was taken into A&E and admitted to hospital, really not very well. The Dr ordered all sorts of tests and I was none the wiser what was wrong. I was due to go for exploratory surgery about 5pm so DH was told not to bother coming in for evening visiting. There was a delay in surgery so I hadn't gone down by visiting, every other person on the ward had visitors, happy and laughing. I was curled up crying and feeling very sorry for myself when this nurse appeared, very matronly 'now now what's all this silly crying about' type person, gave me a huge hug and sat with me for half an hour until I had calmed down.

Incidently didn't get taken down to theatre until 11.30pm in the end!

Despite working in the hospital and being aware of the no flowers rule, DH sent a huge bunch of flowers for me. Ended up giving them to this lovely nurse to take home.

modifiedmum Sat 22-Sep-12 20:12:21

Few years back christmas shopping in a shopping centre i felt very hot suddenly and felt like i was going to faint and i just collapsed by the side of some steps, i was all dizzy, clammy, just awful. Felt like I was really ill. Most people ignored me or just stared at me like i chose to sit collapsed but one woman stopped me, called for help and got me a wheelchair from upstairs, WHEELED me up to the food court bought me a jacket potato and refused to take any money for it, sat with me to while we ate together and wished me well. smile

Campari Wed 24-Oct-12 14:10:56

I'll never forget the kindness that was shown to me one year when I nearly spent a very miserable christmas alone.

I was a student working abroad on my year off, and was looking forward to flying home to see my family at xmas (had never been away from them before), but unfortunately due to problems with my boss having to go back to the UK and leave me in charge, I was left in the apartment, all on my own, to face a lonely christmas with not a single soul for company. I phoned my family in tears on xmas eve, absolutely devastated to have to tell my mum I wouldn't be coming home, I had to stay. She also got teary which made me feel even worse sad

So I basically went to the shop, loaded up on snacks and wine, and spent xmas eve watching foreign telly, while crying into my drink. I felt so lonely and so sad that I wasn't with all my family having the nice xmas that I was so looking forward to. I just wanted to get myself drunk and hopefully sleep through it.

Until....I had a knock on the door, about 11pm, it was the housemaid who cleaned the apartment...I'll never forget it, she said "Hello I was going past the road and I saw the lights on, I couldnt help it, I wanted to check you were not alone, I thought you would be going home?"
Anyway I told her my sob story (through tears), and she said to me "this is not right for a young girl to spend xmas alone!! You must come with me, I hope you like chicken and beef because we are having a BBQ at my house, quickly put your shoes on, Im taking you to spend xmas with my family, they will welcome you with open arms.."

Well of course I pathetically blubbed even more at her generosity, and I had the most amazing xmas eve ever, it was the best...there was a huge BBQ, lots of her friends and family who welcomed me like theyd known me for years, and we laughed and talked all night...Also, we all spent xmas day together too!! I helped cook the lunch, entertain the kids etc..I ended up having a wonderful day, and not once did I feel out of place, they truly welcomed me like one of the family. I will never forget that lovely lady or her family....because of her I had one of the best xmas' ever, when I so nearly could have spent it depressed and drunk.

TheSeventhHorcrux Sun 27-Jan-13 11:32:10

Last year I was riding home on my motorbike and someone wasn't looking where they were going, pulled out of a side road and hit me. Whilst I was lying in the road, waiting for an ambulance one woman (from a rather large crowd of people who had rushed over to help) managed to interpret my garbling and call DP then sat with me for the twenty minutes it took to for the paramedics to arrive. She held my hand the whole time and encouraged me to talk and not to move (it was suspected that I had broken my spine) and just generally kept me calm. I wish I could find her and say thank you.

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