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(For OBM, and any other fans) Georgette Heyer Appreciation Society

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wombling Wed 16-Jan-08 11:38:15

Thought it was a good idea to start this lw, so we stopped cluttering up the Austen Thread (thanks onebatmother, for the suggestion). But I have only just managed to get around to it, so is there anyone else out there who is keen?

What are your favourites, I love These Old Shades, Devils Cub, The Grand Sophy and Venetia. I also managed to discover a historical novel I didn't know wbout "The Great Roxhythe", unfortunately out of print. When googling, I also managed to find, which is a mine of info I didn't know about, esp about her modern novels.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 12:04:35

me me me!

Friday's Child is my absolute favourite. It's a perfect book. Have you read it???

wombling Wed 16-Jan-08 12:14:32

Yippie! There is somebody else out there. I am sure I have read Friday's child, but sinnce there are 41 histoical novles, and I have read about 40 of them, can you remind me of the plot? I think it is about an orphaned girl, is that right?

onebatmother Wed 16-Jan-08 12:30:52

Oh goodie! But Wombling you will have to very much bear with me, it is possibly 15 years since I read one! AAaggh, where has my life gone?

I'm going to try and catch up again, but not going back to Dad's (where the stash of Georgette's lives) for a couple of weeks.

Forgive me in advance if I'm a bit .. irregular?

Pollyanna Wed 16-Jan-08 12:33:32

me too!! Devil's Cub is my favourite! I have just re-read Friday's child (would love to call dc5 Hero!). I also like Arabella and Frederica (alternative name for dc5 is Felix!).

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 12:33:42

You MUST re-read Friday's Child wombling - yes it is about Hero who is an orphan who hopelessly loves the Viscount Sheringham. They have a marriage of convenience (on his part!) I bet it is all coming back to you now!

All the characters are so well written, it's just I think a perfect example of a historical romance.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 12:34:20

yes, isn't Hero a lovely name for a girl. Go for it Polly grin

wombling Wed 16-Jan-08 12:40:26

Hello all,

Pollyanna, Congrats on your No 5, v brave you! I think I might know you in RL, if you want me to explain further let me know, if not, we can continue on in relative obscurity!

BTW go for Hero, it is lovely, if DH would go for it too?

onebatmother Wed 16-Jan-08 12:42:54

who had lovely GH names on the other thread?
As I may have mentioned, I did very nearly go for Leonie with acute accent (These Old Shades) for DD.. chickened out, though. Thought everyone would say Lee-OH-nie and I'd cry or hit them.

Hero, however, is utterly fantastic. Oh god, I think I do remember Friday's child! <whispers> why does VS change his mind?>

onebatmother Wed 16-Jan-08 12:44:09

is there one with the daughter of Leonie? or am I confused with wet Devil's Cub?

Pollyanna Wed 16-Jan-08 12:44:40

dh needs some persuading to go with Hero unfortunately.

Wombling would like to know who you are...

(I suspect a few people in rl are also on here smile)

wombling Wed 16-Jan-08 12:47:41

Well, Pollyanna,

I used to live next door to your mum and partner in WB, next to the house that they had to practically gut, before the last one they bought in N to fit your family in! Ring any bells? You came over for a barbeque one summer, when your mum and partner were bang in the middle of the work.

constancereader Wed 16-Jan-08 12:49:45

Friday's Child is my favourite.
It was my first experience of falling in love blush

I really like A Civil Contract now, not romantic but still good.

wombling Wed 16-Jan-08 12:49:48


Yes, I remember now, Oooh, I loved VS, it is fab, isn't it.

OBM Devil's Cub is the son of Leonie and the Duke of Avon, from These Old Shades.

cmotdibbler Wed 16-Jan-08 12:51:11

Ooh-GH. My faves are Frederica and the Grand Sophy. Real comfort food books - they never fail to make me feel better.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 12:52:04

<VS changes his mind when Hero leaves him, she thinks she has got into 'scrapes' once too often and has ruined his life and made him miserable so she nobly leaves grinand he discovers he can't live without her. Blimey, I know this book too well>

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 12:54:12

It's so lovely to talk to others who have read GH!

constance, I agree, I was so in love with Sherry - AND George Wrotham.

I think it was all the passionate hair-tossing and striding out in tight breeches grin


onebatmother Wed 16-Jan-08 12:54:32

oh crikey, yes.
Am feeling warm glow. in breasts, strangely.

TigerFeet Wed 16-Jan-08 12:54:42

Have just read a Philippa Gregory book and really enjoyed it - first time I have read an historical novel and I am a convert!

Anyone read her? Is GH in a similar vein? I am always on the lookout for new authors!

procrastinatingparent Wed 16-Jan-08 13:01:22

TF - don't know Philippa Gregory but GH is fabulous. I can't stand any other historical romance but I adore her (and AS Byatt is a fan too, if that helps). I always know when I am feeling tired and vulnerable as I sink into the embrace of one of my many Heyers.

Have too many favourites to say really, but Friday's Child, The Grand Sophy, Arabella, Sylvester are all up there. And DD is named after Charis, the beautiful but dopey sister in Frederica (not that DD is dopey but I have loved the name always).

Is it just me who doesn't enjoy the more serious based on real history ones?

Great thread!

Cappuccino Wed 16-Jan-08 13:03:20

I have never read any

why should I?

<chucks down gauntlet and scarpers>

procrastinatingparent Wed 16-Jan-08 13:05:47

Because they are both funny and romantic - I can't be doing with all that bodice-heaving stuff, there has to be something amusing there.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 16-Jan-08 13:05:53

Didn't know AS Byatt is a fan.

Stephen Fry loves GH, too

procrastinatingparent Wed 16-Jan-08 13:06:35

maybe i'll just read a page or two before DS wakes up ...

onebatmother Wed 16-Jan-08 13:08:24

pp no I can't stand any others either. Try some TF - you'll never go back to those feeble substitutes.

Charis is lovely!

Yes, real histroy somehow very much beside the point. I want cuffs dripping with jewels and tightness of stays descriptions, really.

And a bit of 'Stap me vitals!' never goes amiss.

and that funny wine thing that they're always drinking.

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