Help me place this actor??

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SchrodingersMouse Thu 28-Oct-21 19:21:46

I saw him on a train. Can’t for the life of me remember who he is.

He’s a British tv actor, probably in his 50s or early 60s. Grey hair, used to be blonde. Piercing blue eyes. Often plays a hero/ love interest type role.

a bit like Greg wise but shorter!

I feel sure he was in a Sunday night drama or a soap or something but I can’t find him online! It’s driving me mad!

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Ducksurprise Thu 28-Oct-21 19:23:38

Robson Green?

Ducksurprise Thu 28-Oct-21 19:24:29

Marti Pellow (not actor but has piercing blue eyes iirc)

SchrodingersMouse Thu 28-Oct-21 19:25:23

Good guesses but it’s neither of them. Robson green is definitely in the same kind of tv shows

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hugoagogo Thu 28-Oct-21 19:25:44

Nigel Havers too old i suppose?

TaraR2020 Thu 28-Oct-21 19:25:48


Palavah Thu 28-Oct-21 19:26:10

Can you think of what kind of voice he has? Accent? What type of character does he normally play?


hugoagogo Thu 28-Oct-21 19:26:39

Hugo Speer?

AppleButter Thu 28-Oct-21 19:27:00

The one who played Colonel Brandon in the Sense & Sensibility remake?

Thepennysjustdropped Thu 28-Oct-21 19:27:13

Anthony Head

hugoagogo Thu 28-Oct-21 19:27:32

Him off Buffy?

Palavah Thu 28-Oct-21 19:28:04

(i mean, upper class? Tough guy?)

Ducksurprise Thu 28-Oct-21 19:28:45

Good, I'd be jealous if you'd met Robson Green.
Jonathan Kerrigan?

Nick Berry but he was dark, Mark Jorden but he was tall.

SchrodingersMouse Thu 28-Oct-21 19:29:19


Can you think of what kind of voice he has? Accent? What type of character does he normally play?

He’s got a soft northern accent I think, like posh Leeds or something

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GreySweater Thu 28-Oct-21 19:29:50

Ben Daniels?

Ducksurprise Thu 28-Oct-21 19:31:08

Just a good looking stranger?

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Thu 28-Oct-21 19:31:48

Robert Bathurst?

TurquoiseDragon Thu 28-Oct-21 19:32:43

Jerome Flynn?

Sosigsandwich Thu 28-Oct-21 19:33:17

Gary Mavers?

PaddingtonsHat Thu 28-Oct-21 19:33:38

Mark Monaghan (Was in Holby years ago)

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow Thu 28-Oct-21 19:33:57

Douglas Henshall... of Primeval and Shetland.

I only say that cos we saw him on a train once, I did a "s'uuup" gesture, cos obviously I recognised him and thought he might be someone I knew and then when we sat down DH said who it was.
I also di the same for Cleo Rocas (Canary Wharf....I thought she was someone I knew from another parenting group) and the one who is not Bob Mortimer....I thought he...ohhh Vic Reeves, was someone from the hotel we were staying at when i saw him at a tube station.

SchrodingersMouse Thu 28-Oct-21 19:34:39


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yorkshireteaparty Thu 28-Oct-21 19:34:44

Sean bean

SchrodingersMouse Thu 28-Oct-21 19:35:21

Oh sorry, that was meant to be quoting @Ducksurprise !

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MeredithGreyishblue Thu 28-Oct-21 19:36:20

Jeremy Sheffield?

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