To ask what you dreamed would be fabulous but is actually maybe a bit shit

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hitsvilleuk Sat 10-Apr-21 11:00:59

I think this about lots of things to do with celebrity lives, when I was younger I thought it all would amazing now not so sure.

A particular one I have is that I always longed for a villa on the Italian lakes. We went to a hotel there one year for 5 days ( in the same village as George Clooney ) It pissed down for 3 days. Everything was dark and damp and that combined with the endless queuing for flights and the thought of maintaining a property in another country sort of did for the dream. Not achievable without a lottery win anyway but now I don't even want it.

Anyone else got stuff like this or that they actually got and then thought 'meh'. I seem to have it about more and more things as I get on - I just don't want stuff anymore. Is it just to do with age?

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Justaboutawake Sat 10-Apr-21 11:10:46

Mr Frosty. Waited 22 years for that useless bastard

hitsvilleuk Sat 10-Apr-21 11:13:38

I never had a sodastream but did lust after one for many years - friend said it was a bit rubbish but that didn't help

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cushioncovers Sat 10-Apr-21 11:14:10

Just. gringrin

Neonprint Sat 10-Apr-21 11:14:50


Mr Frosty. Waited 22 years for that useless bastard

I had on as a kid. Can a 7 year old manually grind ice?


BeesAnkles Sat 10-Apr-21 11:15:11


Mr Frosty. Waited 22 years for that useless bastard

I concur. Impossible for an adult to grate ice with that flimsy plastic handle, let alone a child!

Pinchoftums Sat 10-Apr-21 11:15:57

Watching a meteor shower on a clear night in a forest. It was amazing but spent the whole time being eaten alive by vicious mossies.

the80sweregreat Sat 10-Apr-21 11:16:24

Afternoon tea was a bit of a let down ( a normal London hotel special tea ) Took ages to get there on the train and the sandwiches seemed a bit limp and tasteless.
Most days out at the beach as you have to lug things about on sand ( which is a feat of endurance) you have to pay loads for a few hours in the car park closest to the beach only to have to lug it all back up again. (Any trip with toddlers can make this even worse. )
AI holidays where the best ices are not the ' free ' ones and the drinks are watered down!
Views, people go mad over a view. Once I've seen the view I like to move on.
Most UK holidays in general.

JudgeRindersMinder Sat 10-Apr-21 11:17:23

Being an adult

Fyredraca Sat 10-Apr-21 11:17:26

Oktoberfest. It's a fairground with many pissed people in stupid outfits and annoying music.
I could have had beautiful meal in a posh restaurant on the Eiffel Tower for the same price.

Howmercurialislife Sat 10-Apr-21 11:17:33

Being an adult!

malificent7 Sat 10-Apr-21 11:18:48

When I was 12 I was absolutely desperate to be at 43 i am introverted and cannot think of anything worse...i would quite happily sink into obscurity.
I'd love to be rich though

Sgtmajormummy Sat 10-Apr-21 11:30:30

I’d always wanted a buffet server or, in my wildest dreams, a hostess trolley.

Aldi had buffet servers about 2 years ago. Not popular here in Italy so they’d reduced the price, too. I bought one, set it up once and never used it.
It’s too big for daily use and we always eat together anyway, so no need to keep things warm under dinky plastic lids.

But the next time there’s a christening/funeral/catering event I WILL BE PREPARED. grin

Tribblers Sat 10-Apr-21 12:00:30

Being an artist. I pictured being feted by my gallery, taken out for long lunches etc. In reality was treated like a cash cow and an annoyance, it was all about the buyers being sucked up to (realise I was a bit naive in retrospect to think it any different, plus I was very minor, must be different than for big name artists).

I'm not letting go of my dream though that if I write a novel my publishers will wine and dine me!

SummerHouse Sat 10-Apr-21 12:05:23

Cordless Dyson.

Harry Potter open air screening. Fecking freezing - 100s of parents googling the running time of the Chamber of Secrets whilst trying to juggle sleeping children. Magical.

Anotherlovelybitofsquirrel Sat 10-Apr-21 13:08:32

Yup Cordless Dyson. £600 wasted.

Justgivemeamoment Sat 10-Apr-21 13:33:16

Family holiday with young children. 3% of the time is idyllic family time together, kids running free and exploring new things. 50% in the air BnB / hotel sleeping or trying to get the kids to sleep. Rest of the time finding a place to eat, change the nappy or watching the kids stare at a cat on the street.

LunaNorth Sat 10-Apr-21 13:38:37

Sorrento. Pollution, traffic and inaccessible, almost non-existent beaches that you have to pay to use.

Museums like the Louvre and The British Museum. Too big. Causes me to have information overload and I can’t appreciate anything properly.

MissBattleaxe Sat 10-Apr-21 13:43:35

Legoland was awful. We went on a Monday INSET day in term time and still had to queue for at least two hours for blink-and-you'll-miss-it rides. There were no picnic areas so we ate on a bald patch of grass next to a bin. We had a two day ticket and went on five very short unimpressive rides. Many other attractions were closed that day.

lidoshuffle Sat 10-Apr-21 13:54:09

A trip in a balloon. It was like looking at Google Satellite, but colder and more crammed and with added cow pats.

ChazP Sat 10-Apr-21 13:58:24

Seemed to spend hours slowly trudging through miles of mud with 100,000 other people to get from stage to stage. Didn’t find the weekend relaxing at all. Have been to other festivals and loved them, but Glastonbury just wasn’t worth the hype for me.

Toilenstripes Sat 10-Apr-21 14:01:08

The Highland Games.

Meruem Sat 10-Apr-21 14:03:26

A kitchen island. I lusted after one all my life but never had a big enough kitchen to make it work. Went to stay with a relative who had made all downstairs open plan, with the obligatory island. God that thing got on my nerves! Always having to walk round it to get what you wanted or to where you needed to be! And it was all so cramped (their downstairs wasn’t huge). Put me right off! Now I love my clean and clear path across my own kitchen!

Any type of “miracle” cleaning spray. I’ve tried them all and not found one that gets rid of stains on my carpet or makes my microwave look like new.

New York. It was ok. Am happy I went but wouldn’t return. I don’t get the hype. I’ve been to way more interesting/fun cities.

SpnBaby1967 Sat 10-Apr-21 14:05:25

Being able to choose what to eat, and how much to eat as as adult.

Now I'm just fat.

Susannahmoody Sat 10-Apr-21 14:06:19

Inviting all the family over for Christmas.

Just means you prep like a maniac for days before, suffer 3 days of them being here, including all the hosting and cooking, then when they finally fucking leave you have to clean up after them. That's your Christmas holidays gone.

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