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Nominations for inclusion in Mumsnet Classics

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 25-Sep-07 09:30:39

If you think a thread warrants inclusion in our Mumsnet Classics hall of fame please post and link to it here.
MN Towers

shortgreengiraffe Thu 22-Jun-17 13:19:00

Lovely heart warming thread from a poster who needed a hand and the first person to reply fixed everything.

OhUnpretentiousSpud Wed 21-Jun-17 15:54:22

The thread just now about the thirteen year old boy books, and crotchless knickers! grin

StarryFairyLights Fri 09-Jun-17 16:28:46

wictional Thu 01-Jun-17 19:00:29 Needs to go in classics!

kwick Sun 30-Apr-17 15:33:59

Yay ! a parking thread

MongerTruffle Sat 22-Apr-17 19:03:19

kwick Mon 20-Mar-17 21:04:25

Please may I nominate this thread:
I am on a train, four stops from home and I am literally about to piss myself.

baxbax Mon 06-Mar-17 20:22:44

The ahem personal grooming disasters thread please!

kwick Sun 05-Mar-17 10:33:34

This is a Classics classic!
Jesus fuck, my fanny is on fire!

Arsenicinthesugarbowl Fri 24-Feb-17 19:03:25

This is a classics worthy thread!

GizmoFrisby Sat 14-Jan-17 08:19:27

The bunny found at HOC

TheClaws Sat 14-Jan-17 06:20:07

So many great stories in here.

SparkleMotions Fri 30-Dec-16 18:58:40

Please, please, please add this thread to classics!!

PopeMortificado Wed 30-Nov-16 15:24:04

Such a classic that people were suggesting it should be classic-ed during the course of it.

ImpYCelyn Sun 23-Oct-16 20:03:14

This one is a cracker

Let's all just assume for a minute that Pandas have the right idea....

nerdymum Sun 23-Oct-16 19:14:16
Beautiful thread

Firstlawofholes Fri 04-Mar-16 11:44:19

Shepherd boots - please!

RobberBride Thu 03-Mar-16 23:12:55

"I have had a try with a sachet of sex lube and a fish slice" Please save this amazing thread before it disappears

TiggyD Thu 18-Feb-16 19:35:23

A fascinating thread with a happy ending.

ffs78 Tue 29-Dec-15 22:34:27

Alizzle Fri 19-Jun-15 14:29:22

MrsGideon Wed 17-Jun-15 17:59:50

I haven't RTFBTT so I don't know if this has already been nominated, but I have spent the whole afternoon crying at my desk over this:

aviator Mon 23-Feb-15 00:24:52

I think this one
Gets me every time. I have it in my watch list and read it when I need a laugh.

NeedABumChange Tue 20-Jan-15 00:04:54

The freeman thread

Surely it's worthy of classics. Completely different from anything else there but shows a different side of MN and it's such an interest thread it should be read by more people.

And it is actually very funny when the woo people try and agree their points as well as being very educational.

HighlanderMam Mon 24-Feb-14 22:43:19


Whoops! blush

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