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Great works of literature ruined by a single sentence

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Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 15:59:04

Idea stolen from the Time ed website

'Hey Godot, you're early!'

Dior Sun 16-Sep-07 17:00:31

Message withdrawn

Sheherazadethegoat Sun 16-Sep-07 17:01:29

you know its time i just got over myself, i love you mom - and in future i will just wank with the door shut.

'we need to talk about kevin'

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:02:44

'The 10.55 Orient Express due to depart from platform 5 has been cancelled due to problems with the engine. Passengers will be sent forward by taxi cab'

claricebeansmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:02:56

V good Sheherazade - was just mulling over that one myself!

Twiglett Sun 16-Sep-07 17:03:19

Life of Pi

And then this great big fishing tanker pulled up alongside and they shouted "Hey you lot, need a hand, s'ok you can bring the Lion"

claricebeansmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:04:57

Room With a View

"Well what fine rooms with a view - oh and look - there is room service"

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:09:49

Lion the witch and the wardorobe

'I found an old wardrobe, but it was locked, so I hid behind the curtains instead'

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:11:38

Do you know something Sam? I like green eggs and ham a lot!

claricebeansmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:12:47

"If I am going to be on my feet all night I think I will wear these really comfortable laces ups - nobody will see them under my dress"


Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:14:10

'i'm so glad we had that chat, Snowhite, I feel so much more comfortable in my role as a step mother now'

claricebeansmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:15:05

This woman was going to give me some beans for the cow but because of the Foot & Mouth restrictions she said she wasn't interested"

Jack & Beanstalk

filthymindedbolshevixen Sun 16-Sep-07 17:22:40

''I can't be arsed to go on a quest, actually Gandalf. It's a bit chilly and I've just made a nice cupopa''

The Hobbit /and or Lord Of The Rings

filthymindedbolshevixen Sun 16-Sep-07 17:23:39

''I was teasing - I am still a virgin''

Tess of the D'ubervilles

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:24:53

'that Helen of Troy is a bit of a dog!'

filthymindedbolshevixen Sun 16-Sep-07 17:27:52

''That gruel is surprising filling actually''

OLiver Twist

ElenyaTuesday Sun 16-Sep-07 17:28:08

Mr Micawber - "Nope, nothing is going to turn up - I'm going to get myself a proper job."

Mrs Jellyby: "I think I will stay at home and take care of my children today."

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:29:15

The rhyme of the Ancient mariner

'Look, I'd like to stop and chat, but I'm late for a wedding'

filthymindedbolshevixen Sun 16-Sep-07 17:29:34

''No, you cannot go camping by yourselves. Go and tidy your bloody bedrooms''

Five go....etc etc

filthymindedbolshevixen Sun 16-Sep-07 17:31:12

Toad: ''Gribbit''
Ratty: ''eeek squeak''
Moley: <<eats a worm>>
Badger: <<hides in sett>>

Wind in the Willows

Pan Sun 16-Sep-07 17:32:25


"Sorry, as dashing as you are, I'm a married woman."

Notquitegrownup Sun 16-Sep-07 17:32:56

lol LOL lol

MB you are ON FIRE!!

<<really really wishing I could think of something to add to the list, but can't locate any brain cells on a Sunday afternoon>>

Lilymaid Sun 16-Sep-07 17:33:33

Emma - "I always knew I loved Mr Knightley"

Pan Sun 16-Sep-07 17:33:59

"But his half-sister goes like a train, so he tells me.."

Blandmum Sun 16-Sep-07 17:35:09

Lord of the Flies

'Sorry lads, but the flight has been cancelled'

Lilymaid Sun 16-Sep-07 17:35:14

Tom Brown's School Days - "As our family disapproved of private education, I went to the local comprehensive."

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