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Page 39 | To ask what the weirdest thing you experienced or saw at someone else's house when you were a child?

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 08-Jan-20 13:59:44

Inspired by a Reddit thread...there were some absolutely weird things that people experienced or saw at their mates' houses as children.

There was a man who said he hated eating at his friend's house because they weren't allowed to drink water with a meal.

There was someone who said their friend wasn't allowed in any other room but the kitchen and their bedroom.

That kind of thing! I'm thinking myself and can't really dredge much up. There was one friend who lived in a huge mansion...think National Trust style place...and it was empty!

Just room after room with less furniture in the place than in an average semi!

Normal-ish family...I think they were broke due to having 5 kids and privately educating them all!

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Smileandtheworldsmileswithyou Sun 02-Aug-20 02:42:16

When I was a teenager about to do my GCSE’s a small group of us had a few sleepovers at a friends house. We never really saw her dad, he had his own room and would be in there with the door closed and strange music playing but never came out to say hi. One morning while we were waiting to be collected by our parents me and another girl were the last two left and were sat in the front room. He must have thought we had all gone home as he walked in, looked at us and silently left the room. It seemed very strange. A few weeks later he killed her mother by stabbing her multiple times at home.

Mintjulia Sun 02-Aug-20 04:47:52

My parents didn’t get on and I was used to angry bad-tempered rows that simmered on for days.

I was about 6, at a friend’s house, and her parents started an argument. But their arguing involved my friend (and me) taking cover under the coffee table while her parents threw shoes at each other above us, called each other silly names and laughed a lot. It was a revelation to me. I loved it.

tiredmedic Thu 17-Sep-20 23:30:04

@ Shplot......this stands out as much as any other post here. Have some flowers and I really hope things are better now.

Camphillgirl Sun 20-Sep-20 18:21:09

My granny used to give us “port wine” in warmed egg cups at bedtime. We drank hot milk with a big knob of butter in it and a good pinch of black pepper. We ate thick sliced bread which she cut from a whole loaf with a huge carving knife, she spread “dripping” from the beef joint and sprinkled salt on it. We loved it.

All the kids in our neighbourhood knew who the odd men were and we avoided them. We didn’t know what they did but our native cunning told us to steer clear.

However we also knew the kind old ladies who gave us sweets or coins when we did errands for them. They’d make is lovely hot chocolate with Jersey Islands milk that had about 4inches of thick yellow cream on the top of the milk.

We must have been hardy we had no warm anoraks or fleeces, just gabardine raincoats in winter. My friend’s dad had been lost in the war and she only had a hand knitted cardigan gloves and knitted scarf to keep her warm going to school. We didn’t really notice or feel sorry for these children there were lots of them.

ColdCottage Tue 29-Sep-20 06:51:15

In the 90's I went to a friends house at secondary school. Friend asked if I'd like a snack, yes please.... she went to the fridge and took out cold - plain pasta and offered me either salt or grated cheese on it. Cold

ColdCottage Fri 02-Oct-20 12:13:12

I've read most of the thread now as some parts are just harrowing. So so sad that anybody had to live through these things. Feel very lucky to have the childhood I did.

Ddot Fri 23-Oct-20 10:06:38

Called round my friends to go play, her dad had just come in from work. Presented with two slices of toast with pot noddle on top. I was maybe ten and thought wow the wall would have been wearing that if my mam gave that to my pa

PandemicAtTheDisco Fri 23-Oct-20 11:11:05

Weirdest things at another child's house?

Extremely odd furniture arrangements, all children's bedroom doors removed. Lock on door at top of stairs to keep children locked upstairs. Locks on windows that were never opened. Lock to keep people out of the kitchen.

No one talked much when we went inside their house when the father was there. We had been playing outside and I urgently needed to use the toilet. No lock on the bathroom door. Door wouldn't close properly and the father followed me up the stairs and waited outside whilst I used the toilet. He yelled at me to wash my hands so had been watching.

Another time we were watching TV and the father was out, the atmosphere was much better but no one could sit on their parents sofa and we had to sit on the sofa that wasn't facing the TV so we had to watch at an angle.

Years later the father went to prison for raping his daughters. He used to lock the mother and other children upstairs and then rape whichever child on the parent's sofa.

Athrawes Fri 23-Oct-20 11:46:06

All those people reminiscing about the coal deliveries in the 1960's and 70's.... Welcome to New Zealand in 2020! Except you have to drive your trailer to the coal mine and get it filled, before you take it home and fill your own coal shed. Makes for lovely heat and water so hot it bubbles up the overflow and into the roof. On a cold night when the fire is really roaring you can step out your back door and have scalding hot water raining down off the roof.
No central heating, insulation is hit and miss and double glazing is considered a modern invention.

Bearnecessity Sun 03-Jan-21 20:36:12

An open coffin on the stairs landing, utterly terrifying when the child I was babysitting started crying and I had to go past the coffin to see to the child.Never went back...

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