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To wonder how my dd got to 14 thinking this was the real phrase?

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WellVersedInEtiquette Thu 03-Oct-19 16:23:48

We've all be ill on and off since they went back to school.
One morning Dd was telling me that she had a 'bummed up nose' I asked her to repeat it and she said the same.
I tried to clarify what she was saying and told her it was actually 'bunged up nose'. She laughed and thought I was joking!
She's decided she's going to carry on saying it the way she does grin
Please tell me it's not just us. confused

DonPablo Thu 03-Oct-19 16:24:58

My husband is almost 40. He was astounded to learn that the dessert he loves is not called Eat And Mess...

Chloe8823 Thu 03-Oct-19 16:25:36

Never heard "bummed up nose" before, only bunged up! 🤣

Chloe8823 Thu 03-Oct-19 16:26:20

Eat and mess, brilliant!!

slipperywhensparticus Thu 03-Oct-19 16:30:24

Volksdragon my son renamed them and i think its cooler

SnugglySnerd Thu 03-Oct-19 16:32:11

grin I love Volksdragon!

It's amazing how many secondary children still think an Inset day is an Insect Day!

mrspotatohed Thu 03-Oct-19 16:34:01

My dad says wardroVE instead of wardrobe and garlic Glove (to rhyme with Clove) I've spent years correcting him to no avail.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 03-Oct-19 16:37:48

I'm trying to convince my 6yo it's Show and Tell, not Show Hotel.

I thought the StarWars weapons were called Light Savers. I was in my twenties when, during a discussion about swords, it was Light Sabres.

whiteivy Thu 03-Oct-19 16:39:14

DP thought Chest of Drawers was Chester Drawers

Not quite the same, but when DC1 was younger, an envelope was an ombleflope.

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 16:40:21

I thought the StarWars weapons were called Light Savers

Same and I also thought it was Dark Vadar blush

whiteivy Thu 03-Oct-19 16:41:05

Oh and another, while I was at college I had a friend who thought it it was "quman being" not "human being". We didn't believe her and thought she was joking with us until she pulled up an essay from her old class where she'd included the word "quman being". She knew that "human" was a word, but for some unknown reason, it was "quman being". Strange.

Funkyslippers Thu 03-Oct-19 16:41:17

I always pronounced "ventriloquist" as "ventroloquist" until OH told me when I was about 27. Nobody corrected me before that! I also used to think it was "Row row row your boat gently down the street".

whiteivy Thu 03-Oct-19 16:41:31

@AryaStarkWolf I thought both of those!!!!!!

TimeforanotherChange Thu 03-Oct-19 16:41:49

Youngest daughter used to say 'Is it breakerful?' as a toddler when told 'Don't touch that!' and we used to agree, 'Yep, it's breakerful!'

She rang me from uni to say 'Breakerful's a real word - right?'

I am ashamed of my parenting skills...

FreckledLeopard Thu 03-Oct-19 16:42:25

DD is 18 and recently asked about any likely 'inheritage' - love the expression!!!

Yabbers Thu 03-Oct-19 16:42:32

DD still calls lava Loba, because that's how Dora always said it.

As a teenager When I was making a suggestion to do to things at once, I said we could kill a bird with two one stones. I use that ever since and have to think what the actual saying is.

CaveMum Thu 03-Oct-19 16:43:14

We live in Suffolk, my DD (5.5) constantly refers to the nearby town of Bury St Edmunds as “Berries and Edmonds”

MadisonAvenue Thu 03-Oct-19 16:43:17

My 19 year old son thought it was Eating (eatin') Mess until recently.

Spied Thu 03-Oct-19 16:44:00

DD always wears her Piniform to school grin

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 16:44:10

@whiteivy grin

MadisonAvenue Thu 03-Oct-19 16:44:50

Oh, and he also thought that the song Live and Let Die was Little Men Die.

OddBoots Thu 03-Oct-19 16:45:25

I was about that age when I realised that what I thought were fork pies were in fact pork pies.

DD thought until she was about 8 that I would weave her hair into 'flats'.

CatsOnCatnip Thu 03-Oct-19 16:45:34

Toad Path instead of towpath.

DCIRozHuntley Thu 03-Oct-19 16:46:26

We've had a few in our family.

The early bird gets the world.
Trickle treat.
Dressing down (for dressing gown).

There was someone on here who thought the game Pass the Parcel was called Parcel Parcel. Don't have that problem up north with the short A!

TheOrigBrave Thu 03-Oct-19 16:47:21

I gave my head a wobble when I realised that the things in the sea were "Sea Defences" not "Seedy Fences". I was about 40 when the penny dropped.

Jaichangecentfoisdenom Thu 03-Oct-19 16:54:24

We are bad parents and our language is not always that polite. Our child was convinced that on our lazy days, we "couldn't be asked" to do stuff!

BertieDrapper Thu 03-Oct-19 16:55:31

My mum, inher 60s says

Chimleys for chimneys

Calls clackets lane , cackets lane and adds an "ING" into the name of local road by her....

Each one we have corrected her but to no avail.... we just laugh about it as she will never change.

But the most annoying is the way she says "Ariel" for the little mermaid.... she says "A-re-el and I can't bear it!

DoctorAllcome Thu 03-Oct-19 16:56:11

My parents would always call a toll gate a troll gate and we’d pull up and they’d say “time to pay the troll better hope it’s not hungry or it’ll want one of you kids to eat”

It took years before we realized it was a joke and toll roads were not troll roads where you paid trolls in troll booths instead of them jumping out from under bridges and causing traffic jams.

Windydaysuponus Thu 03-Oct-19 16:56:44

Waldrobe to store clothes.
Ds 24...
Floordrobe used by teen ds's...

SistersOfPercy Thu 03-Oct-19 16:58:46

so how many of you thought the lyrics to 3 Lions were...

Three Lions on a shirt
Jewels remain still gleaming

Because I'll bet a good portion of you sing that as well.

IdblowJonSnow Thu 03-Oct-19 16:59:01

I thought the song 'dirty old town (toon)' was dirty old tarn. Consequently unable to pass a lake without singing it...blush

Gooseygoosey12345 Thu 03-Oct-19 16:59:36

Not really the same but DS(2) calls his Pooh Bear (Winnie the Pooh) "butt change bear" 😂😂 he'll be known by that forever

SilverChime Thu 03-Oct-19 17:02:01

Round here the phrase “bummed up” means “constipated” 😂

CustardCreamLover Thu 03-Oct-19 17:02:12

I used to think row row row your boat ended with life's a butter dream so combined with the PP upthread we got the entire song wrong!

iklboo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:02:27

DS used to tell us he saw a statube of Dark Vader and his Life Saver.

He tried eating lompster but preferred scrumpled egg.

Sohololopopo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:03:05

My DP - early thirties calls Hermione HARMARNY and Hedwig HEDGEWIG and my nephew calls Voldemort Voldermer and Pronounces Quick as Thick! Still! (We are VERY Harry Potter)

AiryFairy1 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:03:22

We also have “trickle treating” here, and their school has a lot of festibals, not such young kids here - I think it’s cute grin

Chouetted Thu 03-Oct-19 17:03:25

sticky foot for certificate...

windandme Thu 03-Oct-19 17:05:18

@BertieDrapper is she from the West Country? All my family say it and it was only when I got to 40 I realised it was not 'chimley'. blushblushblush

Mrbay Thu 03-Oct-19 17:06:26

I thought eton mess was Elton's Mess for years - yes as in Elton John, seems perfectly logical that would have the time to knock up a new dessert!

butteryellow Thu 03-Oct-19 17:07:02

Continuing the Star Wars theme, I have to keep a completely straight face as DS calls the little green guy Master Yodeller - because if I laugh, he'll stop saying it.

Bluntness100 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:07:52

My husband says pork like it rhymes with stork, it drives me nuts and I want to punch him when he says it.

Casander Thu 03-Oct-19 17:08:38

Not a pronunciation so not quite the same but I was an adult when I realised a Haggis wasn't actually an animal thanks dad

tmh88 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:08:53

I use to say clompicated and I still really struggle now to say complicated and not clompicated blush

OMGshefoundmeout Thu 03-Oct-19 17:09:23

My DS used to call Marks and Spencers ‘Marks and Spensive’ because I used to complain about the prices in there. That one has stuck.

Marshmallow91 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:10:06

I used to think the company "artimage shanks" was "artimage sharks" when I was about 6...i never put my hands near the plughole in case I got bit grin

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:11:34

My DP - early thirties calls Hermione HARMARNY and Hedwig HEDGEWIG and my nephew calls Voldemort Voldermer and Pronounces Quick as Thick! Still! (We are VERY Harry Potter)

and my DD used to cal Harry Potter Harry the Potter

butteryellow Thu 03-Oct-19 17:11:51

My husband says pork like it rhymes with stork, it drives me nuts and I want to punch him when he says it.

Gonna need some help here - can you describe more how they might be said differently?

bruffin Thu 03-Oct-19 17:11:56

My GP ran a green grocers and florist when i was little. She used to say that the "Old Sailors were coming today" i used lookout for old men in blue bell bottom uniform , but they never turned up. It was back in the 60s.
Asked my mum why the Old Sailors never turned up, she laughed and explained it was "Wholesalers" doing a delivery.

polkadotpixie Thu 03-Oct-19 17:12:00

@Bluntness100 Pork does rhyme with Stork doesn't it? Have I been saying it wrong for 35 years?! 🙈

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:12:43

@Bluntness100 - but pork does rhyme with stork... ?

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 03-Oct-19 17:13:00

But pork does rhyme with stork, doesn’t it? confused How else would you pronounce it? @Bluntness100

stuffedpeppers Thu 03-Oct-19 17:13:51

one man went to mow, went to mow a meadow

I looked that one up in an atlas many times because I wanted to go there - 21 before I realised that it was not Mowameadow

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:13:54

Anyone else want to ask Bluntness this question... ? grin

MyCatHatesEverybody Thu 03-Oct-19 17:14:19

Doesn't pork rhyme with stork then?!

I was in my 30s when I found out my grumpy next door neighbours were in fact called Mr and Mrs Moss, not Moth.

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:14:48

but pork does rhyme with stork... ?

Pork - Pour-k
Stork - Rhymes with War-k

notangelinajolie Thu 03-Oct-19 17:14:57

My DH insists mashed potatoes are smashed potatoes.

MillicentMartha Thu 03-Oct-19 17:15:03

But pork does rhyme with stork? confused

I use to say chimley as well as a child in Bristol. It must be the Bristol ‘L’ like saying ideal instead of idea.

pinkprosseco Thu 03-Oct-19 17:15:07

My oldest, supported Tottenham Hot Sperms for a while and liked to speak to his Auntie Amphibian (Vivian)

iklboo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:16:07


STORK = Rhymes with FORK

MillicentMartha Thu 03-Oct-19 17:16:21

Arya in my accent pour rhymes with war. shock

iklboo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:16:37


STORK = Rhymes with FORK

iklboo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:16:59

Argh. Posted twice. Sodding app.

NuttyNutty Thu 03-Oct-19 17:17:14

One colleague of mine used to say "vegebetles" instead of vegetables. The job was a waitress in a restaurant so it was not a word she could escape...

hgdg2018 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:17:34

My step-daughter once said she had "peas and noodles" in her feet from sitting down for too long when I was doing her hair once...

It will now be forever known as peas and noodles in our house!

MyCatHatesEverybody Thu 03-Oct-19 17:17:35

Arya but pour and war rhyme, well they do in my accent anyway.

I wonder if pork was a typo for poke?

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:17:50

Arya in my accent pour rhymes with war.

grin How about iklboo's example?

notangelinajolie Thu 03-Oct-19 17:18:12

My husband says pork like it rhymes with stork, it drives me nuts and I want to punch him when he says it

But @Bluntness100 - it does confused

puppyblues Thu 03-Oct-19 17:18:35

My DH only realised its not 'a washed kettle never boils' at 32.

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:19:03

STORK = Rhymes with FORK

Yes, and FORK rhymes with PORK... confused

Gruzinkerbell1 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:19:24

Sitting here at my DDs swimming lesson whispering Pork and Stork to myself...

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:19:45

Arya but pour and war rhyme, well they do in my accent anyway.

haha in mine

Pour rhymes with wore and War rhymes with Thor,
Pour makes an "Oar" sound and War makes an Or sound

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:20:02

If you think PORK doesn't rhyme STORK, you've got another thing coming. wink

BertieDrapper Thu 03-Oct-19 17:20:22

@windandme no she's not, although she was an Army Brat so could've spent some time in the West Country I don't know about!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 03-Oct-19 17:20:49

Pork and stork rhyme perfectly the way I say them.

@whiteivy - I love ‘ombleflope’!

I remember being very baffled when I was little and heard my dad talking to my mum about being paid his celery for work. I couldn’t see how that was any use! blush

fizzyfizz Thu 03-Oct-19 17:21:19

After birthday candles have been blown out, DS (3) shouts joyfully "pip it away"!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 03-Oct-19 17:21:59

Pore, wore, Thor and oar all rhyme when I say them.

walkintheparc Thu 03-Oct-19 17:22:00

I have a friend who calls it 'tuppleware', I've never bothered to correct her!

I don't get the pork/stork one either. I'm from the midlands with a very mild accent and fork/pork/stork/pour(k) are all the same to me!

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:22:40

@AryaStarkWolf - Pour makes an "Oar" sound and War makes an Or sound

Well that's true for me too, but Oar and Or sound the same the way I say them, while I sense that's not true for you...

MyCatHatesEverybody Thu 03-Oct-19 17:23:36

Oar and Or are the same in my (south eastern) accent.

Was trying to think where it might be different - I think the Geordie accent for example would say pour differently (like two syllables?) rather than how I would say it i.e. as paw but with an r at the end if that makes sense?

CustardySergeant Thu 03-Oct-19 17:24:43

Pour rhymes with wore and War rhymes with Thor,
Pour makes an "Oar" sound and War makes an Or sound

Arya, all those words rhyme with each other in my accent. I can't even work out how they could sound different.

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:24:59

Well that's true for me too, but Oar and Or sound the same the way I say them, while I sense that's not true for you...

No, Or for me sound more like saying the letter "R" whereas Oar is a longer sound, a bit like Owe-her without the 2 cyclables (If that makes any sense?!) haha

Iputthescrewinthetuna Thu 03-Oct-19 17:25:24

@iklboo my DD calls them crumpled eggs. We don't correct her (bad parents) and now even when DP and I are alone we call them crumpled!

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:25:30

Mine is an Irish accent btw

MillicentMartha Thu 03-Oct-19 17:25:42

Pore, poor, pour, war, war, oar, four, raw, roar, door, more, law, lore...
They all rhyme in my accent.

RoLaren Thu 03-Oct-19 17:25:45

My husband got to 45 before realising that Class A cherries were actually glace cherries. SMH.

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:26:25

*Arya - what accent do you have? I'm hearing Northern Ireland the way you describe it there...

walkintheparc Thu 03-Oct-19 17:26:39

Class A cherries

Haha that is amazing

Charley50 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:27:30

I thought they were light savers into my 40s.
DS still argues that the kerb is actually called curve.

AryaStarkWolf Thu 03-Oct-19 17:27:40

@DadDadDad Republic of Ireland

MyCatHatesEverybody Thu 03-Oct-19 17:27:54

I wonder how I got to 45 thinking that the word pork rhymes with fork in every accent...

fridgegrazer Thu 03-Oct-19 17:27:54

I also thought it was Dark Vadar - I think it is in France grin - well Dark Vador anyway

Thegracefuloctopus Thu 03-Oct-19 17:28:01

My best friend thought "swings and roundabouts" was "swing some roundabouts" I have never laughed so much in my life

Knittedfairies Thu 03-Oct-19 17:28:08

Another not getting the pork/stork thing...

DadDadDad Thu 03-Oct-19 17:28:14

Ha, cross-post!

TheFairyCaravan Thu 03-Oct-19 17:28:28

DS2's girlfriend thinks it's bricks and water not bricks and mortar. 😂

Doireann1 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:28:56

Chung gum. Chewing gum.

iklboo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:29:35

I love the differences in accents.

Yogobo Thu 03-Oct-19 17:29:39

I can't remember the exact numbers, but according to dp "few" and "several" meant a specific quantity. Like a few = five and several = seven or something.

He also used to say "I was miffed" all the time. Meaning "I was confused/baffled/mystified".

Bluntness100 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:29:45

You don't sound pork and stork the same way! 😱

Pork has an o sound that isn't present in stork.

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