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Aibu to ask for the most "WTF" complaints

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HouseholdPlantMurderer Sat 17-Aug-19 10:49:19

You have ever received?

I will start. Not the most ridiculous one, but in my top 10.
Woman demanding that I check in the back for a certain colour of a dress she wanted otherwise she will have me fired. After 5 minutes of her moaning she can't get it anywhere and me trying to explain that it's because it's not even made in the colour she wants, I went. I needed a toilet anyway 🙈

A customer ordered spicy italian sub. It's on a picture. It has a description there, he watched me to put pepperoni and salami in. Came back few minutes later FUMING that it's not vegetarian.... Sent a complaint to a head office about it too.

drspouse Sun 18-Aug-19 08:14:13

@theapplesarecoming your sarcasm detector might need adjusting.

Weepingwillows12 Sun 18-Aug-19 08:16:04

I inadvertently was once one of these people. Opened a tub of supermarket own brand ice cream whilst staying at my mums. It was all brown but not past its expiry so I took it back and politely asked for an exchange and or refund. Supermarket obliged. Got home and mum asked if I had seen her tub of frozen stew she was going to reheat for dinner.....

madcatladyforever Sun 18-Aug-19 08:27:30

Worked in a couple of Brighton clinics so no specific complaint but Brighton people are without doubt the most whiny entitled miserable people on earth and it actually affects your mental health working there. I'm moving hundreds of miles away in a couple of weeks time to get away from the horror of it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 18-Aug-19 08:31:31

God I hope your not moving to Leicester then.

Cannyhandleit Sun 18-Aug-19 08:41:29

* there was salad dressing on the salad garnish!
* there was a pink hair on her plate. None of the staff had pink hair but the customer did!
* there was children in the restaurant!
* that we only accept GBP and not USD as cash payment because when he was in Mexico they accepted his dollars.
* the chef didn't make the sauce the exact way he makes the sauce when he's at home and then that the chef wouldn't come over to the table so he could explain to him how to make it the way he likes it.
* their fav dish had been taken off the menu, how dare we do that when they are regular customers........ dish had been taken of the menu 2 years ago!

Oh I could go on!!

NeverSayFreelance Sun 18-Aug-19 08:53:17

Oh another time, it was my personal fault that someone hadn't received their postal vote in the mail. I explained that they had all been sent out and it should be on route. "But I go on holiday tomorrow and I need to vote!" Sorry but there's literally zero I can do about that. Goodbye.

ilovewelshrarebit123 Sun 18-Aug-19 08:55:28

Another M&S one, this complaint really got to me and I had a moment after I'd hung up. ☹️

Old lady used call the store in the morning and staff would kindly get her shopping together for her and a taxi would go and collect it and pay. M&S do not offer this service, but staff did it as she was a regular customer.

That morning a member of staff had dropped dead on the shop floor and the staff were rightly devastated and left the shop floor. Staff from another store had been called in to man the shop and politely told her on the phone they couldn't help her that day and explained why.

She called me in customer services and absolutely blasted me, she was so vile and hateful and said she'd starve to death! I'd tried to calmly explain it was just that day they couldn't help her but she wasn't having any of it.

pinkstripeycat Sun 18-Aug-19 08:56:16

Customer bought a travel insurance policy online excluding Spain amongst other countries. When he claimed he found he wasn’t insured as he’d gone to Spain. He asked what excl. on his policy meant. I said excluding. He went mad saying how was he to know that, it could have meant exclusive! Yep! Still the same thing

Cannyhandleit Sun 18-Aug-19 08:58:28

Oh once while working in a restaurant in the NW of England a customer complained to me that I wasn't serving him in and English accent...... I'm Scottish.
Another time in same restaurant a customer complained about the way my name was spelt..... he decided it was because I'm Scottish and Scottish people can't spell 👍
I have since moved back to Scotland!

SaskiaRembrandt Sun 18-Aug-19 09:07:14

When I was 15 I had a summer job working for a boat hire company - one rather bonkers customer complained that the river didn't smell how they expected it to and this had spoilt their holiday.

DH had a client whose computer wasn't working. Except, the machine was fine, the problem was that they were typing the password incorrectly. They thought they shouldn't have to pay him for the call out because this wasn't their fault and the system should have realised what they meant to type.

scarecrowhead Sun 18-Aug-19 09:11:21

A parent complained that school hadn't come round to get her ds out of bed and she was too busy.

Mamagin Sun 18-Aug-19 09:48:05

In the old days I used to work selling tickets for the underground. Many people couldn't understand that if you bought a weekly ticket it was for 7 days, and thought it should include two Mondays....
Had someone shrieking at the head biking clerk that they wanted to speak to his superior. His answer was 'well, God's not available, so you'll have to make do with me'
He was a lovely man, and unfortunately collapsed and died in the ticket office at Victoria station, with a queue of passengers banging on the window for tickets while his colleagues desperately tried to resuscitate him.
On a lighter note, also used to work for the police, and had a phone call complaining that they had bought a house next to Brands Hatch, it was incredibly noisy and the police should go and stop the cars racing.

MrsKittyFane1 Sun 18-Aug-19 09:52:04

I have a WTF retail service one too.
New boots for DH bought by me in the sale. The one on display clearly tried on by many people and was marked. The one in the box was pristine.

Asked at checkout - can I return if they're not the right size? Yes
Please could you make a note on the receipt that the display one was marked/scratched? Yes

Boots did not fit. I returned them the next day and was told no refund because we'd scratched one of the boots (the display one) and they wouldn't be able to resell it.

I showed the receipt where colleague had written and were told 'anyone could have written that, you've clearly worn/scratched/marked them'. Long conversation followed. Manager is busy, nothing I can do....

The manager appeared, looked at boots and refunded. hmm

ErrolTheDragon Sun 18-Aug-19 09:52:48

* Customer service role - customer had a load of minor complaints. Told him how I would resolve them. Got a complaint to the big boss as apparently he wanted to complain to me and all I did was was “have an answer of everything and fix them”*

confusedgrinsounds like an idea for a Monty Python sketch.

Zaphodsotherhead Sun 18-Aug-19 09:54:43

I am hugely reassured reading this thread. I'd been thinking that it was just me, but now I realise that my customers are a mild mannered lot on the whole; that I am just doing my best, and everyone in retail or similar services has the same issues!

Cannyhandleit Sun 18-Aug-19 09:58:19

Customer - I want to speak to the manager
Me - I am the manager how can I help?
Customer - you can't be the manager. Get me the manager.
Me - I am the manager sir, how can I help?
Customer - you can't be the manager, he must be the manager! (Points at the supervising male member of staff)
Me - he is not the manager, I am. Clearly you would like to speak to male member of staff, carry on.
Customer (to my male member of staff) - I am not happy with my meal I would like a refund.
Male supervisor - no problem sir, I'll just get my manager for you.

Animum2 Sun 18-Aug-19 10:25:53

I work in the settlement part of share dealing and the majority of complaints are that we've taken too long to complete the trade and when we've checked it's because their documents haven't arrived by post and we have had instances where the post has arrived over a week after they have been sent and that's our fault apparently

yellowsun Sun 18-Aug-19 11:04:49

We were in a restaurant whilst on holiday this summer. We’d ordered calamari for our starters. It wasn’t great to be honest- a bit over cooked and small portions. We could hear a couple complaining on a nearby table and assumed this was why. No. They were telling the waitress that the dish was clearly not calamari as there were tentacles in in. I shit you not. I was so close to finding a picture of the squid and showing them. I’ve no idea what they thought calamari was. They looked so smug when the manager refunded them.

HeyMonkey Sun 18-Aug-19 11:34:52

Just out of uni I worked at a call centre.

Very angry male customer on the phone wanting to speak to a supervisor, both of whom were female. Customer insisted that they can't be the most senior staff members there, isn't there a man they can speak to?

Female supervisor says to him that the cleaner is a man, would he like to speak to him? 🙌

iklboo Sun 18-Aug-19 11:46:48

There's someone on another thread wanting to complain that the optician receptionist was chewing gum.

QueenOfTheKibble Sun 18-Aug-19 11:59:01

A parent complained that she had missed a performance of a show her child was in because she hadn't known about it, and wanted us to re-run the show for her benefit.

I explained that the show had been advertised in at least six newsletters and an email out to parents.

She said "I haven't got time to read those."

timshelthechoice Sun 18-Aug-19 12:10:44

This thread is classic. People suck.

riotlady Sun 18-Aug-19 12:12:20

I used to work at Past Times which, if you don’t remember it, sold mostly faux vintage crap, lots of “keep calm and carry on” cushions and the like.

Anyway we sold a copy of a vintage advert for fudge printed on a metal plaque that you could hang up on your wall or whatever, it was clearly from the 1930s or thereabouts with a cute little boy on it.

This lady would not believe me that we did not sell the fudge itself, no matter how many times I explained that the advert itself was the item for sale, showed her the price tag on it, etc. She was bloody CONVINCED that I was maliciously hiding this fudge from her. I tried to suggest that she went to the Thornton’s opposite and she threatened to sue me for breaching trading standards.

riotlady Sun 18-Aug-19 12:26:48

I also had an eBay buyer once who bought my old MP3 player. I had planned to send it by one of the parcel companies, tracked, as it was more expensive than the clothes I usually send. He insisted that he wanted Royal Mail, signed for. I said that was no bother, but it meant that he wouldn’t be able to track it in transit, it would just tell me when he signed for it.

So I sent it and he sent me an angry message saying he couldn’t track it. I explained again that you can’t track those deliveries. I linked to the information on the Royal Mail website. He accused me of lying about sending it, so I sent him my proof of postage. He then started insisting I ring Royal Mail because they’d obviously lost it and that’s why he couldn’t track it. I suggested he ring Royal Mail and they would explain the situation to him and got a torrent of abuse back, accusing me of being a scam artist and deliberately unhelpful.

The item arrived the next day and I didn’t hear from him again.

Lostandinsane Sun 18-Aug-19 13:15:52

Sorry, I didn't explain properly. The customer had stipulated they wanted X salad but without x,y and z ingredients or similar. The order was queried/double checked and they were adamant confused

PP who said someone complained they had fixed all their issues - MIL had this once. Apparently she was a smartarse know it all because she "just had an answer for everything"

Cocolapew Sun 18-Aug-19 13:59:04

I could never work with the public I'd be in jail for GBH, you all must have the patience of a saint halo

mrspotatohed Sun 18-Aug-19 14:09:55

A lady joined a queue of about 20 people (weekend, tourist spot, summer) got to the front and was asked 'is yours the skinny one?' As she had the same order as the gentleman in front of her but with different milk. She proceeded to start screaming that we had ruined her experience. Absolute crank she was.

DirtyToiletBrush Sun 18-Aug-19 14:17:35


There’s a similar trip advisor review about Ben Nevis - nothing to do at the top apparently, not even a cafe where they could go for a cup of tea!

Ridiculoususername Sun 18-Aug-19 14:19:36

Call centre, a customer hadn't paid their bill and used to intentionally go through to the wrong departments because those numbers were free phone, even though they knew they couldn't be helped, they would try to bully advisors into it.
She screamed at me for about 20 mins, ending with 'I hope your family all die'. As a widow, who'd just come back to work after losing a child. That was nice.

rwalker Sun 18-Aug-19 14:40:00

Used to install phone line customer told me under no circumstances He will not be having any wires to his house or any wires inside (wanted phone socket in middle of house) .
Explained the service req's wire to work told me thats my problem and sort it but no wires

Wereonabearhunt Sun 18-Aug-19 14:49:04

A small part of my job is organising transport for events. Had one guy scream at me down the phone cause I couldnt tell him EXACTLY how many minutes he'd be on the (free) bus from the town centre to the meeting venue.. i explained the event was 3 weeks away and the driver would need to take into account weather and traffic conditions but it would be about 10minutes... he continued to rage until he could speak to my manager because "about 10 minutes" wasnt accurate enough.

makingmammaries Sun 18-Aug-19 14:54:05

I had a complaint that the simultaneous interpretation was not simultaneous. Well, no, it ain’t. Until you’ve heard enough of the sentence, you can’t interpret it.

Willow2017 Sun 18-Aug-19 14:54:59

I love these threads for thier completely batshit customers but Ridiculous thats beyond the pale.
I would have had to reply to that. sod having to be polite on the phone, and it wouldn't have been nice. I am so sorry you had that at such a hellish time. [Flowers]

I work in a food business but thankfully we don't seem to get such bloody awful customers as some on here. After the first bit of politeness was rebuffed I would be perfectly clear on what I thought of them! And my face always shows what I think despite what's coming out my mouth as I have been told so many times.😁😁

ThatCurlyGirl Sun 18-Aug-19 15:03:45

Not a customer but couldn't resist a an ex boss running an outdoor photo shoot complained I couldn't give her a specific five minute window during which it would be sunny and dry during a rainy day. Jesus wept.

Em3978 Sun 18-Aug-19 15:12:26

@Lostandinsane my mum was that customer once, ordered a chicken caesar salad without the stuff that made it a caesar salad, ended up with leaves and chicken; complained, was looked at incredulously by lovely waitress who had repeatedly questioned the order.

She ate the chicken and leaves quietly, eventually.

Em3978 Sun 18-Aug-19 15:19:18

As for myself, I had a parent complain that I'd made their child eat an apple (he liked apples) after recovery from a diabetic hypo as he had no other food with him. The day after diabetes training where apple was suggested as an OK recovery food (after the haribo(!) he used to bring sugars back to safe levels) if nothing else was available.

Another parent complained that I insisted her child went to first aid after he'd clonked his head hard on the concrete playground in a fall. Apparently if said child reckoned he felt ok he should have been left to play.

DirtyToiletBrush Sun 18-Aug-19 15:43:45

I really don’t envy those posters who have jobs that involve dealing with the general public! I’ll stick to spreadsheets.

Fanciedachange1 Sun 18-Aug-19 15:46:08

I forever get asked, and huffed and puffed at when I answer, if I can see a patient early and be done in 15 minutes because they parked in the 20 minute free parking drop off bay.

Even when I politely explain that they have 3 seperate tests, each booked in 15 minute slots so no it can’t be done in 15 minutes especially when they are early and there are still people ahead of them!

MissConductUS Sun 18-Aug-19 16:04:53

I forever get asked, and huffed and puffed at when I answer, if I can see a patient early and be done in 15 minutes because they parked in the 20 minute free parking drop off bay.

And there are the patients who turn up two hours late for their appointment and then get arsy when they can't go ahead of everyone who is there early for their appointments.

Mary54 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:29:40

Currently working in a small garage. Boss was castigated for being rude and unfriendly to a walk in customer. Boss had just crawled out from under a car to greet the customer and had failed to shake hands as he was covered in dirty oil from the elbows down

GoodyAdultHumanFemale Sun 18-Aug-19 17:34:41

I had a child's parents complain that I wouldn't take their 10 year old kid out on the road doing Bikeability.
Their kid couldn't ride a bike.
The emails went on, and on, and on.
They JUST wouldn't be told 'no'.

Fairytalefaye Sun 18-Aug-19 17:45:20

Work in retail, clothing department of a supermarket. I had one file a complaint against me because i couldn't tell her the shoe size of her son. She didnt have her son with her and she didnt know the shoe size herself, all she kept saying was "he's seven" (age). I have so many more but it would be me writing you a book.

chickengirl77 Sun 18-Aug-19 17:46:17

Easter Saturday-why are there no eggs left?
Guy wanted a hot roast chicken in his home shopping order and couldn't grasp the concept that it wouldn't be hot by time it was delivered.
Massive pizza order,came back to collect and walked away when I told we dont cook the pizzas,left with 15 cyo pizzas he didn't want!
Not me but a colleague,old lady shouted at her because store was closed xmas day and she had forgot to buy cranberry sauce!
Why is store closed xmas day/easter sunday
How dare we close early xmas eve.

darkcloudsandsunnyskies Sun 18-Aug-19 17:49:37

The person who complained that the speed humps in the gym car park made them slow down.

The extremely rude woman who phoned me at home complaining her clothes order had not yet been delivered “sorry madam I’ll have the lad bring it round immediately on the bike”. Much more fun than telling her she’d phoned the wrong number.

Dieu Sun 18-Aug-19 17:59:40

My ex husband did the Tesco graduate scheme. He received a few bizarre complaints. One such customer had bought a certain Toy Story figure, and then complained that his receipt read '5 inch Woody'. grin

CaMePlaitPas Sun 18-Aug-19 18:03:01

@Soubriquet Gah! Don't tell them our secrets! I used to go to "look out the back" but in reality used to boil the kettle for a cup of tea.

RoseAdagio Sun 18-Aug-19 18:05:50

When I was a criminal defence solicitor a man I had to represent complained about the way I spoke to him. He said there was no tenderness in my voice. He was being prosecuted for beating his wife and threatening his kid.

In my personal life, most recent example would be my mother in law complaining that she had to wait 4.5 hours to be allowed to hold our daughter for the first time. Said baby was less than two weeks old and had spent pretty much the entire time either MiL was here either cluster feeding or asleep. And MiL held on to this grievance for over a year before complaining about it. 🤷‍♀️

Zaphodsotherhead Sun 18-Aug-19 18:06:27

Oh yes - the 'you've sold out of ice cream' ones.

On a day that had been forecast to be hot for at least a week beforehand. Plus they were complaining at 5pm + and the shop had been open since 7am. See also: 'you've run out of barbecues/salad/hotdog buns'.

Ngailia Sun 18-Aug-19 18:10:10

On the last day of the school year, a parent came stomping in to complain that she didn't know that the school was closed for the summer holidays and who was going to look after her child! I said that I was going to be busy looking after my own kids. So she said 'Well one more won't matter then!' And promptly dumped her child's bag (and child) in front of me!

Yelloyello Sun 18-Aug-19 18:12:56

A lady once told me that she had hurt her leg on the corner of her oven door that she had left open and absentmindedly walked in to on her way back into the kitchen. Was outraged it had hurt her and was planning on calling John Lewis to tell them how badly it had hurt her. Hope they advised her to remember to shut it after use, no idea what she thought they were going to do for her!

mrsdeedow Sun 18-Aug-19 18:15:16

I used to be a Karaoke Dj. I had many a customer complain that they didn't like people's song choices, or why was I letting a bad singer get up and sing? They do understand the concept of karaoke in a pub don't they?!

Brocks1981 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:17:35

My Uncle owns a caravan park and the kids club is only available during school holidays, he had a family who regularly booked the last week of the holidays in one of their cheaper statics, never had a problem with them, kids used the kids club etc, until one year they realised the following week was cheaper (mainly because schools were back) they decided to book it for that week keeping the kids off School, and my Uncle explained that there there was no kids club, which was fine with them. During the holiday they kicked off because not only was there no kids club but non of my Uncles teenager daughters would babysit their children. They had assumed that because there was no kids club and they knew my uncle had teenagers who babysat for their older siblings kids that they could look after her kids too. Despite not knowing them. They complained to my Uncle who told them his daughter wasnt insured to babysit customers children and they had been told that there was no club, they then took it too the company the booked through and also added to the complaint that they expected the caravan site to refund their holiday and also pay the fine they recieved from the schools for removing thier kids in term time because they hadn't told them they could be fined and they wouldnt have booked it if they had known there was no child minding services.

Cockadoodledooo Sun 18-Aug-19 18:20:34

Many many years ago I was a customer service officer in a bank. A lady came in brandishing her statement and demanding to know why we'd taken an extra £50 off her at each of her supermarket shops that month. It turned out that when cashback had first been mentioned to her, she'd asked what the maximum allowed was and been told £50, so she'd asked for the same on subsequent shops. She had however assumed that the supermarket were giving her the money. For free.

Genuinely no idea how I kept a straight face or failed to utter the words "wtf?!" grin

Crustytoenail Sun 18-Aug-19 18:23:08

So many, but my all time favourite was the guests at the hotel I worked in a few years ago complained in person by email and on TA about me 'not upholding professional standards'. I'd seen them in the local supermarket after my shift finished for the day and I'd picked DD up from school, and I was getting my shopping on the way home - apparently they don't need to see hotel staff doing their shopping and we should shop well away from the hotel in case we were seen by guests. Even my manager who usually sides with customers full stop regardless of the complaint couldn't really do anything about that one.

spanieleyes Sun 18-Aug-19 18:29:45

A parent who was 90 minutes late picking her 5 year old up from school and un-contactable by phone. Apparently she wanted to do some shopping in peace and didn't think we would mind.

And one who yelled and swore at the admin office staff because we had recorded her child's absence as unauthorised. She said it was unfair because she had phoned in the first day to say her child had outgrown her school shoes and the second day to say they were going shoe shopping for the day-despite being told that the child could come to school in any shoes, we didn't mind!

spanieleyes Sun 18-Aug-19 18:34:35

Sorry, missed a bit! The first parent complained that the class teacher had been abrupt when she eventually picked her child up and that her child seemed upset, the teacher should have cheered her up!

Brocks1981 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:40:59

A friend told me once she has a complaint in a cafe, (with a small play area) for customers. A woman had approached her complaining that her 5 year old son was deaf and that the sign language play assistant had disappeared and left her son alone in the play area unable to communicate with the other kids.

Now my friend was slightly confused because it was her Auntie's buisness and they definately didnt have a sign language play assistant, in fact the play area is close to tables and a "parent and guardian supervised" play are that can clearly be seen.
My friend questioned the lady and turned out this assistant was a 12 year old who had known sign language and had been friendly while also playing with his sister, but they had since left. The woman assumed that the cafe had hired a kid to come in who could sign. Regardless of the fact there is only 2 members of staff and ten tables in the place. When she realises her mistake inatead of been embaressed she insisted they did hire such a thing just in case they were to return. My friend told her they couldn't do that and that there were clear signs up that parents must watch their own children, as it seems this woman had sat at the furthest point she could away from her child.

Tinyandpetite Sun 18-Aug-19 18:43:09

Ex mental health nurse- I once got told it’s pretty women like me bringing down the NHS. Sadly I couldn’t give a 6 hour appointment, and provide Red Bull and Pringles ( this was said persons husband making the demands, patient was lovely)

SlatternIsTrying Sun 18-Aug-19 18:47:40

I work in an office outside of which there is plenty of on street parking. There are also a couple of disabled parking spaces.

I was called to the door once because a lady was complaining that I had parked in one of the disabled spaces. I knew I hadn’t as I have never parked in the disabled spaces. She was insistent that I move my car. I repeatedly told her, it is not my car. She got arsier and arsier, telling me to move my car from the disabled spot. I kept saying. - it’s not my car in the space. I was lectured on how unfair it was for me to use a disabled spot I was not entitled to use. I agreed it was unfair to use a disabled space if you weren’t allowed to - but it was NOT my car.

Eventually I just walked away from her. There was no convincing her it wasn’t my car in the space as apparently I’m the only person who drives a black car.

VeniVidiVoxi Sun 18-Aug-19 18:48:08

Another one - we sell items of different colours but tell people that colour online can never be guaranteed so they can get a free sample sent for matching or send an example in with their name/phone number and address and we'll recommend the closest colour. At least once a month we get sent a envelope stuffed with various items of differt colours. No cover letter, no return address, in fact no identifying features at all. Very rarely do people follow up. It's bizarre. The ridiculous thing is they probably think we are the idiots.

The number of people who don't know their address and post code is astounding (we can usually look it up if one or the other is right but if both are wrong/missing there's really nothing we can do), typically they are also the ones who don't leave a phone number 'for data protection reasons' then call after a week or so ranting that we haven't sent their package or been in touch.

It's been reassuring to read that lots of customers complain the the wrong company about faulty goods/things they want to return. I was starting to think we needed a stronger brand. Clearly it's quite common!

tomcatspray Sun 18-Aug-19 18:50:50

My mum rang me in error once, I answered and she was surprised it was me. She said, somewhat indignantly, 'I dialled xyz number' to which I said she couldn't have done and must have mis-dialled. She barked back, 'if I'd dialled the number wrong, why did you pick up?!'

toxic44 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:53:03

Working as a bespoke milliner, I dyed feathers, ribbons and so on to match customers' wedding clothes. Customer arrives with frock to collect hat, purrs with delight at the colour match, pays and leaves. She returned a week later spitting nails, wanting a refund because it didn't match at all. How did it not match? 'I wore a different outfit and this hat you made looked terrible with it.'

Biancadelrioisback Sun 18-Aug-19 18:53:49

I had a really awkward one once.
I ran a venue which served alcohol behind a bar, a staff member came to me really uncomfortable and quite upset saying that they think they're in trouble.
A young trans teen/young adult approached the bar to buy some wine. Staff member had asked for ID as they did look quite young and we were challenge 25. Young person refused to show ID because their ID didn't reflect their chosen gender. They apparently had kicked off and threatened staff member with SM shaming and going to the papers. I had to go over and explain that we couldnt care less what sex was on their ID, we needed proof of age and I was not convinced that they were in fact old enough to buy alcohol anyways. I explained that if we were caught serving to someone underage, not only would we have a personal fine, but potential loss of licence and employment termination. I was quite frank and said that it wasn't worth my job to serve them, and if they went to the papers I would happily explain the situation.
They ended up coming back to the bar with their care worker who asked if I could just take her word that the person was old enough. Again, I explained why I couldn't do that. She offered to look at the ID and "give me the nod", again i explained why that wouldn't work.
They ended up storming out but on the way they thrust their ID at me and asked if I was happy now. They were 17.

SirJamesTalbot Sun 18-Aug-19 18:58:30


They would have outed themselves as trans if they gone to the papers!

fluffiny31 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:58:41

When I worked in a shop when I was about 17 the phone rang so I answered it as you do. Next thing this bloke came in and had a go at me for ringing the police on him for shoplifting then threw and empty sandwich pack at me. Which is what he must of stolen as he never purchased it. The only thing was if he never said oat I wouldn't of even known he stolen anything. 😂

baldelectrician Sun 18-Aug-19 19:11:50

I do electrical inspection and testing for a living and had one lady complain on several websites that I 'did not do what was agreed'

I had been asked to do a EICR (wiring check) and smoke detectors, we did not do the smoke detectors (and did not charge for them) as her flat was dangerous.

She left me a bad review that I have on my website and it has got me several thousand pounds of work as when people read it they laugh, it breaks the ice and they know I am a safety first type of guy.

Linzbe Sun 18-Aug-19 19:18:27

In a pub I worked in I had a lady order the salmon, ate the whole thing and then wanted a refund because it was too fishy.

An email in a customer service roll asked how many napkins were in the "set of 6 napkins?" grin

gowgow Sun 18-Aug-19 19:18:57

I feel sorry for any sales assistant that had to deal with my late Mother.

She'd turned into the old girl that says "I'm 85 you know".

I took her to Tesco, she picked up a very ripe bunch of bananas & complained to the till assistant that they were going black & should be discounted. I'd picked up a block of parmesan for myself, & she reckoned we shouldn't have to pay for the bit of rind on the end.

The shop handled it very well, the manager gave her the bananas for half price, & reduced my my cheese (after I was found trying to hide under the counter).

SweetMarmalade Sun 18-Aug-19 19:22:45

A customer who didn’t turn up for a booking asking me why I hadn’t rang him asking where he was!

Same customer asking me to compensate him for bringing his Dad’s vehicle in (when we rebooked the apt) his Dad had a minor operation and couldn’t drive. Stipulations of the warranty are that it must be carried out at a dealership. He was an arse hmm and he seemed to be royally pissed off that his Dad has asked him to help him out!

ny20005 Sun 18-Aug-19 19:23:40

My favourite recent one - this customer was doing a feedback survey on how I'd handled her complaint

Not happy that I hadn't contacted her & on next line, complained that I'd tried to phone her during the day while she was at work.

Complained that she still hadn't received my letter (it was returned by the current home owner who's lived at the address for 12 years 🙄)

Outsomnia Sun 18-Aug-19 19:25:08

I'm an older geezer, and I know there are newer ways of complaining these days.

But in the days when telephone complaints were the only way really, I developed a penchant for listening to daft people ranting on the phone for about 30 seconds, and then gently put the phone down on my desk and walked away.

The caller had no one to rant at then, and I didn't hang up on them either. Best tip from a colleague ever.

Oh the days.

SweetMarmalade Sun 18-Aug-19 19:25:52

Oh yes ny00025 the ones that expect post when they’ve not informed us of their change of address/email/tel number!

DoAllMeerkatsComeFromRussia Sun 18-Aug-19 19:26:59

At the start of a new school year I met my new class of 30 children- including the "new girl" who'd come from a small rural school. I can honestly say that in my 46 years of life I have only ever truly disliked one child. The new girl. This child and her mother spent the entire year relentlessly complaining to me and about me regarding the education I was failing to provide. According to the new girl, at her old school (most sentences began with a very superior rendition of "At my old school...") she had been deemed so clever that her teacher had had to devise an entirely different curriculum for her as her genius was so superior to all the other pupils. Now she was bright. She was just about top of the class, by a whisker. She was not exceptional and she was not top of the year group of 120 pupils. It did not matter how many times I (and my head of year) explained that a class teacher with 30 pupils cannot (and should not) run an entirely different curriculum for a single pupil- especially when that pupil doesn't need it. We had perfectly well differentiated work to stretch the most able as it was. She was just used to being the star of the show and was fuming when we refused to let that continue.

My one smug moment (can't believe I was so pleased to get one over on a 9 year old!) came when we were doing a science write up for an experiment we'd just done. She gave me hers with the bored, disinterested and slightly disdainful look she had perfected and I noticed she hadn't filled in the section that said "What I found out" (or similar- it was quite a few years ago). When I challenged her, she informed me she had found out nothing as she already knew it all. I grabbed a pen, put a cross through the words "found out" and replaced them with the word "proved", explaining to her that she was obviously ready for the next step as a scientist because real scientists often think they know what an outcome will be but they have to prove that outcome over and over. And sent her back to complete her work properly... grin

CowgirlBride Sun 18-Aug-19 19:29:04

I worked in a community building where we rented rooms including an office to run children’s activities. The building also rented out rooms to other companies, franchises etc. One time I was in the office doing some training with an apprentice and a parent came and knocked on the door to ask where the activity that normally ran in one of the rooms was. I explained that this activity wasn’t associated with us, the company rented as did we, so I really didn’t know anything about it. The parent then went on to quiz me relentlessly - “is she not coming?” “Is it on today?” “so is it cancelled?” “How do I find out if it is cancelled?” “Do you have her number?” “Can you ring her to find out?” On and on and on she went, with me repeating that I really didn’t know as it wasn’t anything to do with me. (I wasn’t being deliberately unhelpful - I just honestly didn’t know!)
Eventually she huffed out of the office. Fortunately the apprentice was sitting at the desk with her back to the door as by the end of this exchange she was trying so hard to not laugh!

Skinidin Sun 18-Aug-19 19:42:38

When my daughter worked at an extremely upmarket restAurant on Skye a customer complained that she was ‘low class’ and she expected a higher standard of waitress. I nearly died of rage related apoplexy.

Daughter is many things but low class (who says that?) isn’t one of them.

Casiloco Sun 18-Aug-19 19:42:43

WE have a modest village house in rural Andalucia. Sun beds are kept under cover but outside - guests apparently couldn't use them because they had spiders on them! grin

katseyes7 Sun 18-Aug-19 19:50:49

Cockadoodledooo Your post has just reminded me of when 'cash back' first began. My elderly mother used to go food shopping with my cousin, and at the supermarket checkout, she'd heard the cashier asking customers if they wanted cashback.
When my mother was telling me about this, she said "that's good of them, isn't it?". She thought they gave you £50 out of the goodness of their hearts.

KnitKitty Sun 18-Aug-19 19:54:35

I used to work for an opticians chain which had two branches in the same shopping centre (about a 30 second walk between the two, straight ahead, and it's on your right...). We very often got people arriving for appointments at the wrong branch (easy mistake) and would direct them to the correct place and ring the other store to let them know they were on their way.
One time a lady arrived at our branch and her appointment was actually at the other branch. She had booked her appointment online, but apparently it was our fault that we weren't the branch she had chosen. We gave her the directions, telling her we would let them know she was on her way so they didn't think she was late for her appointment.
She arrived back 5 minutes later Fing and blinding because "the other branch doesn't exist" and she'd "been fucking walking around for 15 minutes trying to find the fucking place". It was apparently completely unacceptable that we couldn't see her for her appointment at our branch (even though we were fully-booked)... She shouted at the top her lungs for a good 5 minutes before the manager who had swooped in could get a word in. She took the lady down to the other store herself and told her if she ever swore at any of her staff again she would be asked never to come back to either branch.

I was once waiting for my car which was in for a service and heard another couple absolutely kick off at a staff member who came to let them know their car hadn't passed its MOT because a part was faulty and they had ordered it in but it would take two days to arrive. Said couple were outraged that the particular part of the vehicle hadn't been checked earlier on in the day so they could have tried to source the part elsewhere, and found it disgusting that the garage didn't have the part in in the first place. I was sat there thinking, how would the garage know to look at that particular part of the car first, what if they'd looked at that and it was fine and another part of the car wasn't when they checked that later... Also, considering how many parts a car is made up of... Surely it's not surprising that they have to order stuff in sometimes? People really are ridiculous.
I sympathised with the staff and they brought me a hot chocolate. grin

My OH works in customer services and they often get complaints from customers who chose standard delivery for orders and then are outraged that their missing package can't be tracked... hmm

FurrySlipperBoots Sun 18-Aug-19 19:55:31

This are just wonderful!

I was complained about once by a family I babysat for at a local hotel. I knew I'd be there until midnight so I needed to eat after their little boy was in bed. It was an apartment hotel so there was a microwave where I heated up my ready meal (one of those instant sachets of pasta and a pot of tomato stir in stuff) and decanted it into a bowl and used one of the room-provided forks to eat it with. I washed the bowl and fork and left them on the draining board as I couldn't find a teatowel. This was apparently the crime of the century - the family complained to the manager about me! The manager actually bothered to ring me at home and tell me off for it, saying I shouldn't have put the packaging from the pasta sachet in their kitchen bin either!! I'd been working for the hotel for a couple of years without complaint, including having babysat that particular child several times before as well. His parents always left so early in the evening I brought toys and story books along as well to make sure he had lots of fun before bedtime, and I was quite bonded with him, so it seemed particularity unfair they should bitch about me.

chocpop Sun 18-Aug-19 20:00:25

So many, too many to remember. Some of the most common ones-

- customers ringing the shop to make a complaint and after checking cctv and whatnot, ringing them back and them realising it was a different shop (surely you'd check before ringing and making a fool of yourself?)
- for some reason, we still sell 10p bags alongside 20p and £1 bags for life (petrol garage shop). Occasionally, we run out of the 10p ones. Customers going absolutely mental at having to pay for a 20p bag for their Lucozade and Cadbury caramel bar to go in. Like honestly, either pay for the bag or carry it. Like every other shop.
- complaining about the price of something and pretending it says it was cheaper. Obviously if the wrong shelf edge label has been left on then we'd sell it to them at that price, but it's maddening when it's an item like a pre packaged steak which literally has "£7" on the item, on the label and then a huge bus stop label also stating £7. It was never down as two for £5 or whatever you've made up! Stop being cheap!

kiki22 Sun 18-Aug-19 20:00:29

I briefly worked for Three and a man told me it's like we just give these contract to people and expect them to manage it alone... because he ran up a bill of £££ calling Australia... well yes you do have to manage your own phone account funnily you twat.

opinionatedfreak Sun 18-Aug-19 20:05:08

I have had to deal with several complaints from families that their child wasn't first on the operating list. "They are a child they shouldn't have to wait"

I work in a children's hospital.

All the patients are children. They can't all go first.

OneHanded Sun 18-Aug-19 20:05:32

Toooooo many people being put through to you from someone else and having a massive go that you’re still the wrong person!

katseyes7 Sun 18-Aug-19 20:10:04

l think l may have posted this one before, but l think it's worth repeating. Years ago my mother got it into her head that she should have a "carbon myoxide (monoxide) detector." So she asked her handyman, who was actually a retired builder but who kept on a small group of 'old faithful' customers and did odd jobs for them when needed.
This man got the detector, and fitted it in the living room for her. lt was a 'wired to the mains' one, not a battery affair.
After a few days she rang me saying there was something wrong with it, it kept going off every day at "teatime" (approx. 5pm). l thought that was odd, so l suggested she ring him and get him to check it for her.
So this poor man came back, checked it - fine. So he dismantled the gas fire which was about 3' from it, and the only likely source of carbon monoxide. The fire was fine too. He was totally bemused. He said he couldn't understand why it was going off, and very generously offered to pay half to replace it as he couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Which he did.
Fast forward a few days, and l visit my mother. Whereupon she confesses all. While she'd been dusting, she knocked a small analogue travel clock off the side table which was directly underneath where the detector was situated.
When she picked it up from the floor, she noticed that the alarm on the clock was actually set at 5 o'clock. Being analogue, that meant the alarm had been going off at 5 o'clock every day. At 5am, when she was in bed upstairs, and didn't hear it. But she was in the room when the alarm went off at 5pm, and had mistaken it for the carbon monoxide detector.
Which meant that the poor man had not only spent time checking the detector, dismantling, checking and reassembling the gas fire, but he'd also paid half towards the new detector, and fitted it free of charge.
l don't know if she ever told him, but if l saw him when l was out and about l used to avoid him. l couldn't face him.

Carthage Sun 18-Aug-19 20:14:13

You just have to wonder how some of these people manage to hold down jobs, have friends and relationships if they're really that easily offended. Or is it just that they like to pick on people they think can't fight back because they're supposed to be polite to customers?

SirJamesTalbot Sun 18-Aug-19 20:20:17

I had a bank write to me once, warning me if I didn't pay my bank loan instalments, they'd close my account, it could affect my credit rating etc. I wrote back asking them (paraphrasing here) wtf they were talking about as I didnt have a loan. After a month of not hearing back, I wrote again to close my account. Funnily enough, they responded to that letter and I received a cheque for my balance within a couple of days! Nowadays, I'd be in the bank at 9.30am the next working day demanding to see the manager immediately.

Stardustmoon Sun 18-Aug-19 20:22:59

I used to work in a bra shop. One day I fitted a woman who was a 36B. She informed me I was wrong and she had to be a 34D. After remeasuring and showing her how well the 36B fitted, she demanded to see the manager who also told her I was right. She then stormed out and said we were lying.

penguingorl Sun 18-Aug-19 20:23:30

I used to work in a 2 storey discounted book store with a high turnover of stock. We used to move the books around on shelves and tables constantly, to make sure the amount of books fit the space they were in and new stock could be added to the gaps. On a pretty much weekly basis someone would come in and ask where the book in the middle of certain table had gone as there were loads x days/weeks ago. When I tried to help by asking for further details such as author or title or even part of one of those things they would say something along the lines of that they don't remember but it was blue/had a flower on the cover/etc, then get really annoyed that I didn't know what book it was! They could be really awful. We also occasionally had a small amount of discounted children's toys, such as engines from Thomas the Tank and woe betide me if someone saw them, came back to buy a couple of weeks later and we had dared to sell them all! We had a very generous policy in terms of holding on to things for people too, so it's not like they couldn't have asked for something to be saved for them until they could pay.

GirlInterrupted Sun 18-Aug-19 20:27:52

Still makes me giggle just thinking about it. I was working in the billing department for a utility company. The customer had three different sites and for the first year, as per the customer request, all 3 sites was listed on the same invoice. When the annual renewal came up, the bill is automatically generated and emailed to the customer.

Customer did not pay bill and I gave her a call to see if she wants service to be continued. She requested that each site gets billed separately, I immediately processed credit and re-issued separate invoices. Amended the billing system to automatically do the same again for the next year's bill. Took about half an hour to get all sorted an emailed off to her. She did not pay again, so I call her again a week later.

She had changed her mind and wanted me to change it back to the way it was as (this was her exact words) On the first invoice you have charged me only one Vat, but now that it is split up you are charging me three VATs!

I had to patiently explain that the amount were axactly the same only it was split in 3. I was gobsmacked as this was the head of a very successful company 😵😵

ChangingMyNameFromMUUUUUMMMM Sun 18-Aug-19 20:28:25

I had a bloke once complain that he had been overcharged by half a penny! I was working in the fuel station at my local Tesco and let's say petrol was 99.9p a litre. He said when he added it up we had overcharged him. I just gave him a penny out of the till and sent him on his way.

Johndee Sun 18-Aug-19 20:31:22

Had to name change for this one...

I manage a kids leisure activity, there's lots of classes on at the same time, therefore lots of different coaches.

I once had a customer complaining about how horrible one of the coaches was while at the EXACT same time, another customer was telling the other receptionist that the coach was amazing and their child wouldn't go with anyone else.

Not the weirdest complaint ever but definitely a 'WTF' moment

Madcatgirl Sun 18-Aug-19 20:31:25

One of my most memorable.

A customer called to complain about their holiday to Goa. Goa was a disgrace apparently, because everything wasn’t done like it was in the UK and some facilities were positively third world. I explained that in developing nations such as India some facilities aren’t the same as here in the UK.

India? India? What’s was I? Fucking stupid. He’d not been to India. He’d been to Goa!

Yes he did write a complaint in about me. grin

slashlover Sun 18-Aug-19 20:32:44


Various products on offer for 2 for £2, individual prices between 90p and £1.50 (so if you buy a 90p product and a £1.30 product then it's £2). Customer buys two 90p products which are therefore £1.80. Stands and argues that it should be £2, I explain over and over again that £1.80 is less than £2. I eventually take the £2 and stick 20p in the charity tin.

We closed at 9pm on Christmas Eve, people were knocking on the door at 10 past 9 and screaming that I had ruined Christmas.

Customer returns an off chicken, it smelled VILE. Customer gives me a receipt which shows she had bought the chicken at a reduced price (so going out of date that day or the day after) TWO WEEKS previously and had kept it in her fridge since.

Customer phoned up the complaints line to say that a colleague had refused to serve alcohol to her 17 year old son. Colleague apparently knew the family and knew that her son was a good boy so should have just sold the alcohol to him.

ManorMouse Sun 18-Aug-19 20:39:19

When I was working in health insurance. We received a claim pack from a consultant. Unfortunately, he had written the incorrect procedure code on the claim form. We informed him of this and could he please submit another claim form with the correct code.

This began a stream of outraged phonecalls and emails as to why the hell should he do something so time-consuming and difficult and wouldn't it be easier if we just swapped around our procedure codes so that it would now match the code that he'd sent in to us.

VanillaLatteAndCake Sun 18-Aug-19 20:44:09

Working in customer services, someone emailed in to complain that their fake tan had faded. They thought that the '12M' use-by recommendation actually meant that the fake tan should last for 12 months after application...!

Kellymumto2 Sun 18-Aug-19 20:51:29

I have had exactly this response in a shoe shop, with the exact same complaint so it’s clearly “a thing”! 😡

ThreadKillerSleepsInACoil Sun 18-Aug-19 20:52:32

Again at fuel station. Customer pulls up to get fuel, radio blaring loudly. I ask him to turn it off as it could cause a spark. He sighs very loudly and says 'you don't know anything do you? It's not running off the ignition, it's running off the battery' (with a 'stupid woman' eyeroll) Then I asked him how he thought a battery worked...

Or the Italian gentleman who yelled at me for not turning the pump on till he got off his mobile phone... Apparently we are the only fuel station in Britain to be so ridiculous, it should be signed at the pump if it's such a big deal (it was signed, clearly), and how could we claim it could be a hazard when we had electric power in the store (10 foot from the pumps, insulated and through a brick wall...)

Don't even start me on my other jobs.

I hate people.

sqirrelfriends Sun 18-Aug-19 20:54:22

I used to work in customer services, unfortunately our phone number was one or two digits different to the number people would call when they were in arrears for HSBC mortgages.

Occasionally people rang up, usually quite upset and we would explain they had the wrong number and re-dial for them.

On one occasion I had a VERY angry man on the phone who would not listen when I told him I was not his bank. Instead he shouted over me "YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME UNTIL I HAVE STOPPED TALKING, YOU WILL NOT SAY A WORD UNTIL I AM DONE, DO YOU F#%KING UNDER STAND ME?!?!"

"Yes" I said

On and on he went about how awful we were, taking his money, how he was not paying any more how we were all greedy and massive idiots and have no compassion. This went on for about 5-10 minutes. I did not say a word.

When he stopped talking I said "I'm sorry sir, you're speaking with XYZ company, I'm afraid you have the wrong number."

"YOU EFFING C#%T!!" And hung up

Lovely smile

OpheliaTodd Sun 18-Aug-19 20:57:12

Used to work in a photo developing shop. Had a customer complain that his wife had a ladder in her tights in a photo that she hadn’t had when it was taken.

sueelleker Sun 18-Aug-19 20:58:13

Not a complaint, but I was working PT in Asda just before the Millenium, so people were stocking up for parties. The number of people wondering why we'd sold out of dips 3pm was unbelievable. Like they were the only ones having a party!

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