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Aibu to ask for the most "WTF" complaints

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HouseholdPlantMurderer Sat 17-Aug-19 10:49:19

You have ever received?

I will start. Not the most ridiculous one, but in my top 10.
Woman demanding that I check in the back for a certain colour of a dress she wanted otherwise she will have me fired. After 5 minutes of her moaning she can't get it anywhere and me trying to explain that it's because it's not even made in the colour she wants, I went. I needed a toilet anyway 🙈

A customer ordered spicy italian sub. It's on a picture. It has a description there, he watched me to put pepperoni and salami in. Came back few minutes later FUMING that it's not vegetarian.... Sent a complaint to a head office about it too.

CigarsofthePharoahs Sat 31-Aug-19 23:20:56

I used to work in retail.

There was the lady that entered her pin wrongly three times. Before her last attempt I did ask if she was sure she had the right card, she was adamant that the pin was correct and it was somehow my fault it wasn't accepting it.
Well, the third time was wrong as well and this meant the card was now locked. I explained this and said she'd need to take it to her bank to get it unlocked.
Oh no, she wouldn't be doing that. It was, after all, somehow my fault she didn't know her own pin.
I asked if she had another method of payment. She then offered £20 cash when her shopping came to more than £40. I then explain that I can only let her take items up to the value of £20.
She was angry before and now she was apoplectic. She was taking EVERYTHING and only giving me £20. It was my fault her card was now locked and she worked for a school and the children needed these items NOW.
I explained that I couldn't let her take items she hadn't paid for.
She said the items were needed and she'd come back later and pay the rest. After all, it wasn't her fault she'd put her pin in incorrectly and her card was locked.
She just wouldn't have it.
In the end I got the manager to talk to her. Funnily enough he didn't agree she could walk off with over £40 of goods when only paying £20. She left with nothing, screaming at us that we were awful and we'd ruined the day of several children and she'd come back later and would be making an official complaint.
"Dear shop, your assistant wouldn't let me steal from you as I was a numpty and locked my own bank card.".
She never did come back.

Then the was the lady who shouted at me at some length about the craft scalpel blades we sold. All the handles were a size 10a or 11 and all the blades were all a size 5 and it was preposterous that they didn't match and it was appalling.
When I finally got the chance to get a word in after her rant I pointed out that the 5 printed on the blade packs was the number of blades in each pack and underneath it said size 10a or size 11. She just hadn't bothered to look for more than a second. Instead she chose to waste her time shouting at me.
As I explained, her teenage son, who was stood behind her, put his hand up to his forehead and just generally looked like he wanted the floor to eat him.

I would rather eat my own toenails than go back to working in any job where you deal with the general public. Especially retail.

springydaff Mon 02-Sep-19 18:44:07

More please! smile

CheeseCakeSunflowers Thu 05-Sep-19 17:46:44

Many years ago back in the 1980's I use to work for a finance organisation arranging mortgages. One lady phoned to ask how we calculated the maximum amount we would be prepared to lend a couple. I recited our usual answer of "each application is considered on its own merits but as a rough guide we will lend 3 X the salary of the highest earner plus 1 X the salary of the lower earner." She responded with "well that's terribly sexist" I was a bit taken aback but repeated what I had said adding that it had nothing to do with being a man or woman. She replied "well it is because its the man who is usually the higher earner" OK, this was the 1980's but I still thought that she was the one being sexist not me. I responded with "well we can do it the other way round if you like but it'll just end up with a lower figure".

Lorddenning1 Sat 14-Sep-19 09:58:21

Can I nominate this for classics?

HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Sep-19 10:02:41

Morning, everyone. We've had a few nominations for Classics for this one. We're going to move it now (before someone complains that the movement of threads to Classics isn't movey or classic enough).

nozbottheblue Mon 30-Sep-19 09:31:24

Love this thread, thanks to all- it’s kept me entertained for several days!

OnceUponAMidnightBeery Wed 02-Oct-19 23:20:39

Hope this isn't in zombie territory yet.

Customer in second hand book shop 'I'm not paying £2.50, the cover price is 25p'.
Me 'Yes, but it was published in 1967. Would you sell your house today for the 1967 valuation?
Customer 'But you have to sell at the stated price'
Me 'And our stated price (clearly marked) is £2.50'

It was a bargain, they said they'd 'think about it and come back'. Sold it two hours later. They were not happy. I was.

MargiaStevens Sat 05-Oct-19 15:39:53

I had a complaint that I wasn’t at work on a day I don’t work at that particular place...

I wouldn’t care, but I’d even told that person my working days the previous day!

SnackBadger Tue 08-Oct-19 10:39:18

I sold a mini freezer on Gumtree. After selling it I received a call from a man asking for my address as he would come for the freezer. I had already taken the advert down at this point and explained I no longer had the freezer as I had sold it. He started screaming at me that he needed that freezer and I should bloody well get it back so he can have it. His sense of entitlement was jaw dropping.

Ohjustboreoff Sun 13-Oct-19 11:42:22

I used to work as Cabin Crew, the two complaints I remember the most was one man demanding a Macdonald Chicken Nugget happy meal for his kids as he though we should be able to magic one out of the air at 41,000ft! And that's all they ate confused
Also one a very rare occasion we didn't have a lot of vodka stocked onboard and ran out halfway through the flight, over Siberia somewhere. A woman demanded that we land the aircraft to pick up more! I did ask the flight deck their answer is not printable. We drew straws on who got to inform her it was a no unless she wanted to cover the costs.

BuffaloCauliflower Wed 16-Oct-19 22:58:24

I’ve spent 3 days reading this and it’s just what I needed! Please continue 😂

Gimmechipschocolateandcake Sat 19-Oct-19 19:11:35

I once worked in a restaurant and a lady came in with a toddler. The toddler shit himself everywhere and the lady complained to the manager that we did not keep a stash of pampers gringrin

Thisishowwesurvive Sun 20-Oct-19 17:18:42

Many moons ago I worked in a posh supermarket and one customers got his balls in a bunch because we did not stock 'porketta' he meant pancetta. gringrin

ManorMouse Mon 21-Oct-19 13:14:21

Many moons ago I worked in a posh supermarket and one customers got his balls in a bunch because we did not stock 'porketta' he meant pancetta.

I once witnessed a bloke have an almighty meltdown in my local Aldi as they had removed the in-store bakery. Despite the staff and other customers assuring him that this Aldi never had an in-store bakery, he refused to admit that he might be mistaken.

He got so worked up that he decided to 'Phone a friend' and called someone on his mobile. He then demanded of the person on the other end that they back him up and inform us all of this invisible in-store bakery section by shouting down the phone that there was a bakery and what had we done with it. The friend wasn't sure if Mr. Meltdown was correct so they too were included in the conspiracy.

All the while there was a Greek chorus of the local winos egging him on until Mr. Meltdown eventually ran out of steam and flounced out the door declaring that he was going to send an email to head office.

RandomWok Mon 21-Oct-19 13:41:46

I worked in retail many years ago. I honestly don't know where all the horrible people come from! It's like they nest under the store ready to prey on you!

I had a lady go absolutely mental at me. She was shouting at me so much she was showering spit everywhere. She'd kicked off so much at the checkout staff they had called me from my office upstairs. The crime? The checkout operator couldn't get the baking trays she'd brought last week to scan into the till for a refund. I tried searching for them on the system and they still came back as an unknown item. On closer inspection I realised the label's head office address was for b and m. I did not work in b and m. Twat. thlhmm The cunt didn't even apologies. I suggested that she was more of a different supermarket shopper and that maybe she'd prefer to shop there in the future. As she was no longer welcome in this store. She wrote to head office and complained about me. Head office sided with me and said that It was the managers decision and being abusive towards members of staff wouldn't be tolerated. I almost fell off my chair when I got the email!

Blastnamechangeagain Mon 21-Oct-19 13:58:38

Admitted sick child middle of the night to very busy ward. Parent given put you up bed next to child etc. ( NHS Hospital short staffed and very busy).
Parent complained her bed wasn’t comfortable and we couldn’t supply a cooked meal in the middle of the night.
We apparently only offered her a choice of a cheese or tuna sandwich.

To be quite honest I am slightly surprised we even had that to offer ( free) in the middle of the night. We apparently rudely told her where vending machines were.

I should point out the food was for herself not her child!

It’s amazing what people complain about as somebody else has had we also got a complaint about noises and lights going on In the night. It was for an arrest on a child ( child died) lots of screaming from parents etc. Yes somebody actually complained about a disturbed night. It was bloody obvious what had happened.

Livpool Mon 21-Oct-19 18:42:38

I used to work in John Lewis. After Christmas a completely bonkers woman came in and wanted to exchange a present.

However, she had an Argos own brand CD player that she wanted to swap for a big brand. I said no we obviously didn't stock Argos own brand items and she refused to move and wanted to know how I was going to do. She had a tantrum!

00Sassy Tue 22-Oct-19 16:14:44

Our postman told me today that yesterday he was approached by a lady asking for directions.
She’d just got off a train and needed to catch a bus for the remainder of her journey so asked him where the closest stop for the bus to nearby town was as it’s leaving the station in 10 minutes.
He replied that he didn’t know the route that that particular bus took but that the bus station was only 5 minutes away so she should make it and began to give directions to the station.
She stopped him and shouted ‘I asked where the bus stops, not where the bus station is, why are you telling me where the station is?!!’
He explained again and she said ‘why on earth don’t you know where the bus stops are for God’s sake?!!’
He replied that he works for Royal Mail, not the bus company and she flounced off in the opposite direction from the bus station grin

jiminypong Tue 22-Oct-19 16:32:55

So, I used to work in advertising at a local paper and we were doing a special spread for a local food festival. Sold some advertising to a local beef producer who had a very specific breed of cows. He wanted the cows to appear in his advert but didn't have any images he could send over (camera phones were in their infancy at this point). The art department basically trawled every image site going to find these cows, created the advert and it ran. It's important to note at this point the customer saw a proof of the advert (or at least approved what I sent over, whether or not he checked it is enough another thing but he accepted it as was). Turns out they were not the right breed of cow and this particular breed used in the image had horns pointing the wrong way. Cue very angry customer ringing and screaming at me down the phone that everybody laughed at him and that he couldn't show his face to the other farmers anymore and started to rant about defamation etc. I was a young and naive 20 year old and cried my eyes out at the time. Thankfully all was resolved with some free ads with the "correct" cow but I still have the odd giggle over a decade later about the "wrong kind of cow".

Kerrence12 Thu 12-Dec-19 20:29:58

A couple of years back we had a patient who collapsed and had a cardiac arrest at reception of our GP practice. Cue all doctors and nurses running from all directions, patients directed out of the way, paramedics etc trying to save this poor chap. Once he was stable and taken off to A&E, we were all clearing up when a patient came to the desk to ask when he was going to be seen as he had been waiting over 30 minutes for his appointment. The receptionist politely explained, as you can see there has been a medical emergency and all clinics will be delayed. You're welcome to continue waiting or we can rebook you if you can't stay any longer. To which he replied "why didn't you tell me when I booked in that I would be kept waiting!?" The receptionist reiterated what she said and he agreed to wait.

I was the lucky girl he was due to see for a routine BP check. When I called him in, I was still visibly shaking and quite worried about the poor man with the cardiac arrest, (being in a GP surgery you don't see cardiac arrests very often and I was quite new to the nursing team) he then continued to complain to me about how late I was seeing him and why couldn't I step away to see him quickly and then go back to assisting with CPR!

There really are no words!

doxxed Thu 12-Dec-19 21:36:37

On the flip side I was at an Apple store 15 minutes early for an appointment and asked if I could be seen earlier. They said they could reschedule for in 15 minutes or I could keep my original appointment. I did just say "I'll stick to the original, thanks" but FFS just say no!

I had someone threaten to get me sacked once because a bus hadn't arrived so I sent her to my supervisor with a smile. She had been verbally abusing me for a while at this point, and I was at the end of my tether.

I was also accused of being unhelpful.... Severe weather warning, no I don't know if the trains will be running in 4 hours so you can go shopping (we were right next to a big supermarket, so not as if they would be without essentials). I'm hoping beyond hope right now that I can get home later because work have forced me to come in. It had been snowing since the night before and I left an hour before work rather than my usual half hour so if I was late it wouldn't be too bad.

There was the woman who shouted at me because I wouldn't refund a non-refundable product, bought from a different company, also bought online, her baby grandson was sick and she'd had to bring him out in this horrible weather (standard grim English rainy winter early evening)

Someone lost something they bought and when I said I can't replace it they said "so I've basically just thrown £100 away" pretty much, yeah.

I gave up recently and when someone asked to speak to my supervisor I said "yes, but they will just repeat what I have just said"

doxxed Thu 12-Dec-19 22:10:13

I also had someone demand to use my phone, and I asked why (trying to be helpful, I could Google something for them or suggest a payphone) and it was to send a Facebook message to their friend who wasn't answering calls or texts. I suggested they go to the library in town, and they exploded because they "didn't live round here"

AlbusSeverusMalfoy Tue 17-Dec-19 17:32:50

I once had a customer complain and shout at me because they only had one small item but the que was really long and they'd left their baby alone in the car.
It took all I could muster not to swing for the twat angryconfused

HopeItComesWithBatteries Thu 19-Dec-19 17:12:33

Some years ago I was asked to do some first round interviews for a pretty decent job, as the company MD was snowed under with work. One candidate, an older gentleman, had clearly been out of work for a while and had had a really difficult year with various family issues etc. He poured his heart out to me and I took extra time to listen to his troubles so he could get them off his chest, after I had asked him the standard interview questions. We parted very amicably.

As it happened there were other better qualified candidates for the role, so he didn’t make the next stage of the recruitment process. The company MD then received a truly excoriating letter about the “girl” who had interviewed him and how very unprofessional she was, didn’t know what she was doing and how he was absolutely the right person for the position ( which required a high level of interpersonal skills).

Unfortunately for him the MD gave a wry chuckle before handing it straight over to me to respond. As my husband of 15 years he had more faith in my judgment.

Mrsmummy90 Tue 31-Dec-19 01:10:56

I worked in a bar and a customer asked me to change the music. I told him I wasn't allowed to do that (manager had a strict 'no one touch the computer' rule 🙄)
He then proceeded to tell me that he was a policeman and could have me arrested for not changing the music.

My exact words were "for all I care, you could be the Queen. Go fuck yourself"

Thankfully my boss told him to do one as well 😂

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