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If oyu name si Linda you are an admin perosn at a hospital

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coddy Wed 18-Jul-07 11:30:13

if your name is MIke you are somehing techy

TarpalCunnel Thu 02-Apr-15 21:26:56

If your name is Belinda, you run a knitting class and wear reading glasses on top on your head.

Even during sex.

cinders456 Sat 28-Mar-15 23:16:28

Matt becomes Matilda at weekends. She wears theatrical dresses, size 11stilletos and is unusually hairy for a woman

cinders456 Sat 28-Mar-15 23:08:33

Gary is a narcissist.

cinders456 Sat 28-Mar-15 23:07:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cinders456 Sat 28-Mar-15 22:55:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

atticusfinchatemybaby Mon 23-Mar-15 12:53:51

Norman, on the other hand, makes Ian look like the life and soul of the party. Not that either of them go to many parties.

atticusfinchatemybaby Mon 23-Mar-15 12:46:53

Ian is soooooo dull. I can't write a post about him because i would fall asleep mid-...

atticusfinchatemybaby Mon 23-Mar-15 12:44:55

Archibald is obese but only aware of this subconsciously. He hasn't seen his John Thomas in years.
John Thomas is Archibald's son. He was bullied at school because of his name but his parents told him to stop being a baby about it. One of his teachers tried to help by referring to him as Johnny T but this backfired when kids started asking him if he had any johnnies.
John Thomas now compensates for his lack of self confidence by coming across as extremely stern. He is in senior management and whenever he says his name he does it as seriously as a newsreader reporting on a disaster. But secretly he's terrified somebody will snigger. He has been in love with Fran (sales) for years but cannot speak to her or about her as he has recurring nightmares that he'll accidentally call her Fanny.
Richard tells people to call him Dick. He thinks it makes him sound like a character from Mad Men and hopes subliminally it will make women aroused by him. It doesn't. They just think he's a dick. Once he interviewed for a job at John Thomas' company. He was perfect for the role but John vetoed his appointment for reasons he refused to explain to HR.
John dreads the quarterly visits from the Scottish head of accounts, Willie.

mrspremise Fri 20-Mar-15 19:56:53

Tina works with children and talks to them in a ridiculously high pitched singsong voice

NoelleHawthorne Sat 06-Dec-14 08:38:22


Livinginoz Wed 27-Apr-11 06:18:24

Love love love this thread, kept me entertained for a whole hour at work!

Grant is an electrician who has been quite busy of late, going around fixing problems created by Lynne the Lesbian Electrician. He likes going to the pub for "early doors" and is on the darts team. He is married to Rosslyn who owns a boutique selling clothes for "mature" women, and is estranged from her weathy family for marrying a bit of rough at 21 when she got her trust fund money. They have two children - Tony and Heather.

Tony is also an electician and plays darts with his dad. Heather is a doctor's receptionist and wears bobbly tights.

Milngavie Mon 11-Apr-11 11:01:12

My name is very close to Linda. I have just got a new job as an admin in the local hospital grin.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 11-Apr-11 10:49:32

PMSL I am wearing an old pair of birkenstocks today but DH is not wearing flip flops because I confiscated them!

TheSmallClanger Mon 11-Apr-11 10:43:30

Francis lives in a big house. He is in his 40s and quite attractive in a sort of Bohemian way, and wears corduroy and velvet a lot. No-one has a clue what he does for a living, although rumours occasionally circulate.

Frank is a traditional pub landlord.

Fran is a rather daft boy who is training to be a pilot. He has flying lessons in a Cessna at the weekends, with Graeme the flight instructor. Graeme knows that Fran will never get his head around instrument flying, but hasn't the heart to tell him. Graeme is ex-RAF and once harboured hopes of becoming the first British astronaut.

Fimbo Thu 07-Apr-11 13:42:40

Bunty's husband died 20 years ago, she has never remarried and likes to lunch at the local polo club with her friends Jinty and Vivien. She draws her eyebrows in thickly with pencil.

Fimbo Thu 07-Apr-11 13:38:51

Ha ha dh's boss is Tim and plays badminton, legal profession though.

StealthPolarBear Thu 07-Apr-11 13:34:38

getting on this (admittedly very long) thread

MikeRotch Thu 07-Apr-11 13:31:00


Nice accountant.
plays badminton

Bumperliciouzzzzzz Sun 04-Apr-10 21:32:44

John manages a local newsagents. He calls the saturday girls 'luv' and stares at their boobs. He is nice enough, but he and his back room always smells of egg sandwiches.

He is strict but fatherly with the paper boys. He likes to give lollipops to the little kids bought in in pushchairs. All the mothers think it is very sweet, except Anna who plasters on a rictus grin when she comes in for the Independent on Sunday and Green Parent, with baby Clementine in a sling, and as soon as she is out of the door whips the lolly out of the hands of Arlo who at 3.5 has never tasted refined sugar.

Alan the area manager comes to visit the newsagent once a month. He wears nice suits from Marks and Spencer, and only wears shirts that require cufflinks. He has 32 pairs, including funky 'groom' ones, and Crystal Palaces ones. He wishes he worked in the city instead of in Slough's 'Sweeties'HQ.

Sarah and Lee work behind the counter of Sweeties at the weekend, and when the shop is quiet they snog behind the counter, and both quick like being caught in the act. Lee wants to act, and sometimes works as a TV extra. Sarah likes Massive Attack because Lee does.

Sweeties will become a Tesco Metro in 6 months time.

CheekyVimtoGal Sat 27-Mar-10 20:39:53

Tanya and she works for BT.

RolandButter Tue 12-Jan-10 21:07:23

have we done Hugo is a banker - and likes pink shirts

wabbit Mon 16-Mar-09 00:48:04

Me too smile

Dillon - is a sound engineer, he has to suffer giving tutorials at the FE college to make ends meet - his girlfriend works in TV, she's having an affair

Dylan - smells a bit and hasn't washed his hair for 7 weeks, he plays guitar (badly) and sponges dope off his more talented mates. He hasn't got a girlfriend, he suffers from depression.

wrinklytum Mon 16-Mar-09 00:05:16

Me too

chipmonkey Sun 15-Mar-09 23:57:19

God, I so miss cod when I read threads like this!

onthepier Sun 15-Mar-09 23:33:12

Funny how every office department I've worked in seems to have a Chris, (female), a Bev + a Sue!

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