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I stormed off ineffectively

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Justask Mon 27-Aug-18 14:10:22

I am totally BU.

On holiday and so drunk last night I tried to storm off but I couldn't work out how to leave the pool area of the hotel and just walked around the pool repeatedly, getting more cross with every circuit.

I am a total knob, please tell me IABU 😁

Margsus Mon 30-Sep-19 07:36:45

Not long after we got married I stormed out of the house after a minor argument. It was pouring, but I wasn’t going to let that stop my flouncing. Two minutes later I heard my DH behind me shouting “You’ll need this!” I turned round and there he was with my umbrella. Maybe that’s why we’re still married 41 years later....

MaryBear Mon 30-Sep-19 00:35:26

School pick up and all 3 kid were bickering and being a total pain in the arse. I gave them all the mum glare and told them to get in the car all the while muttering about how fed up I was of all the bickering. I went to get in the car to drive us all home and instead of getting in the drivers seat I got in the back and I shut the door before realizing what I'd done. The kids were all trying not to laugh. All I could say was 'don't say a word' before they were all in stitches. They still remind me of it to this day.

AmbiguousAlex Fri 27-Sep-19 02:41:36

I once flounced out of the caravan as a kid whilst on holiday with my family and some family friends. I overhead a part of a conversation that I didn't like between the adults so I kicked up a fuss before I slammed the caravan door and ran down the road. I thought my dramatic exit went as well as it could until I heard somebody also running behind me, I then quickly turned my head only to see my mam and the next thing I knew; I was being dragged back to the caravan whilst I got an earful.

It is a wonder how I am still alive because I was like the spawn of Satan during my childhood. 🤣

gardengrass321 Wed 17-Oct-18 11:41:45

Me and DP had an argument on holiday so I said I was going to eat tea by myself so he would feel ever so slightly sorry for me, stormed out of the hotel room and sat on the patio area instead because I didn't want to eat tea by myself, completely forgetting that DP could and was watching me sit on the patio from our balcony laughing because I hadn't gone for tea and was just say by myself

Daftasabroom Mon 15-Oct-18 12:30:29

Me and DBs kicking off in the car about 4 or 5 miles from home, must have been 9, 10 and 12.

DM came out with "behave or walk", we were "go on then". She stopped, we walked.

Got home about three hours later - DM looking somewhat smug.

I got a ranty phone call from DM about 15 years later; she'd just found out we'd walked ten minutes from where she'd dropped us to a mates house where spent a couple of hours eating toast and listening to records before his mum gave us lift home.

He who laughs last.grin

SistersOfPercy Fri 05-Oct-18 15:47:35

I should perhaps add DD's flounce to this.

She was about 5. Dh and I were clearly the worst parents in the world and was going to live with her Nan. Being versed in the flounce from my own childhood and getting no further than the front gate I assured DH she wouldn't go far and to leave her to it.

As I watched her little pink coat get further away the realisation that i'd actually created someone more stubborn than me hit home. DH and I looked at each other with a 'WTF do we do now' expression and DH had to chase after her in his car.

She's 21 now. I suspect her flounces are epic. Must ask her DP 😂

Boulty Sun 23-Sep-18 14:42:45

None of us are perfect. I imagine many of us have made idiots of ourselves and some time in ours life.

Shadow1234 Thu 20-Sep-18 14:40:22

This thread had me laughing so much with all the funny
stories. The stand out one, is the guy turning sideways to
let himself pass, on the mirror image Hilarious!!! 😭😭😭😭

Shadow1234 Thu 20-Sep-18 03:41:55

I was having a disagreement with my 17 year old son and he
decided to grab his bike from the garden, storm off and slam
the front door. 5 minutes later, there was a knock at the door,
and there he was with his bike in one hand and the chain in the
other hand. Think he pedalled so fast to get away from me, his
chain snapped. I just burst out laughing. He didnt see the funny
side at the time, but we both laugh about it now.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 20-Sep-18 01:39:30

At about 10 years old, I argued with my parents about the dog, who kept staring at me - I wanted them to make her stay in the kitchen because she was annoying me, and they told me she had lived in the house longer than me and i could leave the room if it was bothering me so much. So i screamed that i would do better than that and leave the house forever, because they obviously preferred the dog to me blush

I flounced out and walked as far as the Circle K, about a mile away, and had the idea of phoning my grandmother to tell her I was moving in with her and she needed to get my bed made up. Of course, it was pre mobile phones, and like a twat I had no money for the pay phone, so I went into the shop and asked if i could use their phone (and told them why). The shop assistant asked me to write down the phone number, then phoned my nan and asked her for my parents number, phoned them and got them to pick me up. I was so angry but my parents were pissing themselves.

PinkArmadillo Thu 20-Sep-18 00:59:30

Tried to storm out of living room in the middle of decorating...

Stepped straight into tray of paint, then spent an embarrassing length of time hopping on one foot trying to remove the paint covered sock before flinging it down angrily into tray and resuming flounce while flatmates looked on in astonishment

Thankewe Sun 16-Sep-18 03:16:18


alphajuliet123 Sun 16-Sep-18 02:13:39

My friend stormed off during an argument with her husband, slammed the door, got in the car, and angrily but accidentally reversed straight through their brand new garden wall. Now affectionally known as “the five grand flounce”...

TellMeItsNotTrue Sat 15-Sep-18 00:24:05

When I was younger my aunt had an argument with my mum over something silly, aunt stormed out slamming the door to the room, opened the front door...slight hesitation...slammed the front door and came storming back in "this is MY house, so I really think YOU should be the one leaving" stormed back out of the room

Mum had conveyed the fact we needed to keep quiet and not laugh, just by looking at us. She got our coats and we left. We drove about 2 minutes away in silence then mum burst out laughing and the whole car was filled with it as we were finally 'allowed' to get it out. It was just so funny to watch, I remember having a pain in my side from laughing so much, and I think all of us had tears going down our face

Scotstar Sat 08-Sep-18 22:33:24

In once stormed off after an argument with parents as a teen. Ran upstairs and flopped dramatically onto my bed and clipped my eyebrow on corner of my desk beside it.
Absolutely pissing blood and ended up in a&e. Still got a visible scar 20+ years later!

JaretsGirlfren Sat 08-Sep-18 22:11:47

This isn’t quite flouncing but I still think this counts.

Arguing with DM one night and I tried to yank a hoody angrily on over my head. Except it was backwards and the hood flipped straight up over my face. blush

PierreBezukov Sat 08-Sep-18 21:56:16

Hilarious, lemonredwood. What an image!

wanderings Sat 08-Sep-18 20:53:12

@BevBrook Your story reminds me about a time I very nearly flounced at junior school; so it wasn't exactly a failed flounce, but a bottled flounce. You were braver!

That junior school was big on whole-class punishments, or even whole-school ones. I always found it deeply unfair if we had to practise lining up instead of having playtime, so during this torture I unburdened my mind (very loudly and tearfully, so everyone including the headmistress could hear), and said that I was going to walk out of the school, and I was extremely ready to do it! It was before primary schools were became fortresses, so I could easily have done it, and I was old enough to know that it would make teachers very uneasy if I did. One of them took me aside and calmed me down; they didn't accept my argument that missing playtime wasn't fair, and still told me off for "being rude". (I once managed to beat them at their own game on this issue, but that's another story!)

LemonRedwood Sat 08-Sep-18 20:13:39

On a family holiday on a canal boat and my sister was an extremely surly teen aged 13 or 14. We were somewhere in Wales and had come across a farmer who invited us (obvious townies) to see his cows and milking shed. My parents insisted that we all go because it's educational (clearly ignoring that it could have been the start of various horror films). We reached the milking shed where there were cows along both sides with a narrow corridor along the centre. My sister, really grumpy at being forced to go along, does an epic flounce ahead of everyone else down into the middle of the shed and nearly every cow along the way lifted its tail and covered her in shit. Literally covered from chest height down. I think it was weeks before we all stopped laughing!

Madonnasmole Fri 07-Sep-18 16:25:11

This thread grin

Storming round a pool, pedlow, basil throwing and mop sitting are now going to be the catch phrases for proving MN membership when starting a new thread 😂😂

Brilliant !

BevBrook Fri 07-Sep-18 15:19:09

I flounced out of school aged five. Weeping after being hauled out in front of the class, I sobbed that I was going to get a drink of water. Out of the classroom, out of the double doors, across the playground and out of the school gate. Then round and round the block many times as like past posters, I had no sense of direction. My plan was to make a home under a bush, but I was foiled when one of the squadron of teachers dispatched in their cars to drive around slowly and look for me, found me.

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 07-Sep-18 14:47:30

Not me, but I was out on a nice countryside walk as a teenager with my mum and my brother, who was at a stage that took ‘surly preteen’ to new levels and was giving us all hell pretty much constantly. He’d got the hump with us over something or other and had gone on ahead in a strop. He came to a rope swing type thing attached to a branch, attempted to swing on it and promptly fell off into the stream below. He was absolutely soaked to the skin and extremely unimpressed, but we were in the middle of nowhere, so he had no choice but to squelch along behind us, dripping and swearing, back to the car while me and my mum tried not to wee ourselves laughing. It still makes him cross when I mention it grin

flowerythorns Fri 07-Sep-18 14:14:58

Sitting with the mops! Amazing 😂

DarlingNikita Fri 07-Sep-18 13:39:06

I was sat with some mops for a good 15 minutes before I plucked up the courage to leave


Heavystream Fri 07-Sep-18 13:33:24

I once got in an argument at a pub with DH. Stormed off through what I thought was the front door, turned out to be a closet. I was sat with some mops for a good 15 minutes before I plucked up the courage to leave. The whole pub burst out laughing and I ended up just walking back to my seat.

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