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I’m building a time machine, to go back to the 80’s.

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Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:03:50

Just for the weekend.
They’ve just played ‘Together in electrics dreams’ on the radio and it’s left me aching for my youth.
So, for just this weekend only, I don’t want to be almost 45, I don’t want to keep hearing my kids squabbling with each other, I don’t want any responsibilities or to worry about the state of the world.
No, what I want is to go to the school disco tonight, I want to spend hours perfecting my gaudy sparkly make up, I want to wear my new ra-ra skirt or my batwinged jumpsuit, I want to hot brush my hair into an 80’s flick (with the help of a whole can of ozone-unfriendly hairspray!) and I want to smear my lips with that spearmint flavoured lip gloss from that little glass bottle with the roller ball and dance the (earl Your) evening away to Wham!, Whitney Houston, Duran Duran, Madonna and the like.
When I get up on Saturday morning (about 10am, I want to watch kids morning tv, for breakfast, I want my dad to cook his famous French toast (eggy bread really but French toast sounded posh), I want to go into town with my mates and buy the No.1 single from Our Price, I want to go to Top Shop and look at the posters in Athena and have a knickerbocker glory at The Wimpy. I want to spend the afternoon watching Knight Rider, Chips, The Fall Guy, Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart and The Golden Girls.
On Sunday, I want to help dad wash the car in the morning (never did that in real life but my nostalgic brain tells me I did!), I want to eat my mum’s lovely Sunday roast and not worry how many calories, saturated fats, gluten or other nasties are in it. I want to see my much loved and missed grand parents and hug our lovely beloved family dog.
But most of all, I want to tape the Top 40, being careful not to get Bruno Brooke’s voice in at the end of each song ( that took great skill and judgement!)
So, does anyone fancy joining me for a trip back to the 80’s this weekend?
Refreshments on the journey will include, Panda cola, Clearly Canadian, Lilt and Quatro to drink and Spangles, Marathon bars (NOT snickers!), fruit salads and black jacks and 54321 bars ( E numbers included, yum!) to snack on.

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Feb-18 14:04:57

Yes I'm with you.

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:09:42

Hope you’ve got your jelly shoes and shell suit ready?!

Camomila Fri 02-Feb-18 14:10:16

That sounds lovely,

I'd like to go back to 2008 please.
DH and I (he was my uni boyfriend) could go to the SU then go back to mine and get pizza.
In the morning we could eat left over pizza and watch movies in our pjs with my housemates.
If anyone had any energy in the afternoon we could go for a walk along the river or into Windsor to window shop.

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:11:29

Ah, yes, time on your hands, what a lovely thing that was!

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Feb-18 14:15:01

My two cousins and I all have our matching shellsuits out and ironed.
My aunt has got her curly perm re done.

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:19:22

I’m just popping on a Shaders and Toners, hopefully will turn a lovely shade of orange ready for the school disco later!

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:19:59

Have dug out my banana clip too!

hugoagogo Fri 02-Feb-18 14:23:15

This made me crysad

Myddognearlyatethedeliveryman Fri 02-Feb-18 14:24:36

Just on dusting my roller boots!

Cedar03 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:26:53

I'd have to get my hair permed again and buy an afro comb for it.

I could dig out my fake pearls or chunky plastic beads.

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:28:04

hug me too 😢
mydog I’ve got some shiny disco pants and leggings to go with those boots!

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:29:10

cedar you can wear those plastic beads (hopefully neon) to the school disco.

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Fri 02-Feb-18 14:29:21

While you're there could you get me a spira and some dairy milk and a copy of Mizz magazine?

spagbowl Fri 02-Feb-18 14:30:10

Bring me back a decent creme egg

RoseyOldCrow Fri 02-Feb-18 14:31:03

My Dad will give us a lift in our brown Maxi, it's got vinyl seats so you may want to bring a towel to sit on if it's sunny. There's space for at least 5 of us in the back grin
I'll be wearing my boyfriend's khaki army surplus jacket, it is so cool (& was so cheap) It's from Guildford Indoor Market, the stall near the space invaders games. Hope we don't have to listen to Dad's Cliff Richard on the trip, maybe he'll let us listen to Capital; we're a bit far from London but might be able to get it on medium wave.

Cedar03 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:32:43

Definitely neon. In fact I could dig out my pink sweatshirt with batwing sleeves and matching pink socks and my black leggings.

I thought I looked the bees knees smile

amusedbush Fri 02-Feb-18 14:33:12

I was born in 1990 but still have great nostalgia for the 80's grin

My friend tattooed me for several hours recently and we listened to the world's longest 80's playlist, belting out the classics. The guy she shares studio space with is older than us and said that he was there and the 80's were shit shock

LuxuryWoman2017 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:33:49

Can I borrow your Sun-in please?
I want to look good tonight at Cinderella's while dancing to Luther Vandross. Oh yes, it's ladies night.

Globetrotter100 Fri 02-Feb-18 14:34:12

I welled up a bit at the mention of "Quatro" confused

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Feb-18 14:35:26

I wanna bagsy mizzen after you

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Feb-18 14:35:38


crumpet Fri 02-Feb-18 14:38:56

I’ll bring a Just Seventeen, a Smash Hits, and a notepad so we can try and work out some song lyrics. I’ve also got a double cassette player so we can make some mix tapes. You’ll like my new neon socks.

Twoweekcruise Fri 02-Feb-18 14:39:33

Iwanna I’ll get those when I pop to the shop and get my Look-In mag.
spag yep, will get you a proper creme egg
* Rosey* my grandad had a maroon Maxi, most springy seats ever!
amused that bloke is talking bollocks, he need his cut off for saying that!!
Luxury my hair broke off for using too much Sun-In, I wanted to look like Sam Fox!!

GeorgeTheHamster Fri 02-Feb-18 14:39:40

Oh God, I'll come with you. I'm wearing that scent from the Body Shop, what's it called, White Musk?

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