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I know I'm not being unreasonable about this parking!!! (with diagram)

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UnsuspectedItem Sat 13-Jan-18 13:12:38

But I thought I'd share anyway.

This happens on our street a LOT and I just don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate, the gap between the wing mirror and wall isn't big enough for a child to slip through and the car is so huge it blocks pedestrians from seeing whats coming without stepping into the road.
Not to mention that he's parked on a T-junction.


(Obligatory Mumsnet diagram provided)

mumpoints Sat 13-Jan-18 13:14:06

That's disgusting.

GREAT diagram btw!

spanieleyes Sat 13-Jan-18 13:14:16

That is an excellent diagram.
And he's a twat!

Inthishouse Sat 13-Jan-18 13:15:12

Yep. That truly is a shit bit of parking and mightily selfish

kittymamma Sat 13-Jan-18 13:16:03

Love the diagram though... There also doesn't seem to be much parking available. Don't know how people that live on streets like that cope!

SchadenfreudePersonified Sat 13-Jan-18 13:18:02

Fabulous diagram; excellent yet non-identifying photograph.

I'd snap his wing mirror off . . .

UnsuspectedItem Sat 13-Jan-18 13:18:15

I'd say that there is enough street parking for 1 car per terrace house, I very rarely struggle to park.

At present, the street is practically empty so CF had a lot of options, not sure why the pavement was the preferred choice.

dotdotdotmustdash Sat 13-Jan-18 13:20:53

That's dangerous parking and deserves a call to the local coppers.

52FestiveRoad Sat 13-Jan-18 13:21:37

A most excellent diagram. I love the way you have added all the extra details eg the position of the gardens, even though it makes no difference to the parking situation. Well done OP. Oh and YANBU.

crazycatgal Sat 13-Jan-18 13:21:47

Report them, that's some of the most stupid parking that I've seen.

Cheesymonster Sat 13-Jan-18 13:21:48

Excellent diagram. Is that your front door OP? I’d be furious to find a car on my doorstep.

Bellamuerte Sat 13-Jan-18 13:22:50

People are so inconsiderate. How is a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, a blind or partially sighted person, or anyone else who is vulnerable or has a disability supposed to get past without stepping out into the road?

DivisionBelle Sat 13-Jan-18 13:24:51

And is that their own front door they are half obscuring, or someone else’s? I would be furious if that was my house.

It is terrible parking and dangerous for pedestrians, and wheelchair users and buggies.

Parking on the pavement can get you a ticket: I would tell the council that it is a recurring problem, send them that pic, and hopefully they will send enforcement officers round from time to time.

I would probably take to leaving notes on windscreens, too.

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Sat 13-Jan-18 13:25:31

Yeah I'd report that too, probably won't achieve anything but doesn't hurt either.
What an inconsiderate twat.

derangedmermaid Sat 13-Jan-18 13:25:40

Write a note that says:

Please stop parking like a cunt.
Signed: everyone else.

QueenUnicorn Sat 13-Jan-18 13:26:32

Someone once parked across the ramp access to a sorting office, a queue of angry parents with buggy's had formed who had no option other than to wait(or struggle down an entire flight of stairs).

Indaro Sat 13-Jan-18 13:26:37

Call your local or tweet parking enforcement team at the council. They've parked illegally by being close than 10 metres to the junction and are causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

Traffic warden will be happy to have an easy booking on their list. Idiot parking person will have a consequence to being selfish.

athingthateveryoneneeds Sat 13-Jan-18 13:26:50

A* diagram, op.

Terrible Parker deserves a note on the windscreen, at the very least. Perhaps one of those "joke" parking tickets to shake them up.

UnsuspectedItem Sat 13-Jan-18 13:26:53

Called 101 (BINGO!!) and they actually took it really really seriously, said it is posing a danger to pedestrians and drivers and are sending an officer over. They also traced the car from the registration, said its not someone who lives on the street but is registered in the town and they've got their contact details.

I just figured they'd be all "yeah yeah..." but they are on the ball!

socksandpants Sat 13-Jan-18 13:28:08

does this mean no tax?

UnsuspectedItem Sat 13-Jan-18 13:28:55

derangedmermaid Ahead of you there, my first call of action was to write passive aggressive note.
I follow full MN procedure:

1. Take Photo
2. Write PA note and stick to windscreen
3. Create diagram
4. Post on MN
5. Get validation from MN
6. Call 101
7. Drink Tea

athingthateveryoneneeds Sat 13-Jan-18 13:29:00

Excellent. Excellent.

MaximaDeWit Sat 13-Jan-18 13:29:25

Beautiful diagram, OP. And an excellent update. It's good that they're being so proactive - that will cause an accident, it's just a matter of time. What a twat!

I think a "You park like a c*nt" post it is called for

NormaNameChange Sat 13-Jan-18 13:29:54

Oh my, now thats a parking diagram!
Glad the police are dealing with it... simply cuntish behaviour.

UnsuspectedItem Sat 13-Jan-18 13:30:37

socksandpants OOO, its looking like it, isn't it! I'll imagine the police will have something to say about that.

I'm waiting for the bobbies to turn up and find a body in the boot or something, that would be the next escalation? (Or maybe thats a few steps up the drama ladder)

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