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SO how many of you have a 'zombie plan'?

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TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:30:38

hve been forced to ask this by dp and lodger.

If zombies happened what would you do?

I don't have one - apparently this is unusual Have never even considered it.

SO do you have a zombie plan?

mytwopenceworth Thu 19-Apr-07 21:48:30

can you post me a bit of what they're having?

thank you.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:49:35

DH has a zombie plan. He also has a lot of zombie books. People keep giving them to him.

There were some blogs of people who were currently under attack by zombies, apparently there's a outbreak in California somewhere.

I am pretty about the whole thing. You'll be surprised to hear.

(Could 'do you have a Zombie plan' be used as a gender test? Ok, Frances' DP would fail, but otherwise?)

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:50:36

Um, my post saying that 'do you have a zombie plan?' is a gender test was cross-posted with madamez' post. Just so you know.

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Apr-07 21:51:57

hahahahahaha at this thread, fab esp at madamez and nqc

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:53:11

DH wants to know whether people most fear zombies, werewolves or vampires. I think this is some sort of geek psychology test ...

Pruni Thu 19-Apr-07 21:54:07

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Apr-07 21:54:57

NQC, I'd be more scared of The Borg or Cylons

FrannyandZooey Thu 19-Apr-07 21:56:09

Yes I thought it was going to be a gender divide thing as well

which is why it is slightly disoncerting to have dp sitting here still shaking his head and saying "zombie plan " every now and then

Dinosaur Thu 19-Apr-07 21:56:28

I'm a broad-minded kind of dinosaur (although obviously only have a tiny brain) but I'm finding this quite bizarre!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:56:33

Ahhhh. <<looks pensive>>

Is that metal cyclons? Or humanish?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:56:58

DH has a lot of zombie books.

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:57:17

do you know what I think about zombies, vampires and werewolves?


I asked dp and his answer was so long I tuned out.

They're lovely but crazy.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:57:52

Oh, and there's a good graphic novel series, Walking Dead, which is in a zombie world.

Oh, and he has World War Z, Zombie Handbook (two copies, one we bought, and one was a gift from someone who worked for him).

Apparently that's not a lot of zombie books.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 21:58:29

Yes, I have a hard time getting worried about imaginary things, too.

I spent my afternoon wrangling two completely mad two year olds who love each other/hate each other alternatively.

DrMarthaMcMoo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:59:28

Course I have a zombie plan. It's a 3 step zombie plan and I'm happy to share it with you. You pretend to be one of them:

1. Rip clothes and roll around in the flower bed for a bit, dishevel hair, and apply dark eyeshadow liberally around eyes in style of deranged panda. One is aiming for the "dragged through a hedge backwards and haven't slept for 6 months look." Hint: think how you looked when your baby was a few weeks old - aim to recreate that look

2. Adopt staggering style of walking akin to having had rather too much wine

3. Blend invisibly into crowd and croak "brains! brains!" periodically

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 22:00:25

Guess what they've been reading?

Warld War Z and the Zombie handbook.

I worry for ds future I really do.

BEfore he could really talk they had trained him to respond to 'we are the knights that say....' ds = 'nee'.

Ds is gonna be a super geek isn't he <sigh>

JackieNo Thu 19-Apr-07 22:02:58

Are they members of Zombie Squad ? I think they need to be

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 22:02:59

Well, TheArmadillo, they would probably enjoy The Walking Dead, which is a series of graphic novels on the same theme.

FrannyandZooey Thu 19-Apr-07 22:03:35

This thread is turning me from someone who was completely indifferent to zombies

to someone who was on the whole nonchalant about zombies, although occasionally slightly perturbed by them

to someone who now wants to run screaming out into the street shouting "OH DEAR GOD, I HAVEN'T GOT A ZOMBIE PLAN"

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-Apr-07 22:05:01

Wait, so it's actually changed your gender? That's a pretty powerful thread!

(I've been on the cider, what's your excuse?)

FluffyMummy123 Thu 19-Apr-07 22:05:25

Message withdrawn

baffledbb Thu 19-Apr-07 22:06:23

I thought this was a thread about financial products!

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 22:08:44

apparently Drmm your plan wouldn't work for 2 reasons.
1) zombies can smell and looks would not fool them.
2) human survivors would be fooled and would shoot you.

I can't believe they care this much.

mytwopenceworth Thu 19-Apr-07 22:09:13

the power of mn. i now feel i really need a zombie plan.

madamez Thu 19-Apr-07 22:09:40


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