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SO how many of you have a 'zombie plan'?

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TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:30:38

hve been forced to ask this by dp and lodger.

If zombies happened what would you do?

I don't have one - apparently this is unusual Have never even considered it.

SO do you have a zombie plan?

MrsBadger Thu 19-Apr-07 21:32:07

but we have a 'Day After Tomorrow' type flood plan...

lulumama Thu 19-Apr-07 21:32:46

are your DP and lodger very very very drunk???

judging by horror movies i have seen..i would run around in a skimpy vest and knickers,looking helpless and screaming !

JackieNo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:33:41

No - never thought about zombies. I did have vague thoughts about stocking up on canned food around the millennium, but never got round to doing anything. Just as well nothing happened, really.

MuminBrum Thu 19-Apr-07 21:33:46

What, as in Sean of the Dead?

PeachesMcLean Thu 19-Apr-07 21:34:51

LOL Lulumama, would I also miraculously revert to being a size 10 with pert norks? Bring on the zombies!

fireflyfairy2 Thu 19-Apr-07 21:34:51

I'd run up the stairs.

I'd run towards the killer.

I'd trap myself on the roof, in the rain, with a phone with hardly any battery left.

Actually, I haven't got a zombie plan

<ff2 puts this on her "to do" list!!>

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:35:23

unfortunately not drunk just ranting.

So apparently zombies are so much more likely than 'day after tomorrow' senario.

Lulumama - apparently you would die quite quickly.

Oh god they are still discussing it. Pity me, I can't shut the voices out.

Avalon Thu 19-Apr-07 21:36:09

Of course!

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:37:03

please please don't let this encourage you to make one.

These people should not be allowed to influence anyone. Believe me you would know that if you met them.

At least they're funny (though not as much as they think)

Kelly1978 Thu 19-Apr-07 21:37:30

I think my mum does. Her spare room is full of bog roll and bottles of water. My dad had to stop her hoarding the water because he was getting worried as to whether the floor would hold.

Boco Thu 19-Apr-07 21:37:57

It's fine, if you hit a zombie with a stick they pretty much crumple and break in half. I have 2 brooms.

incognitally Thu 19-Apr-07 21:38:39

yes we have a zombie plan

TheArmadillo Thu 19-Apr-07 21:39:51

boco pmsl.

Unfortunately that has spawned discussion over 'classic' and non-classic zombies.

I may go to bed.

DrunkenSailor Thu 19-Apr-07 21:41:56

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Apr-07 21:42:46

Er no
except to pretend like in Sean of the Dead.

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Apr-07 21:43:28

lolol ff2!

lucykate Thu 19-Apr-07 21:45:04

this is one thread title i never thought i'd see on mumsnet!

FrannyandZooey Thu 19-Apr-07 21:45:21

I just asked dp

"if zombies happened..."

He looked angry and said "Is this something to do with Mumsnet by any chance?"

he doesn't seem to think having a zombie plan is normal, FWIW

Malaleche Thu 19-Apr-07 21:45:42

oh good, this thread has made me chuckle aloud

Malaleche Thu 19-Apr-07 21:46:15

now pmsl at franny

Malaleche Thu 19-Apr-07 21:46:39

(first time ive done that on mn, pmsl i mean)

Furball Thu 19-Apr-07 21:47:04

not a zombie plan but my brother and I had a cyberman plan. My brother was going to grab his handles on his head and I had to pull his zip down!!

Malaleche Thu 19-Apr-07 21:47:24

i mean typed it, oh bog off malaleche you're being especially unmemorable tonight

madamez Thu 19-Apr-07 21:48:28

And I thought it was just me that occaisionally, in idle moments, rehearsed scenarios for getting me and DS out of the house, out of town and to some or other place of zombie-free safety...

Mind you, where I live, it's quite possible that zombies have already happened and are less of a threat than we thought. This could be the reason why service is so slooooooow in fast food outlets and supermarkets. Oh, and that's why the smell is there, too

I haven't even had a drink tonight y'know.

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