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what do you think of this?

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charmkin Tue 30-Jan-07 19:25:00

obv crap picture as is m and s and not sure hwo to do links

glastocat Thu 04-Oct-07 23:16:55

Just read this and am crying with laughter. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this made my day.grin

paddingtonbear1 Sat 04-Aug-07 10:05:43

Just seen this thread, it's great!!
Except I could never see the dress in question cos the links I clicked on didn't work anymore!! All I got was 'page not found'!

FlameFlamingo Fri 03-Aug-07 22:16:16

Needs a bump

SpawnHorcrux Mon 30-Jul-07 12:11:44

Oh this thread was so funny.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:40:11

Btw, soeone posted earlier about her horror at her dh wanting to buy crocs and someone smart ass witty poster came back with something along the lines of "Oh is he a croc dresser?"

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:37:03

Directions please madam or dare I say link?

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:35:43

See, I rise above this criticism of my Croc's.

I'm better than that .

But that dress was beyond ugly.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:34:44

Oh dear God you have the minging in italics so it must have been really gross! Ps I'm totally appalled at the bashing your beloved crocs are taking on MN at the minute!

Kaloo20 Sat 21-Apr-07 23:32:43

Just got this thread from another link on creating links ..
I'm now crying with laughter.
Charmkin - this is fabulous you have made my Saturday night !

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:31:17

It was minging, Mhamai.

In addition to being £4,000 for a fugly piece of fabric.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:30:30

Ooh, that sort of rings a bell expat but have imbibed too much wolf blass to be sure.

expatinscotland Sat 21-Apr-07 23:27:59

Nothing's ever going to approach the utter fugliness of Enid's £4,000 Marc Jacobs dream dress.

Mhamai Sat 21-Apr-07 23:26:12

Brilliant brilliant lol psml rotf thread but never got to see the dress, can you link again charmkin?

alcyone Wed 14-Mar-07 23:52:32

had a crap evening
Made me laugh lots

EllieK Wed 14-Mar-07 23:49:35


but has charmkin ever managed a link again since

ghosty Wed 14-Mar-07 23:37:46


Charmkin gets the MN prize for persistence

emkana Wed 14-Mar-07 23:28:47

I don't normally laugh out loud at threads, but now I have actually tears running down my face...

littlelapin Wed 14-Mar-07 23:24:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ItsMeMellowma Fri 02-Feb-07 14:24:14

shosha Wed 31-Jan-07 21:02:40

Message withdrawn

KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:49:11

Band around in the 70s (or maybe even earlier!)

I just have a thing about fashion styles that have been around before (in my lifetime).... I keep wanting to shout at teenagers today "Invent your own style, stop copying what we wore 20 years ago!"

wheelybug Wed 31-Jan-07 20:44:02

great thread - would be the funniest I'd read for a longtime had it not been for the BMC fanjo stitching thread...

(have no strong opinions about the dress btw)

charmkin Wed 31-Jan-07 20:41:03

ok i don't know who they are
but guessing it's not a compliment

KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:37:47


KTeePee Wed 31-Jan-07 20:37:20

Now I know this showing my age but that dress reminds me of something those laydeez from Flletwood Mac might have worn.....

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