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OMG .. Jon Ronson's speaking voice ..

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Twiglett Sat 20-Jan-07 16:45:38

NOT what I imagined at all

just seen a strange ad on More4 with him in it

he sounds so drippy

oh gawd I'm not going to enjoy his columns any more now, cos I'll hear the weedy crappy voice

Nonicknamesleft Fri 20-Jul-07 21:42:51

Boy oh boy - haven't read a mumsnet thread from start to finish before. Genius. Thank you all for making me laugh so much.

Will have to check out vile Jon's column in the morning to see if you've written it for him, as predicted by the talented Firenzeandzooey. But the good thing about him, right, is that it takes two minutes to read and you're reassured for days that actully, you really aren't that neurotic after all! So he's doing us all a favour, surely? And as for Mrs R - well come on now.... Blind devotion would have to be necessary now, wouldn't it. Can you imagine doing that job?

BTW, Ewan Ferguson fanciers: fairly sexy byline pic in the magazine, I agree. But OMG did you see the photo in the paper the other week (with the story on the smoking ban). All I'll say is thank goodness for Photoshop, eh, Ewan. Needs to detox, big time.

Nonicknamesleft Fri 20-Jul-07 21:44:18

Oops - just spotted the typo. Can't have the grauniad witterers thinking we're all thick. Apologies for lowering the standard.

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