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OMG .. Jon Ronson's speaking voice ..

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Twiglett Sat 20-Jan-07 16:45:38

NOT what I imagined at all

just seen a strange ad on More4 with him in it

he sounds so drippy

oh gawd I'm not going to enjoy his columns any more now, cos I'll hear the weedy crappy voice

Nonicknamesleft Fri 20-Jul-07 21:44:18

Oops - just spotted the typo. Can't have the grauniad witterers thinking we're all thick. Apologies for lowering the standard.

Nonicknamesleft Fri 20-Jul-07 21:42:51

Boy oh boy - haven't read a mumsnet thread from start to finish before. Genius. Thank you all for making me laugh so much.

Will have to check out vile Jon's column in the morning to see if you've written it for him, as predicted by the talented Firenzeandzooey. But the good thing about him, right, is that it takes two minutes to read and you're reassured for days that actully, you really aren't that neurotic after all! So he's doing us all a favour, surely? And as for Mrs R - well come on now.... Blind devotion would have to be necessary now, wouldn't it. Can you imagine doing that job?

BTW, Ewan Ferguson fanciers: fairly sexy byline pic in the magazine, I agree. But OMG did you see the photo in the paper the other week (with the story on the smoking ban). All I'll say is thank goodness for Photoshop, eh, Ewan. Needs to detox, big time.

ScummyMummy Fri 20-Jul-07 17:02:05

Unquietdad- that is a masterful spoof of Ronson. I can almost hear his weedy voice speaking your words in my mind's ear.

Aitch Thu 19-Jul-07 22:20:17

lol, something really wrong with the iiiiii on this keyboard.

Aitch Thu 19-Jul-07 22:19:54

he used to write a really good column in the daiiliy paper - does he still? <has been slowly giving up the guardian, just the sat mag left>

morningpaper Thu 19-Jul-07 20:16:01

It's REALLY well written

Sometimes it makes me pmsl

Tim Dowling must spend a LOT of time in chatrooms

ruty Thu 19-Jul-07 16:33:13

that'll teach me not to skim read...

ruty Thu 19-Jul-07 16:32:11


SixKindsOfCrisis Thu 19-Jul-07 14:45:34

No, SixKindsOfChris is imaginary. Column is written by Tim Dowling -- is quite good pisstake of the cheerful inanity of chatrooms.

ruty Thu 19-Jul-07 14:12:55

Are you SixKindsof Chris too? I for one am not that familiar with permablog. Don't go away!

SixKindsOfCrisis Thu 19-Jul-07 10:16:11

Oh am threadkiller. Will go away.

ruty Wed 18-Jul-07 15:37:26

That shut us all up didn't it.

SixKindsOfCrisis Wed 18-Jul-07 13:04:52

Example of Permablog

Aitch Wed 18-Jul-07 12:56:20

i like it, but i haven't read that many of them.

SixKindsOfCrisis Wed 18-Jul-07 12:34:25

So, do we like the Permablog column in The Guardian? Or is it too close to the bone?

margoandjerry Tue 17-Jul-07 23:27:25

Boco, am with you on Tom Conti but have gone off him big time since he started campaigning against the congestion charge because, you know, actors have to get home from the West End after the theatre and they are so tired from emoting all over the place that it's not fair to make them go on the tube, plus they are extra sensitive so might be in danger on public transport late at night....

My first crush: John Craven. Still sneak a little peak at Countryfile now and again just to catch up with my man.

Aitch Tue 17-Jul-07 23:25:06

with fern britton's dad! that was a hot show in those days... what was it? don't wait up.
and meggie is a lovely name. although worrying about the thorn birds.

BocoBeak Tue 17-Jul-07 23:15:46

The nigel crush was gone by the time i was an adult, not sure why i loved him so much. It was when he was in that programme about him and his dad both being doctor batchelors. Also fancied tom conte when i was about 13 - i can't believe he ever did those dreadful car adverts that ruined any appeal he ever had.

harpsichordcuddler Tue 17-Jul-07 23:15:21

I really liked CLoser (the play) as well, but I did see it in the 90s and it all seemed so relevant and edgy

margoandjerry Tue 17-Jul-07 23:13:03

Oh my god - Close My Eyes. It's all come back to me now. All incest and the Docklands Light Railway! And no, Clive Owen cannot act. Or at least he can only act in the same way Matthew McFadyenn can act, ie monotone with brow furrowed

As for the Thorn Birds, definitely an early inspiration. Oh, have just realised. My daughter is known as Meggie (not her real name but what she is known as iykwim). I have named my child after the Thorn Birds and I never realised. I don't know what to think of myself.

ruty Tue 17-Jul-07 23:10:35

[but what great gossip we'd have had if you'd stayed in N Oxford...]

scampadoodle Tue 17-Jul-07 23:10:35

Oh don't worry snaf, he's not a 'big' ex. i would hesitate even to use the word boyfriend. I have very fond memories though, & would love to bump into him again, to catch up. Can't believe he's a dad...

Moist (or should that be Septimus) how do you know him?

[For some reason have just remembered a New Year's Eve we spent together with another couple in a cottage in Cornwall. We got lost in boyfriend's-head-banging-on-the-roof-of-the-car-country & when we finally got there I got so drunk that I vomited out of the window in the middle of the night. Said vomit was discovered on the roof of the shed the next morning.]

I'm off to bed now, nighty-night.

Aitch Tue 17-Jul-07 23:10:22

no to nigel, yes to christine. in a cowl-neck eating a hot dog, i thought that was glamour personified.

ruty Tue 17-Jul-07 23:09:32

I know Pruni, it is not the best thread to reveal our identities too much is it?

BocoBeak Tue 17-Jul-07 23:08:06

My first pre-pubescent crush was on Nigel Havers. And Cagney of Cagney and Lacey.

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