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AIBU to think that comprehension just isn't a strong point with some people.

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AngelsOnHigh Mon 29-Sep-14 08:12:23

I've noticed this quite a lot over the time I have on MN.

Referring to a recent thread re early retirement. The poster quite clearly stated that DH wanted to retire in 14 months (when mortgage paid) and wanted her to retire at the same time. She is 10 years his junior and works part time.

OK, first answer was "So he wants you both to retire in early forties"

Second response "Can you change to part time work"

I can understand this if we were 10 pages into the thread because we don't all have time to read all responses, but come on, the first two responses?

Igotafreegoattoo Mon 29-Sep-14 08:13:33

So you want to retire?

WD41 Mon 29-Sep-14 08:14:50

Can't you just get a cleaner?

Delphiniumsblue Mon 29-Sep-14 08:15:19

You have to understand as you post that some people won't see it the way you wrote it!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 29-Sep-14 08:16:00

Oh I agree OP - when someone says "the kids go to EXDPs every wednesday and he works every other evening that week" and someone will post "could he maybe have them Tues and Thurs instead so its more frdquent?"!! The OP has covered this!

Pippidoeswhatshewants Mon 29-Sep-14 08:16:05


Fairylea Mon 29-Sep-14 08:19:19

The cleaner comment always gets me. As if every answer to every problem is to get a cleaner. .. as if everyone can afford one.....!

combust22 Mon 29-Sep-14 08:33:47

It's the headmaster's responsibility to tackle bullying. If the teacher is not helpful then you need to escalate the situation.

GilesGirl Mon 29-Sep-14 08:39:38

I'd call the police.

combust22 Mon 29-Sep-14 08:41:10

It is possible to plan a wedding for a lot less than your SIL suggests. Do you know a local photographer?

GahLinDah Mon 29-Sep-14 08:44:01

Take your DH's credit card and go to a spa.

UncleT Mon 29-Sep-14 08:44:01


Frusso Mon 29-Sep-14 08:44:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 29-Sep-14 08:45:10

Thats discusting.

Balaboosta Mon 29-Sep-14 08:45:25

You need to get down to your gp OP. <<<hugs>>>

TaraRhode Mon 29-Sep-14 08:45:55

If you get a value chicken, it should give you at least 82 meals.

scurryfunge Mon 29-Sep-14 08:47:38

Have you considered whether he is on the spectrum at all?

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 29-Sep-14 08:48:29

I don't understand the whole caboodle.

So he's retiring in 14 months when the mortgage is paid and wants her to give up work too?

Is this a problem or a boast confused

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Mon 29-Sep-14 08:49:41


PausingFlatly Mon 29-Sep-14 08:50:50


Icimoi Mon 29-Sep-14 08:51:51

The worst ones are when people make up what someone has posted solely in order to attack them. e.g.:

"I don't think X said that, I think Y is probably mistaken"

gets answered by:

"So you're accusing Y of lying, with no evidence whatsoever, how dare you, you're just nasty/a troll/goady/X in disguise."

joanofarchitrave Mon 29-Sep-14 08:53:56


dobedobedo Mon 29-Sep-14 08:56:29


MrsBoldon Mon 29-Sep-14 09:00:11

Oh this drives me mad on here!. I could understand if it's a long post and people have perhaps skimmed it but often it's :

My DD aged 9 is really fussy and won't eat sandwiches, what can I give her for lunch?. Btw she's allergic to eggs.

First replies:

It's probably a phase. My toddler is the same. How old is your DD?.

How about a nice sandwich?.


Fabulassie Mon 29-Sep-14 09:06:55

There's already a thread on retiring early. Haven't you seen it?

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