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Found the diary I kept age 12....fancy a giggle?

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Anniemousse Mon 17-Feb-14 22:19:57

Jan 1 1991

Today, after watching the film Space Camp, I have launched a new be the first person to have baby in SPACE. Neat huh!


KeepCalmAndStopCringing Thu 17-Apr-14 13:06:37

Bahahahaha this thread is brilliant, love it! grin
I'm actually CRYING at that poem. magnified by glasses. Genius!
I've got loads of diaries filled with shite from between approx 1990 to 1996. Was 13 in 1990. I now feel the urge to post my own little gems. Just had a quick look through, and OMG, it's embarrassing lol.
Everyone else has such succinct, little entries though. I waffle on and have pages full of drivel! blush
Oh, and I'm a regular but have namechanged for this thread. grin

KeepCalmAndStopCringing Fri 18-Apr-14 00:13:31

April, 1992.
"Didn't do anything interesting today. Just watched videos and read my Just Seventeen magazine, that kind of thing."

Yup. That really wasn't interesting, lol. Will try to find more. grin

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