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Tell me about a perfect moment from your life :)

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CheerfulYank Mon 17-Feb-14 09:01:12

I just had one, all snuggled up in bed with DS (6) and DD (8 months). We're so warm and cuddled up while it's freezing outside. They're both sleeping on their stomachs in their cozy pajamas and I love the sound of their sleepy even breathing. smile DS doesn't have school tomorrow (President's Day) so no morning rush ahead of me. It just struck me as a wonderful moment I should try to remember...DS looking so little while he sleeps, DD's chubby baby hands on my pillow.

It got me remembering a night I spent once when I was 21, lying in a field and drunkenly talking to a boy. It was the most gorgeous summer night, with a breeze and a huge moon and the smell of grass everywhere, and it really seemed like I would be 21 forever.

Just little moments like that, that you keep and remember, times when you wouldn't trade your life for anything. smile What are some of yours?

Gem124 Wed 23-Jul-14 11:46:40

A running joke was that we all had to have left home by the time we were 28. 3rd of 5 I was still there at 27. Met DP 6 months before turning 28 and stayed at his most nights. We decided to make it official and spent my last night as a 27 year old at my parents. Left home on my 28th birthday with him. We got home and he put my favourite song on and I had a few tears as we danced. Felt like a whole new, perfect chapter starting :-)

goodasitgets Tue 01-Jul-14 13:58:53

Boxing Day a few years ago. I went for a ride with my horse very very early in the morning. It was spookily quiet and all I could hear was his breathing, and the frost crunching under his hooves. Absolutely freezing but we rode without seeing a single person, came home and I had a cup of tea while watching him eat his breakfast
It was just so so perfect and quiet. That was my last Christmas ride on him, he was put to sleep in the summer. I can always remember how the saddle felt that day, and his neck under my hand, and see his ears pricked in front of me

MinionDave Tue 01-Jul-14 13:22:38

Christmas Eve, 3 or 4 years ago. DS was 5 and DD 4 I think, so just at that perfect age for believing in Santa.

We had put out the baileys and mince pie and went outside to have a walk in the snow with our torches. It was lovely hearing the snow crunch under our feet and DS and DS chattering away so excitedly.

We got back to the house and decided to sprinkle the reindeer dust over the front garden. DH was hiding around the back and started to shake sleigh bells (I'm a percussionist smile) - just at that moment, and we couldn't have timed this if we had tried,one of those Chinese lanterns flew overhead and the orange glow from it looked exactly like Rudolph's nose! I'll never forget the look on their wee faces, and the way the started shaking the glitter more frantically grinit was perfect.

MyUsernameIsPants Sun 29-Jun-14 11:05:24

I felt pressured into BF DD and wasn't enjoying it at all.

One morning I sat down on the sofa to feed her. I started watching tv and looked down at her.

She was holding on to my finger and looked at me with her big beautiful blue eyes. It just hit me that I was her world at that very moment. It was just me and her and only I could do this for her.

She's nearly 10 years old now. I can't have anymore children (I didn't know this back then) and I feel so sad that I didn't enjoy those precious moments with her. I remember exactly what was on the tv, what we were wearing and that look on her face. I'll never forget it.

Another time was with DP. We started out FWB. This went on for 2 years. I broke off the 'relationship' because I fell in love with him and he had too many issues to commit to a proper relationship.

I didn't see him for 3 months. I bumped into him one day so we went for lunch. He sat there looking at me with a strange look on hos face. Anyway, I went home and cried because I missed him so much.
The following morning there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find him standing there looking completely exhausted and unshaven. He asked me to not say anything and let him speak because he was nervous and shaking like a leaf.

He told me he loved me, wanted to be in DD's life (not his) and wanted to marry me and grow old together. The 3 months of NC made him realise how much I meant to him. The day before at lunch he wanted to just blurt out he loved me but couldn't out of nervousness.

We sometimes go to that same place and sit at the same table.

It was the most romantic moment of my life when he said that to me on the doorstep.

We are planing our wedding now smile

Thecircle Sun 29-Jun-14 10:38:23

Happy tears!

Thecircle Sun 29-Jun-14 10:37:41

Ds was born 2 weeks before Christmas and was 6 weeks prem.

He was struggling and we were relying in blood test results to find out when he could go home.

On Christmas Eve morning the nurse in charge came into our room and said "so how about you get this boy ready so he can go home and wait for Father Christmas"

I'm crying now just remembering the joy I felt, the nurse have me a massive hug and kissed my forehead.

I was rooming in and it was early so it was just me and ds alone together.

I remember bf'ing ds with happy splashing down on him.


Haggischucker Sun 29-Jun-14 10:22:22

My favourite was waking up in a luxury hotel overlooking ayres rock with the sun rising and a gently snoring DH next to me. Absolutely beautiful and felt at peace, lay for an hour taking it all in smile

something2say Tue 17-Jun-14 21:57:18

Such a beautiful thread. Have read it from beginning to end.

Sadly I had a very physically abusive childhood. A thing it has taken years to set to rest.

But fifteen years ago, the couple that I lodge with started calling me their surrogate daughter. It started out as just one of those things people joke about, but then they always said I could go to them for Christmas, they have been there when I bought my flat and when I break up with men. I will never have an idyllic childhood and my mother used to shout that she wished I had never been born. I will ne'er know what the love of a mother would feel like, bit I did come close to that when my surrogate mother was faffing with my curly hair one Christmas morning, and I felt like her youngest child, where I was the unwanted middle before.

couldthisbeit Thu 27-Feb-14 15:13:45

(Unashamedly sobbing a little into my cuppa as I read this)

I am lucky to have so many moments that changed my world, some for moments, some forever.... A standout has to be from the moment my ds1 arrived into the world, after a tough and scary labour where my birth plan wnet out the window as I finished telling the midwife about it. Through the 15 hours I kept saying, please let DP tell me what the baby is, it was all that was keeping me going. I was lucky to have my mum and sister in the room too, along with DP, thanks to a wonderful midwife who bent the rules on a quiet night. We had had 4 miscarriages, and I had never dared dream that the moment would come where I became a mum. As I did, my dear dear mum (at the business end!) bellowed 'it's a boy!'DP (head end) stood opened mouthed and speechless.
My dear mum suddenly passed away 14 months ago and we had often laughed about that moment, she said she couldn't help it as ds's (ahem) danglers were so big she just blurted it out. As a mum of three girls, an Irish Catholic one at that, She said she had never seen such a thing!
She had such a special bond with ds1, and as I sit here feeding ds2 who she never met, I feel so sad that I won't have any more perfect moments with my mum.

airedailleurs Tue 25-Feb-14 22:04:30

this is all so lovely...

my first perfect moment was aged 6 in infants school. I was sitting on a table in the classroom next to the boy I was "in love" with, who was strumming a guitar and singing "those were the days" (still one of my favourite songs) to me...meltingly romantic!

Loads of moments with my DD, especially while bfing, and once out in the woods in the park when she was about 2, it was a beautiful sunny day and she was walking a little way behind me, I turned round and watched her as she stretched out her arms and beamed "I'm in the world!", she was so full of joy!

Finally reaching the stage where I don't need to worry about money after years of stressing and

Suddenly and totally unexpectedly falling in love with a beautiful man and it's mutual...

scarffiend Sat 22-Feb-14 22:51:24

So many. I feel I've had a charmed life. First one without kids is when dh (then dp) & I went to Tasmania when we stayed in Melbourne. We did a drive & stop kind of tour, stopped in the town beside wineglass bay (stupidly beautiful place) and he decided that we would get up to see the sun rise. Got up at 5am, watched the sun come up, there are no words. Went back to our rented cottage, made love & slept until it wa time to tackle the bay itself.....where wild dolphins played & I swam with them. That day will be with me as perfection until the day I die.

Since having our dd, life affirming moments are frequent. Breast feeding her in the middle of the night was always blissful. Now she's a toddler, the joy is in watching her learn about the world.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sat 22-Feb-14 06:17:24

When my DD started calling me "mummy" age 7.

When she recently started looking right into my face.and grinning and giving me a big cuddle (she has severe autism).

When she said "uv oo" and made kissing noises.

When our wedding car couldn't park outside our reception venue and I walked along Princes St in wedding dress.

I have millions.

funnyperson Sat 22-Feb-14 06:09:47

Blue Monkey I have a lovely photo of DD age about 3 years old running happy on those beaches and I remember thinking the very same thing as you: that those who died must be smiling to see their descendents free and happy on that spot.

Bluemonkeyspots Fri 21-Feb-14 10:07:54

Mine was when dc 1&2 were 2&4 years old (we have since had two more dc but they were not here at this point)

We had went on a camping holiday to see the d day landing beaches in France. I was a bit unsure with dc being so young and not able to appreciate the enormity behind it but dh had always wanted to go so of we went.

One day we had been at one of the more famous beaches, was really emotional (my grandad fought here) and dc had behaved brilliantly in the museum and while looking around.

We moved onto another beach which was totally deserted, miles and miles of beautiful clear sand and water. It was scorching that day and we had no swim wear in the car so both dc stripped naked and ran around the beach and in and out of the water shrieking and having the time of their lives.

I was sat watching them and reading the history behind this beach at the same time. During the landings there would have been dead bodies of young men lying everywhere and they say the sea was red as far as the eye could see.

It was so emotional knowing that just over 60 years before, which is no time at all in the grand scheme of things people died on the exact same spot to give us this freedom. Was also wondering if my dgd would have been one of them and how amazing it would have been for him to know during that hell that his great grandchildren would one day be living a free life perhaps literally walking in his footsteps.

CheerfulYank Thu 20-Feb-14 22:58:23

Oh ggirl, he must have been so relieved to not be alone!

LaQueen me too..I was protective of DS and knew, abstractly, that I loved him. But I didn't really feel it til he was about 4 months old... and I just sobbed. And he was older...nine months or so, because it was spring, and I was walking in the sunshine and saw some tulips blooming, and they were gorgeous. And I realized that I was happy. And pretty much have been ever since. smile

ggirl Thu 20-Feb-14 19:25:57

Not happy but a truly memorable and amazing moment.
I was with a dying patient in his home who had no family..waiting for Marie-Curie nurse to come and sit with him over night.
I was holding his hand and he looked earnestly into my eyes and smiled..he passed away seconds later.
I shall never forget that.

feelingdizzy Thu 20-Feb-14 19:02:20

I watched my 2 kids leave the house the other to walk to school the other day , as they walked they were laughing and chatting and looked so carefree and so beautiful.
Another recent one was at work I teach children with autism , I was doing row- row the boat with a 4 year old child who was non-verbal, he suddenly looked at me and smiled and began to sing along, he had never said a word before I cried the whole way home, a job that can make you cry with happiness has to be a good thing.

LaQueenOfHearts Thu 20-Feb-14 18:51:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CheerfulYank Thu 20-Feb-14 17:14:10

That's what I thought too! That has really resonated with me GreyLady, thank you.

I always think of my life as a rather ordinary thing, or am sometimes jealous of people with more. But...really, the extraordinary good fortune of finding someone to love with all my heart, who loves me the same, and easily getting pregnant, and finding a little house we could afford, and knowing all of my grandparents (even though they're gone now, I had all four of them until my teens), and having parents who really stuck it out together, having that stability of "mom n'dad" all my life...and to top it off, having those moments that are so perfect I remember them always.

I am blessed beyond measure, really. <soppy git>

atthestrokeoftwelve Thu 20-Feb-14 16:04:06

Snap minouminou- I could list hundreds. I have been lucky too.

minouminou Thu 20-Feb-14 16:00:36

Thegreylady said:

I am old and there have been too many to post. I have been so lucky.

Can't say much better than that, really.

SecretWitch Thu 20-Feb-14 00:31:56

At an old farm house in Maine. Many university friends gathered together to celebrate graduate degrees of various kinds. The music was loud, the food was superb. The weather was clear and warm. My first husband and I danced until the sweat poured off us. I knew that night was special, golden. I makes me cry now as 20 years gone, the love has gone, the dream no longer exists. But for one precious night, all was perfect in the world...

puds11isNAUGHTYnotNAICE Wed 19-Feb-14 21:23:38

I have my perfect moment every night. Sounds really silly but looking into my DD's room and seeing her sleeping all peaceful and angelic is perfection to me smile

I've always loved looking in on her and giving her a kiss and imagining it going into her dreams.

Promise I'm not always a soppy bastard.

LittleCutiePie Wed 19-Feb-14 21:16:20

A few of my perfect moments.

Childhood - one of many camping trips to Kerry in Ireland. It rained so much and there was muck everywhere on setting up camp but then the sun came out (kind of) and we had a fabulous holiday. So much laughter and high jinks among the kids.

College - walking around campus and stopping every few mins to chat and laugh with friends. Best time ever.

Adulthood - gazing all night at my babies, stroking their hand while I breastfed them. The cuddles, the smiles, watching them absorb everything around them.

I'm truly greatfull for everything I have. Feel like ringing up my parents right now and telling them how thankfull I am for my happy childhood and for setting me up well but I don't want them to think there's anything wrong!

Does anyone ever get all gooey with their parents and tell them how greatful they really are? We love each other to pieces but don't really say it much.

cantpooinpeace Wed 19-Feb-14 21:10:37

When DD1 came to meet DS1 at the hospital, still on a natural high from the birth it was simply my best moment ever. Tops everything smile

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