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Awkward questions you've always wanted to ask someone who works in a specific job...

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PinocchiosLeftNostril Tue 08-Oct-13 12:32:57


I thought this would be a good way for us to get answers to those awkward questions we would never dream of asking someone to their face in their place of work.

These are questions relating to my life that i would love honest answers to.

Hairdressers - When someone with bad dandruff/psoriasis sits on your chair, do you shrug it off, or do you quickly have a look to make sure it's not lice? Are you able to tell the difference right away or does it need investigating? And do you really want to know what my plans are for the day, or would you rather work in silence?

Teachers - do you get annoyed when parents write in homework diaries that a specific piece of homework was too tricky for their child? Do you take it as an insult to your teaching skills?

Waiter/waitresses - do you expect people to offer to clean up their children's mess before they leave, or do you just shrug it off as part of the job? If you're busy and haven't had chance to clean a table yet, and a new customer came up and asked for a cloth to clean it, would you be offended?

I'm a trainee SLT so not quite sure if I'm qualified to answer any questions regarding that line of work yet.

But i have experience working in a Subway sandwich store, a library, a gym and as a cleaner. So i can answer any cleaning, book or sandwich questions that are burning away inside you all. smile

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 13-Oct-13 14:57:04

So foamy do you think Tess just has a strong sense of what style she wants and no one puts her right?

blueshoes Sun 13-Oct-13 14:58:20

It'sok: "Office Workers who sit REALLY closein front of their co workers. Do you generally chat through the day or avoid eye contact? "

I used to work in open plan and had a colleague directly in front of me and one to my side. We tried to position our computer screens so that they were at an angle and did not result in our being eye-to-eye with our neighbour. I chatted the most with the one with closest eye contact but my job then required a lot of conferring and using each other as sounding boards, which was the reason we were in open plan to begin with. But you knew when to leave your colleague alone, if they were head down or making serial conference calls!

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