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Terrible wedding behaviour.

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WayHarshTai Wed 21-Aug-13 11:44:53

In light of the recent rash of threads about it, I thought we could have a compilation thread to keep them all in one place.

I'll start with my wedding, and my SIL.

We wanted her DS (who was about two and a half) to be a sort of page boy and wear the same style suit as his dad (best man) and the rest of the 'wedding party' including my DS. SIL said no as he woudn't want to wear a suit. And then promptly went out and bought him, that's right, a suit to wear.

She then asked if we could arrange a vegetarian meal for her despite the fact she is not a vegetarian. Which of course we did, although it smacked of 'making life difficult'. And she then managed to take both veggie meals on the day leaving my actual veggie cousin without a meal (still not sure how this happened).

At the ceremony she brought her DS in eating the World's Biggest Icecream™ which he then sat and slurped in his non matching suit all through the vows.

When we got to the venue she moved all the place settings around because she didn't like where she was sitting.

She then got very drunk very quickly, became very loud, heckled the speeches, announced her recent (six months ago) miscarriage to the room and then coralled me for nearly an on the balcony while she cried and told me how awful her life was.

I just found the whole thing quite funny (well, not the crying) and it makes for an interesting story, so if she was trying to ruin things it didn't work.

Anyway, that's my Terrible Wedding Behaviour story, I know you lot have some corkers, so spill.

Marmalady75 Wed 02-Aug-17 14:16:33

My dh has 2 best friends (known each other over 20years) and was delighted to be asked to be bm along with the other friend. We had to drive for over 6 hours to get to the wedding (bride grew up in a tiny place in the highlands and wanted it there). We arrived the day before to help set up as requested and spent a couple of hours blowing up balloons, tying up cutlery sets with raffia etc. I happened to spy the seating chart for the meal. I couldn't see our names on it. I checked with dh in case this was an oversight. He checked with the groom who had to sheepishly tell him that neither of his best men could actually come to the wedding ceremony or the meal (because bride had decided her friends were more important) but that we were welcome to come along in the evening. We sucked it up because it wasn't our day and not our place to argue. It was pretty galling tho when we arrived in the evening to find the place on full swing and that there were people who had been invited that the b&g knew only vaguely.

At another wedding I was dancing with my fil when he stood on the bride's £8000 dress and tore it. (My whole wedding didn't cost £8000, so I was a bit shock when she started shouting at him).

picklemepopcorn Sun 23-Jul-17 13:47:28

Thank goodness!

NoWhereToGoo Sat 22-Jul-17 22:18:39

After that he realised he needed to grow up a lot and he hardly sees these "friends" now.

picklemepopcorn Sat 22-Jul-17 21:40:37

You're a more determined woman than me, then. My DH can be pretty insensitive, but he'd know better than that! confusedflowers

NoWhereToGoo Sat 22-Jul-17 21:30:58

Yes @picklemepopcorn we're still married, it's been six years and I'm still annoyed with it all.

I didn't realise so much annoyed me that day until I wrote it all down.

picklemepopcorn Sat 22-Jul-17 21:15:02

That's awful, Nowhere! Really awful! Are you still married? I'm not sure I would be, tbh.

NoWhereToGoo Sat 22-Jul-17 20:52:09

Mine isn't as bad as some of these but still annoys me..

Before invites were sent out I let everyone know the date as it was a Friday so if they wanted to come they may have had to get a day off, no one had a problem everyone excited. A week before the wedding family a few family cancelled. I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't spent the past 6 months texting how excited they were and laughing about the date (April fools day!)

DH didn't want to invite his Nan (long story), MIL didn't mind until the day before and started crying to DH. Nan wasn't invited.

Morning of the wedding my hair dresser spent more time doing her own hair (bridesmaid), we were running late and I didn't get to see what I looked like in a mirror until we got to the reception and I looked terrible grin

Got to the registry office and my MIL had Dnephew and Dniece, BIL had a dentist appointment so didn't bother coming. During the service DS ran out and tried to escape so MIL went after him and stayed in the waiting room the whole time.

Leaving the registry office I had booked two taxis one for DH's other Nan who was disabled and DH's aunt. And another for SIL and two of my DS's but DH let his friends take that one instead with him in it! So we had to then call another taxi for my SIL and I took my sons with me. ( I'm still pissed DH went to the wedding reception with his mates!!)

Reception was ok, food wasn't good and best man didn't have a speech. DH's friends wife stood on my dress and ripped it.

Evening party was ok, except DH's friends (yes the same ones each time) got roaring drunk and I ended up looking after their kids. I had one drink and half a sandwich all evening and went to my room at 11 with my three sons. DH turned up at 12.

The next day I found a video on Facebook of my children dancing at my wedding put on by an old school friend of DH's and went mad and he took it off.

My disposable cameras went missing and DH's friends (again) took a few home confused

Oh and I woke up at 5am the day after my wedding covered in blood, I had miscarried during the night. I then had to go and have breakfast with my new inlaws that morning when I just wanted to go home and hide..

LateDad Fri 07-Jul-17 15:22:25

A nice one without vomitting from a long time ago: It was a friend/colleagues wedding at a picturesque country church early in on a hot summer afternoon.

The ceremony went well and then photos in the churchyard: An hour just doing the family! Half an hour rounding up all the bride's friends. Then probably another half hour rounding up the groom's friends.
At which point, being a smoker then and the ugly single bloke, I wandered off for a crafty smoke and met the nice lady from the caterers at the church hall next door with a huge plate of sandwiches for the bridal party who had been "up since god-awful-o'clock" and would "get pissed out of their heads" according to the caterer if they didn't get something to eat.

I think she must have seen it all before. grin I'm sure they thanked her for it.

Madwoman5 Fri 07-Jul-17 12:59:19

Trying not to out myself here....
Went to friend's wedding. Big on FAMILY. Was delighted to have her FAMILY around her on her special day. Had reserved seating for her FAMILY at the front so that each little unit could sit together. DB1 and DB2 gave her away.
DB2's wife was keeping her DC (toddler) occupied as the guests arrived. When most of them were seated, she pushed her DC to the front of the room, only to discover there was no seat reserved for her or DC, only DB2. She started to return down the aisle looking for a suitable seat. Halfway down was a reserved card on an aisle seat. The chap next to it grabbed the card so she could sit down. Just as she was folding up the pushchair the chap's girlfriend (bride's BFF) returned from her fag and demanded that she get out of her seat. Cue hissed exchanges between BFF and her DP about her unreasonable behaviour. Eventually she says "This is my seat, the bride reserved it for me so you will need to sit elsewhere". By this stage SIL was looking mortified as everyone was looking. So we all shifted up so we had a bum cheek on each chair, leaving her a perch at the end (we were in the row behind), balancing the folded pushchair, her DC and the nappy bag. Just as vows were starting, DC starts crying for his Daddy who is right up on the front row. It gets louder and louder so she grabs her stuff and leaves the room missing most of the wedding.
Everyone knew that the FAMILY photos were being taken 1/2 a mile away at the local beauty spot......except DB2 and his family. It started drizzling with rain as they all left and they had no umbrella, no cover for the pushchair or anything because they thought they would be in one place all day (venue for wedding and reception). When they got back, they were somewhat soggy and really pissed off. In that hour, she had been included in two pictures right at the end.
Then at the reception, the Bride got up and did this long speech about the importance of FAMILY and how wonderful having FAMILY around her was and then named and thanks every member of her FAMILY, husbands/wives. kids before shoving DB2 in at the end. No mention of DW or DC.
I knew the Bride and she had no mentioned hassle between them (we shared). It was not long after, she did something similar to me for no reason which is why we are XF!

Jivebunny89 Sun 02-Jul-17 21:25:48

One additional memory which made for a less than delightful experience as a wedding guest. I was 12/13 at a family wedding and while legally I was a "child", I was given a child-sized meal (possibly even more patronisingly, kids food instead of a proper dinner). I started puberty early, so was well into C-cup bras, and was wearing size 12-14 clothes. I know nobody cares about kids at weddings, but I was a bit grumpy for the rest of the afternoon, which ruined it for my mum. Dad was sympathetic though.

Jivebunny89 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:53:44

I had a low-key wedding reception. Just afternoon tea with 38 guests. No evening do. Just a laid back few hours. Now this isn't at the level of bad behaviour others have posted.

I believe that there is a time and a place for confetti at weddings. The time being as the bride and groom leave the ceremony or when photos are being taken outside. We had a thunderstorm as those things were happening, so we "missed" our big confetti moment.

So during afternoon tea, I went to talk to my grandmother (DH was elsewhere) who proceeded to shower me, alone with confetti. It got in my hair and everywhere. It was just embarrassing. Made for lots more cleaning up at the venue and I snapped. What was I supposed to do? Laugh, and say "oh I'm so married, grandma!"

She was always going to be the riskiest guest. She is the kind of person who stops and talks to EVERYONE she sees. She spoke to my unsuspecting friend in the toilets and told her the story of how she ended up giving birth to my uncle (40+ years ago) on the beach. How the hell they got onto that topic I have no idea!

ladasha Mon 26-Jun-17 00:59:45

I went to a wedding where the best man's speech was unbelievably sexually explicit - along the lines of B&G shagging on their first date and how G was struggling to get his dick in etc. Just awful. Silenced a room full of children, family, grandparents etc and killed the atmosphere.

Bride looked mortified and was sat with her head in her hands repeating "I can't believe he's telling this story in front of my parents". Why somebody didn't tackle him to the ground I'll never know.

DaddysGirl36 Tue 18-Apr-17 23:23:37

I've spent the best part of the Easter Weekend reading and howling at this thread. Although it has made me very nervous about my own wedding next year. I am certainly nervous about some of my party animal booze loving family meeting conservative OH's family hmm

Some of my wedding experiences, nothing compared to others:

A groom who did the full monty. Bride ran to toilets crying her eyes out and they had a full on row

A sleazy male (married) guest who proceeded to say inappropriate things to most people and actually made a female guest cry. Although she made the whole thing a bigger drama by flouncing off with half the bridal party consoling her. Bride was gutted and still talks about how it spoilt things (it didn't as this was afterparty in the bar and we all had a great time regardless)

A wedding where the venue was shared and the other wedding party totally trashed the shared toilets and were doing drugs in there without even trying to hide it. Cue lots of upset guests.

A bride that got so wasted she missed her evening reception. The groom and BMs found her passed out naked in the bathroom of the bridal suite.

A guest that totally depressed everyone at her table by telling everyone about her marriage woes and miscarriage (years earlier) and then when people tried to cheer her up and change subject, she barricaded herself in the toilets and created a complete scene saying no-one cared about her. This meant lots of the brides friends were holed up in the toilets for most of the reception consoling said guest

AstrantiaMajor Fri 14-Apr-17 17:10:03

I went to a wedding where the bride's parents were divorced. The bride's father gave a very long and boring speech all about his daughter's achievements in life and the the things she had done throughout her childhood.

Then the bride's mother stood up to make a speech. She had an extremely refined speaking voice and she began with, "what a wonderfully long speech Richard, and what a great Imagination you must have, since you fucked off when the kids were 5". TheN without missing a beat she went on with her speech.

ohtheholidays Thu 13-Apr-17 23:44:02

Went to a wedding of a relative(not a close one)my Dickhead brother(I'm NC with him)gets into a fight on the way to the reception,we arrive at the reception and the brother of the bride turns up with a massive black eye,his wife has assaulted him just before they left for the reception(they're still together many years later and he's been her carer for quite a while now)everyone looked shocked but nobody said anything and his wife acted as though nothing had happened.

One of my cousins got to bring a school friend of his(I was 13 they were 17)his friend asks to dance with me I say sure he gets so nervous within a couple of minutes of dancing with him he has a massive nose bleed all over the dance floor.

The marriage didn't last but she did go onto marry a really nice guy a few years later and they're still together and very happy.

TheySayIamparanoid Mon 20-Mar-17 02:33:33

My uncle got married years ago and they'd hired a coach for all the family to go down south for it- there was loads of us!

Anyway, uncle ended up coming back home with us on coach as he'd gone to find his bride, and found her in bed with her chief bridesmaid sad

MrsMoastyToasty Sun 19-Mar-17 23:13:09

I went to a wedding of a good friend. His bride's mother got so plastered at the reception that she pee'd herself and had to be carted off to her room by the bride's brothers.

ItsNachoCheese Sun 19-Mar-17 23:00:38

Placemarking to read later

Janey50 Sun 19-Mar-17 22:59:03

OMG Libra! You win!

ilovepixie Sun 19-Mar-17 16:31:07

A drunken 'friend' used a whole table worth of disposable cameras (given to guests) to photograph his penis. Yep his penis. At the table. 8 sets of 24 photos. He must have really been proud of it.

That's like something my partner would do!

glitterglitters Sun 19-Mar-17 15:48:32

*19 year old niece

glitterglitters Sun 19-Mar-17 15:46:02

At mine and dh's wedding his friend (who had a gf at the time) got horrendously drunk and tried to chat up, in succession my sister and then my bridesmaids who were my 29 yo old niece (sister's daughter), 17 yo niece and then tried to buy my 13 yo niece a drink thinking they were all in their 20s 😱

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 19-Mar-17 15:37:34

Just remembered one from when I was a kid. I was about 9 or 10 and my uncle got married. His best man decided that the best way he could honour the newlyweds was to strip completely naked and dance around the hall. My grandmother was about as catsbum as it was possible to be without sucking herself inside out. Us kids thought it was hilarious and the rest of the adults, my parents included, were too pissed to care.

My uncle talks of it with regret to this day, because he missed it, him and my aunt had already left for their honeymoon at that point!

PyongyangKipperbang Sun 19-Mar-17 15:33:42

OMG what is it with weddings and the the Dirty Dancing lift?!

I have seen it attempted a couple of times, it didnt go well either time although thankfully no injuries or major damage to anything other than egos and outfits! The best of the two would be the best man and the groom having a go at it, with the skinny groom attempting to lift the rugby playing best man. I was expecting him to get up in a Tom and Jerry way, squashed completely flat grin

MurphyDog5 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:31:59

My wedding... His Mother was a nightmare, I still can't decide if she had undiagnosed mental health issues or whether she was just a massive bitch. She spent most of day showing people a photo of her mother who had died about 5 years before & crying saying how much she missed her. She spent half an hour arguing that she didn't want to seated anywhere near her ex husband at the top table, holding up the meal. Given that there were only us, my parents, his parents, one bridesmaid & the best man at the top table it was pretty difficult to accommodate her request any more than we already had, she was at one end of the table, him at the other. She made a huge scene & said he should have to sit with his "new" wife, he'd been married to his "new" wife for the best part of 20 years. No one could understand what her problem was as they had always been reasonably amicable & had gotten divorced because she left him for another man who she went on to marry (they then divorced after she left him for another man...). She also went around telling half the guests that it wasn't common knowledge but I was pregnant & that's why my dress looked tight. I was NOT pregnant! My marriage ended in divorce, turned out my ex husband was as bat shit crazy as his mother!

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