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sorry tmi but what could this be?

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thebeastisback Wed 14-Aug-13 22:48:00

Hi a bit tmi sorryblush , we had some friends round tonight, we were having a nice chat when suddenly I got an agonizing stomach pain, it passed after a few seconds and I thought nothing of it until about five minutes later when it happened again then it started coming every few minutes, it felt like labor contractions. I had to excuse myself as the pain was so bad. I went to the bathroom, worried it was something I had eaten and there was something in my pants that looked like the mucus plug you loose in early labor probably about the size of two 5p coins stacked then the pain eased.
I went downstairs again and half an hour later it happened again, the regular pains then the loss. I am not pregnant and there was no bleeding just a slight pink tinge to the clots.
Any ideas? feeling a bit confused

ColinFirthsGirth Wed 21-Aug-13 23:21:13


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