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Gaahhh, can you sew up a belly button?

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TotallyBursar Sat 15-Jun-13 22:15:54

Or maybe stuff a cork in it or something?

I shifted some garden waste earlier and I was annoyed but not worried by a very itchy waistband.
I had tree bits everywhere but we were burning it all & would only get more scratchy bits on me so I left it. This was my first mistake.

I got in the bath and my belly button was still stabby and itchy, so I armed my self with tweezers to try and get a splinter out.

It was not a splinter.
It was a fecking huge bug of unknown species, at least dog sized, probably carnivorous. I would be prepared to swear I saw fangs.

It obviously saw my weaponry and made a dash for it...down my leg <shuddering at the memory>
It's gone now but I don't know where...I can feel it watching me. It could swim, nowhere is safe.

What if waits unti I'm asleep and tries to eat my face? What if it liked my belly button and decides to get back in ?


<considers putting ant poison in umbilical horror show. Who knew it was that cavernous? I'll probly need a whole bottle sad >

TotallyBursar Mon 17-Jun-13 00:02:17

Oh! Well then, I suppose it's totally worth 48 hours of horror for a thread in classics.

There are ants now.
I'm wondering if there's a Harry Potter/Aragog thing going on. It would explain a lot but would mean there is a house sized something somewhere.

I'm starting to think it's so quiet because it's gone <hopeful> the ants are just a coincidence.

GinGuzzler Mon 17-Jun-13 00:12:20

Im still laughing at check your pubes for eyeballs...

ScrambledSmegs Mon 17-Jun-13 00:25:50

There's something about this thread that makes me feel horrifically itchy.


WafflyVersatile Mon 17-Jun-13 00:36:41

scritch scritch.

Patosshades Mon 17-Jun-13 00:37:22

I can only offer flowers to you OP before I flee from this thread.

coughingbean Mon 17-Jun-13 17:48:19

Oooooclassics! huzzah!

coughingbean Mon 17-Jun-13 17:48:38

I mean o Oooooclassics

coughingbean Mon 17-Jun-13 17:49:36

Feck it!
ok am gonna type slowly now
o o o o o Classics

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